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With an estimated population of 66 thousand across its 69 square miles, Portland is the largest city in the state of Maine and has been growing by a rate of 3 percent since the 200 census. The Greater Portland metropolitan area is home to over half a million people, which is more than one third of Maine’s total population.

Portland, Maine has gone through and recovered from four devastating fires and the city’s motto and seal depict this. The seal shows a phoenix rising from ashes and the city’s motto “Resurgam” is Latin for “I will rise again.”

The city of Portland, Oregon was actually named after Portland, Maine which got its name from the Isle of Portland off the coast of Dorset in England. The first European settler there was Captain Christopher Levett who founded a settlement in Casco Bay in 1623, leaving 10 men behind and a stone house while he returned to England to write a book about his voyage and generate support for the settlement. The settlement failed and wasn’t set back up as a permanent settlement until 1633, this time as a fishing and trading village by the name of Casco.

The area underwent more name changes over the years, first in 1658 after the Massachusetts Bay Colony took over the area and named it Falmouth. Falmouth was burned down in the American Revolution in 1775 and after the war ended a commercial port developed and began to grow rapidly as a shipping center. In 1786 the citizens of Falmouth formed a separate town in Falmouth Neck and named it Portland.

Catholic Charities of Maine to Treat Federal Prisoners:

Counselors at Catholic Charities of Maine who specializes in substance abuse are expecting new challenges as the nonprofit group started to accept federal prisoner. Director of Services Carolee Lindsay said:

“These are the people we work with, we have come to a different crossroads in which way to go. This is what we have developed our expertise in.”

They have entered into a five year long contract with the US Bureau of Prisons that will allow them to expand their counseling to include residents of the Pharos House, a halfway house for men and women who complete federal prison terms. Some of the people in the program may also be serving terms in home confinement.

They will be treating up to 40 people per month in this facility and some of the staff there have undertook new training in preparation for the new services they will be offering. They already had been providing treatment to offenders referred to them from drug courts in Androscoggin and Cumberland counties as well as the locally operated drug courts.

They strongly believe in giving people a chance and that using only the criminal justice system can worsen some individuals. Although it is much more challenging than what they are used to working with, they feel that their well-structured community program have more potential for success than others in the area. They are changing people’s patterns, habits and belief systems to ones that are better for them and the community in general.

By treating these people and their addictions to drugs and alcohol, they are reducing the chance of them turning back to crime from drugs. The federal criminal justice system also benefits from this as incarceration of criminals is expensive and lower the number of re-offenders will ease this burden.

Maine Addiction Problems Rising:

Maine has continued to lead the nation in prescription opioid addictions but now police are reporting that heroin is being flooded into the state undercutting the price of prescription drugs. Intravenous overdose deaths have quadrupled and drug overdose deaths have surpassed automobile accident deaths.

But as addicts run out of money, they are turning to this new flood of heroin that is being offered on the streets at very low prices. Prescription drugs are expensive and as opiate and opioid painkillers are very similar in their high to heroin, addicts are turning to whatever they can get their hands on to get them the fix they need. The switch from prescription painkiller to heroin is not as far a leap as one might think, after all heroin was originally created as a medical painkiller itself.

Addiction to prescription medications starts usually one of two ways. Either someone is introduced to the drugs by a friend, such as at school, or they get addicted after being prescribed the drugs by a doctor, often because they self-medicate and take more than was recommended of them.

Another alarming study has shown an increase in teen addiction. In looking into this even more facts were found on the subject, facts which can help prevent the issue. When someone starts using drugs early on in life they have an increased chance of becoming addicted. One in every 25 people who start using an addictive substance at age 21 or older will become an addict, however lower that age to 18 and younger and the number becomes one in every four.

This information gives parents an important tool in helping to stop drug addiction. By educating people at a young age you can at the very least give your children better odds at staying away from a life of addiction.

Drug Treatment Options in Portland, Maine:

Portland, Maine has 16 drug rehab centers available for people who are seeking help for their addiction to drugs or alcohol. Depending on where you go there are also different special groups and programs available. The types of programs that are commonly offered are:

– DUI/DWI Programs: These programs help to make sure you handle any requirements from the courts in addition to the regular addiction treatment.

– Pregnant/Postpartum Programs: These programs offer special care for women who are pregnant or who had just recently had children. They commonly offer residential stay for the women as well as her children if needed.

– Teenage/Adolescent Programs: These programs specialize in the extra care needed by children and young adults when they are dealing with addiction.

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