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Bangor, the major commercial and cultural center for eastern and northern Maine, has a population of 33 thousand and a metropolitan population of 153 thousand, making it the third most populated city in the state of Maine. It has held this position for more than a century.

The city is rich in culture and has some of the most beautiful architecture around. The Bangor Public Library was founded in 1883 and started with nothing more than seven books in a footlocker. Today it not only still stands, but has a collection of more than 500 thousand volumes and records one of the highest circulation rates in the United States.

The University of Maine Museum of Art has a permanent collection of over 6,500 pieces, with works from famous artists like Berenice Abbott, Winslow Homer and Andrew Wyeth.

There are also several performing arts venues and groups in the bangor area such as the Bangor Symphony Orchestra which was founded in 18967 and is the oldest continually operating symphony orchestra in the United States.

Bangor’s architecture is mostly 19th century cityscape, with sections of the city listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Prominent buildings include the Thomas Hill Standpipe, an elegant shingle style structure visible from most parts of the city, the Hammond Street Congregational and Unitarian Church, built by the Boston architectural firm Towle and Foster and the Bangor House Hotel, which has been since converted into apartments. There are many more famous architectural wonders throughout the city as well.

Out of State Drugs Coming into Bangor, Maine:

Last year Bangor had a triple homicide case that showed Maine Drug Enforcement just how bad the area’s growing drug problem is getting. MDEA Commander, Peter Arno, said:

“This first significant event that caused us to pause and was sort of indicative of what we are seeing now with out-of-state drug traffickers coming into the state of Maine. These out-of-state drug traffickers bring a different level of violence,”

“They all operate in a similar pattern, you know they are out-of-state traffickers who come here to establish local contacts. In a lot of cases, they get them (local residents) to rent apartments for them, rent vehicles and cell phones for them. Hook them up with local individuals to move their product, and the way they generate profit is getting people addicted to whatever they may be selling,”

The problem is very much still there today and in March Bangor Police and MDEA placed three men under arrest from New Haven, Connecticut and they were charged with selling crack cocaine and heroin. Three more people, Miguel Nonossi, 25, Marguis Hines, 26, and Ymmar Dockery, 30, were arrested on aggravated drug trafficking charges after an 18 month investigation.

This was only one example of the out of state trafficking that has been affecting Maine. The drug traffickers try to stay out of police lights by only dealing with locals and regulars and they are moving it into Maine because of the amount of profit increase they can make. A $5 bag of heroin in New York could sell for $30 in Maine and they are taking advantage of this. This new business model they are working on of bringing it into the state is very dangerous for Maine and this new high risk for the community should not be taken lightly.

Substance Abuse Among Maine Elders Sparks Panel:

Substance abuse among elders in Maine has been increasing steadily along with the nation as well. It has been creating problems in ways you wouldn’t think too.

Take for instance a recent legal battle that took place over the ownership of a property. An elderly retired couple had hired a handyman to make some house repairs and within a few weeks the handyman had begun living there. The husband was a heavy drinker and was taken out by the handyman for some drinks and a fishing trip. By the end of the day he had taken advantage of his alcoholism and got him to sign the deed to his house over to him and shortly after evicted him.

Legal Services for the Elderly were able to get him his home back after a lengthy legal fight. A panel of experts at the Maine Hospital Association’s office said these types of cases are not uncommon. The elder are taken advantage of more often than you’d think and when they are struggling with addiction to alcohol or drugs, it is much easier to trick them into giving up everything they have worked for.

Addiction in the elderly comes about is a couple of ways. Some were already addicts, usually this is the case with alcoholics, some though became addicted through the over medication that is common among people in retirement homes. Although addiction to any substance is very dangerous to people over 65, it is particularly dangerous when dealing with heavy opiate painkillers.

Painkiller abuse is a very dangerous and deadly addiction even when the abuser is young, add to that a weaker body from age and you have a very high chance of something going wrong such as fatal overdose.

Drug Treatment Options in Bangor, Maine:

It is of the utmost importance for those who have an addict in their lives to help them seek help as soon as possible. Every day that you wait is a roll of the dice as to if something bad will happen.

Bangor, Maine has 18 drug rehab centers available for people who are seeking help for their addiction to drugs or alcohol. Many of these centers have partial hospitalization or long term residential stay for people who need inpatient care. They also have several specialized programs for people in unique situations such as having received a DUI or DWI. Those programs help make sure that you fulfill any requirements set down by the courts while undergoing your treatment so that you can finish the program and not have to worry about further action from the courts.

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