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Before its formation in 1886, Kansas City was five separate towns, Wyandotte, Armourdale, Armstrong, Riverview and Old Kansas City. Shortly later, in the 1890’s, the city saw an explosive amount of growth in the population which continued through to the 1930’s and was ranked one of the nation’s 100 largest cities according to many U.S. Census counts. It first hit a population of 100,000 in 1920 which was quite a feat for the time as the US had less than 1/3rd the population it has today.

Today, they are also in the middle of an uprise; this time, in economic growth. A 4 percent spike in employment in the span of one year resulted in the county ranking 19th in the nation and 1st in the Kansas City metropolitan area for job growth. The top employer in Kansas City is the University of Kansas Hospital which employs 4.5 to 5 thousand people. The next three highest employers all employ 3.5 to 4 thousand people each, those being General Motors, University of Kansas Medical Center and Kansas City Public School.

Another large boost for the city’s growth was when Google announced that Kansas City had been selected as the site of their high speed experimental fiber optic network “Google Fiber” which not only did not cost the city anything to have installed, but acts as a strong benefit for individuals and technology businesses to set up in Kansas City. The announcement was made in 2011 and the network became operational in 2012.

Legal Drug Use Causing ‘Pot Holes’ for Workers:

Currently, there are situations in work which allow workers to get different drugs, either opioids or medical marijuana depending on the situation. This is creating multiple situations for the workers, other employees and employers as well.

– Workers: Workers who turn to drugs to handle physical disabilities are coming out the other end either addicted to the drugs or after building up a tolerance to it, build up a dependency to the drugs and feel forced to continue using them to avoid pain from a work injury or other matter.

– Employees: As their co workers are out on disability more work could be required of them in the same amount of time. Although this is not fault of the drugs, those who are out and taking the drugs have the possibility of being out longer than they would have needed to due to factors like withdrawal and dependence. Additionally, those that come back still under the influence of the drugs, using daily with a legal and medical okay, put their fellow workers at risk. This is particularly the case in jobs such as construction, mining, etc. as the use of tools and heavy machinery requires a clear mind.

– Employers: Employers not only have the chance of losing employees for longer periods of time while on disability leave, but can also lose them permanently to addiction. Furthermore when the circumstances align just right the employer can find himself responsible for the costs of the drugs or even rehabilitation for some that become addicts.

President Obama Calls for States to Discourage Marijuana Use:

As some states have begun legalizing the use of marijuana for either medical or recreational uses, President Barack Obama gave a speech to discuss the matter.

Even those states that do legalize the drug need to acknowledge that it is still a drug. Promoting it only as something that is now legal is telling people, both adults and children, that it is okay. This is not the case by far, even alcohol and tobacco do not get this treatment and are constantly discouraged in the news and entertainment media. Cigarette commercials have even been illegal for over 40 years now.

In his speech, President Obama addressed the issue and said:

“I think that we have to separate out legalization — there’s a lot of concern about drug abuse of any sort by our children and the general population — versus the heavy criminalization of non-violent drug offenses, and I think that a lot of states are taking a look to see, do we have proportionality in terms of how we are penalizing the recreational user.”

“I think that’s what every state across the country, including some very conservative states that don’t have a lot of tolerance for marijuana, are looking at, is do we want to be throwing people in jail for five, 10, 15 years if they’re not major drug dealers but they’re using a substance that’s probably not good for them but is probably not hurting too many other people?”

The point being made was that any steps taken to make marijuana legal at any level should be done so in the attempt to stop the imprisonment of non-violent drug offenders and not something that will promote drug use or abuse.

Kansas City Drug Rehab Options:

Kansas City has 10 drug rehab centers available for those that are looking for help from drug and alcohol addiction or are seeking help for a loved one. The various centers offer different types of special programs and support groups for those that are in need of a specific program or are undergoing specific situations:

DUI and DWI Programs: These programs assist people who have DUI or DWI charges against them in addition to the addiction and can work with you to fulfill any legal requirements you need.

Adolescent and Teen Programs: Teenagers and children require extra attention and care when going through drug rehab, these programs offer additional services and help for those that need it.

Criminal Justice Programs: Special programs for people who were ordered to drug rehab through the courts are available that help make sure you fulfill any requests by the courts.

Pregnant or Postpartum Women: Pregnant and postpartum women can get into a special program that helps them recover safely from drugs. Some of these programs also have residential short or long term centers and can offer a place for them to stay along with other children they may already have.

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