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Springfield, Massachusetts has a population of 153 thousand people across 33 square miles making it the third largest city in the state. The city is well known for its modern and historical culture that covers almost all aspects, allowing people who have interests in almost any area of life to find something to enjoy in the city.

Amusement Parks and Fairs:

New England’s largest and most popular amusement park and fair are both located here. Six Flags New England and The Eastern States Exposition, or “The Big E”. They feature things like the number one roller coaster in the world, Bizarro as well as numerous other attractions.


Springfield is known as “The City of Homes” for its beautiful architecture which makes it stand out from most medium size American cities. Most of the homes there are Victorian “Painted Ladies”, similar to those in San Francisco. But it also has many Gilded Age mansions, urban condos, brick apartments and many suburban post World War II architecture.


Springfield has many festivals for almost anything you could think of, popular ones among them being:

– Hoop City Jazz Festival

– Basketball Hall of Fame Enshrinement Weekend

– Armory Big Band Concerts

– Our Lady of Mount Carmel Society Festival

– Stearns Square Concert Series and Bike Night

– Mattoon Street Arts Festival

– Pioneer Valley Jewish Film Festival

– St. Patrick’s Day Parade

– World’s Largest Pancake Breakfast

– Star Spangled Springfield

– Caribbean Festival

– The Parade of Big Balloons

– Bright Nights

Efforts Being Made to Prevent Opioid Addiction and Overdose:

Opioids are drugs manufactured from the poppy plant or through a synthetic process that creates a drug that the body reacts to in the same way. Types of opioids are Codeine, Hydrocodone, Oxycodone, Morphine, Heroin, Meperidine, Hydromorphone, Fentanyl and Methadone.

All of these substances are addictive and deadly. Despite most opioid prescription medications being as bad or worse than street heroin, the normalization and popularization of prescription drugs has lead most people to feel that they are safer. A study done in schools in the United States showed that a large percent of children believed street drugs to be harmful whereas prescription medications were believed to be safe.

On a recent stop in Springfield, Lt. Gov Karyn Polito spoke up about an Opioid Addiction group that is making their way to different communities in the state to work on preventative measures. The group will be working with the state’s health department and talking to the medical community to work out a plan and they will release their recommendations in the next few months. But for now, they are announcing that there will be setting up prescription drug drop off locations which have been proven to be an enormously effective means of collecting prescription drugs that could otherwise be taken by addicts or sold on the street.

When he was asked about the discussion in the statehouse about making marijuana legal, he said:

“We’re committed to reducing the amount of overdose deaths in the commonwealth, due to opiate addiction and we feel that legalizing marijuana is not helping us with that overall goal.”

Tough Road to Recovery for Some Addicts:

The path to recovery is different for every addict. Some find it easier than others, some struggle for years just to work up the courage to start down this path. But no matter how hard it is or how long it takes you to get to that road, those who do get through it have a chance for a new life ahead of them. But there are several new issues that are starting to crop up that can prevent even those that want to get better from being able to do so:

Facility Capacity:

133 thousand people in new England abuse opioids and of them 70 percent meet the criteria for treatment but are not receiving it. This is majorly due to a lack of capacity at inpatient facilities. Although Massachusetts has increased the funding for several facilities, it is still not enough to end the waiting list. Addicts are waiting at home, where they commonly continue to abuse drugs, while they wait to hear when they will be accepted for treatment.

Insurance Coverage:

Even those who can’t afford medical insurance can get it through state and federal insurance programs, but this does not mean that the rehab center has to accept it. Every center has their own list of accepted forms of payment, some only accept private insurance companies, some don’t accept insurance at all. This narrows down the list of where some can go for treatment even further.

Springfield Drug Rehab:

Springfield has 11 drug rehab center available to those that are looking for help with their drug or alcohol addiction. Of them, five of them offer varying levels of inpatient care or residential stay, while the remaining six only offer outpatient care programs.

Although some people are able to overcome addiction through outpatient care, the numbers are indisputable and inpatient care has long been proven to be far more effective for treating drug and alcohol addiction. One of the main reasons for this is that the people and places around them are constant reminders of either their life as a drug addict or even the very reasons they turned to drugs to begin with and more often than not they relapse in between visits.

When looking for a center, take into consideration what type of care they offer and if you need to travel to a different city to find the center that you believe will offer the best help than go with that.


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