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Bowling Green is the third largest city in Kentucky with a population of 60 thousand and a metropolitan population of 162 thousand. It is home to several large manufacturers including General motors and Fruit of the Loom and was the inspiration for the 1967 Everly Brothers song “Bowling Green”.

In 1778, settlers had establish McFadden’s Station on the north bank of the Barren River and then in 1794 the Moore brother, George Moore and Robert Moore, arrived from Virginia and erected homesteads that present day Bowling Green would grow from. Two years later Robert Moore donated 2 acres of land to county trustees so that they could construct public buildings, shortly after that he donated another 30 acres surround the original 2 acres. The city of Bowling Green was officially incorporated in March of 1798 by the state of Kentucky.

There are two stories as to how the city got its name. The first county commissioners meeting in 1798 named the town “Bolin Green” after the Bowling Green in New York City which is where patriots had pulled down a statue of King George III and used the lead in it to make bullets during the American Revolution. Some historians however believe that it was named after Bowling Green, Virginia, or a personal “ball alley game” of Robert Moore’s. Early records indicate that the city name was also originally spelled “Bowlingreen”.

Despite the inference from the name there are no present day or historical account of lawn bowling facilities or sporting leagues.

Local Drug Move by Cartels Coming into Kentucky:

A recent police seizure of more than 40 pounds of crystal meth in Kentucky has revealed an alarming situation. Mexican drug cartels are flooding the market here with a highly potent meth that is more pure than the meth produced locally. This new influx of high potency meth has caused addicts in the area so seek it out at enormous rates.

The meth is mostly made in cartel controlled super labs that are located either in the Western US or in Mexico and are considered to be a contributing factor in the growth of statewide meth overdose deaths.

Drug task force investigators in Bowling Green seized 1 lb 6 oz of crystal meth just on Feb. 13, which was the largest single crystal meth seizure in the 18 year history of the task force. Then on Feb. 24 drug investigators in Allensville seized 20 lbs of meth, followed by the Kentucky State Police DESI West investigation on Mar. 7 that lead to another seizure of 23 lbs in Central City.

Lt. Greg Jones of the state police DESI West unit in Bowling Green spoke about the situation saying:

“You are talking about major drug organizations behind these seizures recently. That’s a huge amount of this stuff, it’s very uncommon that you get that much poundage and weight of crystal meth.”

Even one pound is considered to be a very large amount in a seizure, so a combined total of over 44 lbs in the space of a month is as much a victory as it is a warning of just how much meth is being imported into the state. Quantities this high in Kentucky is unheard of and is acting as a real eye opener for local authorities who are now on the lookout for meth labs, dealers and addicts so that they can halt this surge before it gets too far out of hand to take control of.

Heroin and Alcohol Related Legislation in the Hands of General Assembly:

Very few states have as hard a time with heroin as Kentucky. Over the last 15 years heroin abuse has grown dramatically throughout the entire state. During the 2015 Regular Session of the Kentucky General Assembly the House and Senate members have been going over what is hoped to be a new groundbreaking law in the area.

The law will address drug importers by proposing much harsher penalties for those who bring heroin into Kentucky while also expanding the treatment options available for people who are addicted to heroin and other drugs. The state has learnt from its past and is aware that incarceration of nonviolent drug offenders is not solving the problem, which is why it is instead turning the punishment on the ones who seek to profit off others addiction by bringing in a flood of drugs into the state and offering instead help for the people suffering through addiction.

Legislation is also nearing agreement on a law that would expand the use of ignition interlocks for DUI offenders. This program would work with hardship licenses which are given to people who would normally have their license taken away from them but who need it for certain occasions like a doctor’s appointment, work or school. The ignition interlocks get wired into the ignition system and prevent the car from starting without a pass on a breathalyzer test to prove that the person does not have an unacceptable blood alcohol level.

Both of these pieces of legislation will help Kentucky fight back against the unnecessary death brought on by drugs and alcohol. As the state works more towards stopping the source of its problems as well as handling the problems that are already there, a new line of hope for the state is beginning to emerge.

Bowling Green Drug Rehab:

There are over a dozen treatment center options in Bowling Green for people who are looking for rehabilitation for themselves or for a family member, friend or coworker.

If you are looking for treatment for yourself, the important thing to remember is that you need to act soon. Being able to admit you need help is a great first step and it is vital that you don’t stop there but continue on to actually getting the help you need to come off of drugs or alcohol. When helping a friend, family member or coworker through their addiction it may be difficult to get them to see that they need help, but by persisting you will eventually reach them and they can begin their recovery.

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