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The Sioux City area was inhabited by Native Americans for thousands of years.  Early French or Spanish fur traders were likely to be the first Europeans to visit the area. The first record of US citizens to travel through the area was by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark during 1804. Sergeant Charles Floyd, who was a member of Lewis and Clark’s Expedition, died here in August of 1804. It was the only death during the two and half year expedition.

It was during the winter of 1854 and 1855 that Sioux City was first laid out. In the next three years, the town population would increase to 400 and it would get incorporated as a city. In 1856, the first steamboat arrived from St. Louis with ready framed houses and provisions. Then in 1868, they got their first railroad which brought in people who opened up a few small factories.

Today, there are 82,000 people living in 31,000 households in the city, with the metropolitan area having 168,000 residents.

Sioux City is also home to many parks and nature centers. The Stone State Park overlooks the South Dakota/Iowa border and is popular among picnickers, day hikers and mountain bikers. The Dorothy Pecaut Nature Center is a destination nature preserve located within Stone State Park and is unique in that wild turkeys and white tail deer are common sights from the trails. Sioux city also has many public and private golf courses.

Sioux City Drug Trends Point to More Heroin:

First synthesized in 1874, heroin was invested as a treatment for the ravaging morphine addicted that had hit the United States. It was quickly discovered that heroin was in fact no cure though and was itself just as addictive and deadly as morphine. Since that time, heroin has risen and dropped in popularity among addicts.

Now this old drug is making yet another comeback and Sioux City is the target. According to the Iowa Poison Control Center, heroin has never really left the drug abuse scene, although its popularity did waiver some in the early 2000’s. Its popularity now though has been in a upsurge that started in 2009.

Police Chief Doug Young spoke up about the issue saying, “Drugs are the engine that drives crime in Sioux City,” and went on to say, “the majority of the crime that happens in Sioux City has a drug nexus.” He went onto to talk about how an influx in heroin would drive additional drug related crimes into Sioux City.

The heroin use increase started six years ago and took off mostly about three years ago in metropolitan areas on the East Coast and has been slowly spreading west. It recently started hitting Iowa, and Sioux City is beginning to experience the effects.

Investigation done by the police department has revealed that Iowa’s heroin is coming from Chicago, which has become a large central hub for heroin users in the Midwest. The Chicago heroin, as well as meth, is being imported from Mexico.

Police are making efforts to prevent heroin abuse, including educating people about the dangers of using illegal and lethal substances. Heroin is very dangerous as a drug and use of it can cause heart and lung failure and even death. The addiction is not just mental; there is a strong physical addiction with opiates that is almost impossible for most people to ignore.

Prescription Drug Abuse in Teens Brings New Iowa Initiative:

With as much as 80 percent of parents now feeling that it is important to talk to their children about alcohol and marijuana, some progress on educating people about drugs is happening. Unfortunately, only 14 percent of parents talk to their children about prescription drug abuse.

These numbers are not high enough as improper prescription drug abuse is the fastest growing form of substance abuse in Iowa. In fact, studies have shown that teens are more likely to abuse prescription drugs or over the counter drugs than street drugs due to their ease of access. More than 40 percent of teens who have abused prescription drugs got them from their parents’ medicine cabinet.

The Iowa Substance Abuse Information Center has now teamed up with the Governor’s Office of Drug Control Policy to create a new public education program called “Iowa Medicine TLC – Talk, Lock and Connect.” which seeks to help educate people more on the dangers of abusing prescription medications.

The prescriptions that are most likely to be abused by teens are drugs like Adderall or Ritalin, which are already very dangerous drugs to take even when taking the prescribed amounts. When being taken as a recreational drug and in higher dosages, the dangers are even higher with hallucinations, suicidal thoughts and psychotic and violent behavior occurring in users. Both these drugs are central nervous system stimulants and share the same DEA classification as cocaine, morphine and amphetamines. Opiate and opioid painkillers are the most commonly abused prescription drugs among adults.

Many users believe that because these prescription drugs are made in a legitimate lab, instead of an illegal drug lab, and are prescribed by doctors, that the drugs must be safer. The trust, however, is that many of these are just as dangerous as street drugs like heroin.

Sioux City Rehab:

There are approximately 17 drug rehab centers in Sioux City available to people who are looking to overcome their addiction to drugs or alcohol. Of these six of them offer inpatient care programs while the rest specialize in outpatient care.

Almost all drug rehab centers today are familiar with prescription drug abuse, so if the help you are seeking for yourself or a loved one is along these lines you should have no trouble finding a center. However one important thing to look for would be a center that uses an all-natural method of treatment as there are centers out there that use prescription drugs to treat drug abuse. As these prescription drugs are addictive themselves there is a risk of leaving now only addicted to a different drug.

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