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Frederick has a population of 66 thousand people across its 59 square miles. The city of Frederick is well known for its deep and fulfilling culture that can be seen and experienced throughout the entire city.

– Frederick Cityscape: Well known for the “clustered spires” of its downtown churches which are also depicted on the city’s seal as well as several other official city logos and insignia. Frederick’s housing stock in downtown is made primarily of 19th and 20th century row houses and duplexes. It is a dense city with streets and sidewalks suitable only for pedestrians. Forbes once called the are one of the greatest neighborhoods in the US.

– Frederick Arts: Downtown Frederick has more than 10 art galleries and 3 theaters located within 50 feet of each other. Many large scale art projects have been made in Frederick such as William Cochran’s “The Dreaming” and “The Keys to Frederick” public art project.

– Frederick Music: The Frederick Symphony Orchestra performs five concerts per years, playing classical masterpieces. Frederick has other musical organizations including the Frederick Chorale, the Choral Arts Society of Frederick, the Frederick Regional Youth Orchestra, and the Frederick Symphonic Band.

– Frederick Religion: The first churches established in Frederick were by early Protestant settlers, then Irish Catholics and then other European Catholics. Today there are many religious denominations in Frederick. Frederick County is also home to one of the oldest active African American churches, the St. Paul African Methodist Episcopal Church in Della.

Five Prescription Drug Overdoses at High School:

Frederick County Sheriff’s Office officers responded to an Oakdale High School call about five students who overdosed off of prescription medication. The students, all female, were supplied the drugs by another student, 15 years old. They all became seriously ill with symptoms like shortness of breath, a loss in coordination, dizziness and vomiting. Although one of the students was well enough to be released back to her parents, the other four were taken by ambulance to the hospital.

All four girls were treated and survived the ordeal. They took several different kinds of drugs including Ambien and Adderall.

Ambien is a brand name for the drug Zolpidem, it is prescribed to treat insomnia as well as some forms of brain disorder. It causes adverse effects like sleep eating, headaches, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, anterograde amnesia, hallucinations through all physical senses, euphoria and impaired judgment. People who take ambien build a tolerance to it requiring them to start taking more and more of it and overdose risks include depressed respiratory function that can lead to coma or even death. The chance of overdose is increased when ambien is combined with alcohol or opiates.

Adderall is a psychostimulant drug used in the treatment of ADHD as well as narcolepsy. Recreationally it is used as an aphrodisiac and euphoriant. Addiction to adderall is a very serious risk and an amphetamine overdose can occur from its use. The severity of the overdose increases with both the amount taken and the tolerance the user has to amphetamines. People who have a built up tolerance have been known to take up to 100 times the maximum prescribed amount in a day.

Frederick County Collects 600 Pounds of Prescription Drugs in 6 Months:

Prescription drug abuse is the fastest growing addiction problem in the United States. Most people who turn to heroin do so after they have gotten addicted to prescription drugs such as painkillers and most people start on prescription drugs by finding them in the house of a friend or family member.

Most attempts to stop the prescription drug abuse issue have been by making it harder for addicts and drug dealers to obtain drugs from doctors, but Frederick County officials are working on a new program to help eliminate another source of this addiction by installing drug drop off boxes throughout the city. They offer people a place to drop off expired or unwanted prescription drugs so that they no longer sit around waiting to be picked up.

In a six month period these boxes have collected 600 pounds of prescription drugs. That is a lot more than it sounds like when you think about a single prescription pill weighing an average of only 1/2 of a gram. That means that a 600 pound load of pills could be approximately 544,310 pills. That’s a lot of drugs no longer accessible by addicts or potential addicts.

Currently there are four drop boxes located at:

– Middletown Municipal Center (31 West Main St.)

– Frederick Law Enforcement Center (110 Airport Dr. E)

– Brunswick Police Department (20 E. A St.)

– Thurmont Police Department (800 E. Main St.)

The police pick up the contents of the boxes regularly, then catalogue them, weigh them and finally incinerate them.

Frederick Recovery Options:

Frederick has 11 listed centers for the treatment of drugs and alcohol. These centers are:

– Allied Counseling Group

– Crossroads Centers

– Frederick County Health Department

– Frederick County Health Department

– Frederick Institute

– Gale Houses Inc (Gale House)

– Gale Houses Inc (Olson House)

– Maryland Counseling Center Inc

– Monocacy Counseling Center LLC

– Mountain Manor Outpatient Services

– Way Station Inc

These center also offer a variety of different types of programs for people who are not only addicted to drugs but are in some other specific set of circumstances. Programs offered include:

– DUI and DWI Programs: These programs assist people who have DUI or DWI charges against them in addition to the addiction and can work with you to fulfill any legal requirements you need.

– Adolescent and Teen Programs: Teenagers and children require extra attention and care when going through drug rehab, these programs offer additional services and help for those that need it.

– Criminal Justice Programs: Special programs for people who were ordered to drug rehab through the courts are available that help make sure you fulfill any requests by the courts.

– Pregnant or Postpartum Women: Pregnant and postpartum women can get into a special program that helps them recover safely from drugs. Some of these programs also have residential short or long term centers and can offer a place for them to stay along with other children they may already have.

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