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As the fourth largest city in Maryland, Gaithersburg has an estimated population of 60 thousand people across 10 square miles. This gives it a rather high density of almost 6 thousand people per square mile (about 50 percent as dense as New York City).

It was originally settled in 1765 as a rather small agricultural settlement that went by the name Log Town. Some of the land was later purchased by Henry Brookes in the late 1780’s. Later his son, Benjamin Gaither, inherited some of that land and built himself a home there. By the 1850’s the area was no longer called Log Town, but instead was locally known as Gaithersburg.

It was officially incorporated as Gaithersburg in 1878 and went on to experience a boom in the late 19th century that lead to the construction of churches, schools, a mill, grain elevators, store and hotels. These developments were mostly located around the railroad station that was built by the B&O Railroad in 1873.

Then in 1899, Gaithersburg was selected as one of the six locations across the planet to construct an International latitude Observatory. This was part of a massive project to measure the Earth’s wobble on its polar axis. The other five locations were in Japan, Italy, Russia and one more in the United States. The information gathered by these stations is still used by scientists today.

Gaithersburg was mostly a rural farm town all the way up until the 1970’s when the city began working on more construction throughout the area, this lead to a population growth that made it one of the most economically and ethnically diverse areas in the State of Maryland.

New Proposed Maryland Bill Targets Heroin Dealers:

Maryland is currently proposing a new tough legislation that would target heroin drug dealers. This is due to a new surge in heroin overdoses that have resulted in death. The bill would place them personally responsible for their actions by charging them with homicide if their distribution contributed to a death. This would carry with it a sentence of up to 30 years in prison.

Heroin is a highly addictive drug used by millions of people across the world. It is made from the resin of poppy plants which are refined into morphine and then further refined into the different forms of heroin. The risks of heroin are compounded when the drug is taken by injection as the user also now faces the risk of AIDS.

The havoc wreaked on the body by heroin starts from the first time you use it. Within a few hours of use the effects have worn off and withdrawal can begin. Heroin withdrawal begins with intense cravings, extreme sweating, nausea, vomiting, muscle aches and pains, insomnia, cold sweats, fever, diarrhea and with other present medical conditions can result in death.

People who run out of money from the high costs of prescription drug addiction often turn to heroin which can be bought for as cheap as $10 a bag. A Maryland House panel held a hearing to discuss the bill. Many delegates had different opinions on the subject, some felt that more attention should be put on the treatment of addiction rather than drug enforcement. But even some of those who felt that way also agreed with this new bill such as Delegate Kathleen Dumais who sponsored the bill.

Dumais said that the bill is not intended to target those who sell drugs to fund their own addiction, but will go after those who are dealing drugs for a profit.

New Path in Life Celebrated by Drug Court Graduates:

There are many different ways that communities and governments fight back against the out of control drug addiction rates that are rocketing up across the entire country.

Drug rehab centers work to help people through withdrawal and give them new ways to handle life after they are clean. Police and drug enforcement agencies take down drug dealers. Needle exchange programs help slow the spread of HIV and AIDS by providing new needles to people and use the opportunity to speak to them about seeking help. Then there are drug courts.

Drug courts give people who would normally be sent to jail a chance to change their fate. They can participate in community programs, go into rehab and agree to regular drug testing and if they do what the court asks of them the charges will be dropped and they will be allowed to go home instead of to jail.

One graduate of the Maryland drug courts, Jonah Carter, said there was a time when he would have traded his last breath for one more hit of crack cocaine. Carter, 46 now, started using crack when he was 18 years old. Now, upon completing drug court, Carter has been clean for two years, has his commercial driver’s license and has kept the same job for a year and a half.

The Montgomery County Circuit Court Adult Drug Court program held a graduation with Carter along with seven other recovering addicts where they were each recognized for their accomplishment in coming clean and received a signed confirmation that they have completed the program and are no longer on probation.

Gaithersburg Recovery Options:

Gaithersburg has five drug rehab centers listed for the treatment of drugs and alcohol. Different centers have different special programs, types of treatment and payment options. When looking for a center for someone you are helping come off of their addiction, make sure that you know as much about the center as you can so that you don’t later find out that it will not work.

– Special Programs: Special programs available at Gaithersburg centers cover things like DUI or DWI offenders, co-occurring disorders, criminal justice clients as well as programs for people who have HIV or AIDS.

– Payment Options: Not all centers are able to accept all types of payments. Payment options at Gaithersburg centers include medicaid, medicare, state financed payment, private health insurance, military insurance, self-payment, payment assistance and sliding scale fee payment.

– Treatment Types: Gaithersburg only offers outpatient care programs right now. If you are looking for a center that deals in inpatient care, you may need to find a center outside of the city.

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