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As the capital of Kansas, Topeka has a rich and full history. Like all of the great plains of North America it was inhabited by nomadic Native Americans for millennia. It then went under several different claimed ownerships until 1803 when it was purchased by the United States from France as part of the 828 thousand square mile Louisiana Purchase at a cost of 2.83 cents per acre.

Then in the 1840’s wagon trains began making their way west from Independence, Missouri on a 2 thousand mile journey that would later be known as the Oregon Trail. During this time three half Kansas Indian sisters and their French Canadian brothers established a ferry service in what would become Topeka to allow travelers to cross the Kansas River.

In 1861, Kansas was admitted to the Union as the 34th state and Topeka was chosen as the capital with Dr. Charles Robinson as the first governor. In the late 1880’s Topeka went through a huge boom that ended in disaster. When the 1889 bubble burst many investors were ruined. However because of the doubling in population that the city got during its boom they were able to weather through the depressions of the 1890’s.

Today the city’s economy is largely based on government work, being the capital of the state. The largest employer is the State of Kansas which employs 8.4 thousand people, or one in every five persons in the city. The next largest employment sector is education with 4.7 thousand people working in the school district and 1.65 thousand working at Washburn University.

Teen Drug and Alcohol Preventative Efforts Hindered by New Kansas Law:

For over 20 years, the state of Kansas has had students take a survey to track drug and alcohol abuse among schools. The data gathered from the Kansas Communities That Care (KCTC) survey shows how many students are turning to drug use and abuse as well as helps track what drugs are popular or being heavily distributed to students.

This allows law enforcement to narrow their efforts, for instance, if a rise in prescription drug abuse is found they can start work with other government departments to reduce the amount of prescriptions being given out when they shouldn’t have been. If meth is shown to have an increase they can assign more officers to patrol known meth dealers or areas where meth is heavily distributed. If an overall increase in drug use is shown, extra patrols can be sent to the neighborhoods around school to find dealers that may be selling drugs right by the school.

However the amount of information they are able to work with is about to be dramatically reduced. Last year the KCTC survey had a total of 100,000 responses from students in 6th, 8th, 10th and 12th grade classes. This year however the expected results are to be only 40,000, a 60,000 response drop, due to a new law that requires parental permission in order for the survey to be administered to the students.

Although parental permission for what happens with their children in school does sound like a good idea, and may actually be so even in this case, the detrimental effects of this in this situation cannot be overlooked. Some children may not wish to bring the permission slip home out of fear that their parents will make them share their survey results with them. Some parents may not sign it for other reasons, but the end result in the same, less surveys taken and less data to work with for state officials and law enforcement personnel.

New Substance Abuse Program for Topeka:

The Colmery – O’Neil VA Medical Center in Topeka started a new program to assist veterans in substance abuse issues. This program, titled “Fresh Start”, uses four weeks in a locked unit for them to work through emotional issues that lead them to drug or alcohol abuse. The idea is to get them to a point where they can begin to look for alternatives to drugs and alcohol to cope with their problems.

The program will also offer outpatient services after the four week program for people who wish to continue with the other aspects of the program. Substance abuse in veterans is becoming a fairly large problem as they turn to drugs or alcohol to handle troubles in their lives when they see no other solution. Although there are drug rehab centers that accept military health insurance, some believe that being able to work with someone who is specializing in veterans gives them an added benefit.

The campus that it is located on is also going through two new construction projects as well as a major renovation that is aimed at helping other problems that veterans may have, such as cases of dementia in older World War II veterans. This section will not be locked off and the residents will be able to go outside freely.

Topeka Drug Rehab Options:

Topeka has 11 drug rehab centers available for those that are looking for help from drug and alcohol addiction or are seeking help for a loved one. Of these 1 of them offers full inpatient care and 5 of them offer various levels of partial residential stay or partial hospitalization.

Although some people are able to overcome addiction through outpatient care, the numbers are indisputable and inpatient care has long been proven to be far more effective for treating drug and alcohol addiction. One of the main reasons for this is that the people and places around them are constant reminders of either their life as a drug addict or even the very reasons they turned to drugs to begin with and more often than not they relapse in between visits.

When looking for a center, take into consideration what type of care they offer and if you need to travel to a different city to find the center that you believe will offer the best help than go with that.

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