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As the second largest city in Massachusetts, with a population of 181 thousand people across 38 square miles, Worcester is commonly known as the “Heart of the Commonwealth”. It was originally named after Worcester, England, as with many of the cities in this region of the US.

Worcester is home to many institutes of higher education including:

– Jesuit College of the Holy Cross: Founded in 1842, this is the oldest ROman Catholic college in new England and one of the oldest in the US.

– Worcester Polytechnic Institute: Founded in 1865, they are an innovative leader in engineering education and partnering with local biotechnology industries.

– Clark University: Founded in 1887, it was the first graduate school in the United States and today also educates undergraduates. One of its strengths it is known for is in the field of geography. Albert A. Michelson, winner of the first American Nobel Prize for his measurement of light, was a professor there.

– The University of Massachusetts Medical School: This is one of the nation’s top 50 medical schools and is ranked fourth in primary care education among the 123 American medical schools.

– Assumption College: The fourth oldest Roman Catholic college in New England also has the largest campus in Worcester.

– Becker College: A private college with campuses in Worcester and Leicester. Their video game design program is constantly ranked as one of the top top 10 in the US and Canada.

– Worcester State University: A public four year college that was originally founded in 1874 as the “Worcester Normal School”.

Should Heroin Dealers Be Charged with Manslaughter When A “Customer” Dies?

Some people in law enforcement, including the head of the Massachusetts State Police, think that drug dealers should be charged with murder when those that they deal drugs to die from a drug overdose. The state has certainly had its share of unnecessary drugs, with 978 people dying of overdose in 2013, which is nearly triple the number that had died in 2000. The state also had double the national average of overdose deaths in 2013, proving that it is anything but a light matter.

District Attorney David F. Capeless said:

“It’s not a matter of whether it’s a good thing to do. Everyone wants to do it, but these are extremely difficult cases to develop evidence in that would result in a viable prosecution.”

“Obviously, the most important witness is deceased, and other witnesses who might be of help are typically not helpful. You’re talking about people who are addicted and they don’t want to turn in their dealer very often.”

“You have instances where a best friend can be lost, yet that person won’t cooperate because they’re all thinking about their own survival.”

Some critics of the law feel that this will lead to the arrest of many addicts who actually need treatment themselves. This is because many dealers are only dealing drugs to support their own drug addiction. By getting them treatment you get both an addict and a dealer off the streets, whereas if you sent them to jail you would handle the dealing, but he would still be addicted to drugs.

Officials in support of the law however insist that they would not be using this to target addicts, but instead dealers who sell for profit.

Cafe Reyes Helps Recovering Addicts Find New Skills and Support:

Drug addicts like Reyman have been in and out of prison for most of his adult life due to his 25 year addiction to heroin, cocaine and alcohol. But a new place for people like him is offering a chance for him to push aside the bad days and forget about them.

Cafe Reyes works with a halfway house to rotate recovering addicts through their staff of seven people and give them employable skills that they can take out into the world. It gives them a sense of purpose and helps get them out of the chaos they are too accustomed to. It teaches them simple basic skills of life, showing up on time, making a sandwich or engaging stranger in conversation.

“I’m so used to living an animalistic lifestyle, this brings me out of my element. This shows my compassionate side. It’s a side I never knew I had,” said Reyman. “It’s a natural high, I get up in the morning, and I love coming here.” said another staff member Carlos who works as a barista there.

With only 40 percent of the men who leave halfway homes able to go back to a clean, productive life, this new program seeks to increase those numbers and by rotating through all the members of the halfway house, they hope to give everyone there a chance at a new life.

Worcester Drug Rehab:

There are 15 drug rehab centers that have listed themselves in Worcester for the treatment of drugs or alcohol. If you are ready to talk to someone in your life about going in to a rehab center it can help to look into the center a bit first to make sure that it will fit your needs.

There are several factors to look into such as:

– Special Groups & Programs: Covering everything from DUI or criminal justice programs to special groups for pregnant or postpartum women, teenagers or the elderly. If the addict in your life has a unique situation, you should check to see if any programs are available that could help him with this.

– Funding Sources: Not all treatment centers accept all types of insurance. There are many types of insurance out there, medicaid, private insurance and military insurance to name a few. Some centers cannot accept any but will offer sliding scale fees.

– Outpatient vs Inpatient: Not all center offer inpatient care, many of them work on an outpatient care basis only. Make sure to ask ahead of time so that you know what type of center you are working with.

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