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In 1839, Iowa City was created by an act of Legislative Assembly of the Iowa Territory and was selected as the territorial capital. It did not officially become the capital city until 1841 though after the construction of the capitol building had begun. The building was completed the next year and the last four territorial legislatures and the first six Iowa General Assemblies met there until 1857 when the state capital was moved to Des Moines. Today the Old Capitol building serves as the most prominent landmark at the center of the University of Iowa and underwent a full restoration in the 1920s and again in the 1970s.

Today, it is the fifth largest city in the state of Iowa with an estimated population of 71 thousand. It has been named the third best small metropolitan area in the US by Forbes and #10 on the Top 50 Smart Places to Live in Kiplinger’s Personal Finance. Currently the University of Iowa and University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics employs an astounding 26,000 people with the next highest employer in the city employing less than 2,000.

Iowa city has a lower unemployment rate at only 2.3 percent compared to the 6.3 percent national average, it also has a higher rate of recent job growth at 3.21 percent compared to the national average of 1.18 percent and its future job growth is also above the national average of 36.1 percent at 44.1 percent.

Iowa City Stores Becoming Popular for Synthetic Drug Purchases:

Teenagers are coming from all across Eastern Iowa for synthetic drugs being sold in stores in Iowa City. Police Sgt. Paul Batcheller said “We’re having carloads of juveniles showing up from Burlington or Fort Madison at two, three in the morning, coming here to buy (synthetic drugs).”

Although there are some synthetic drugs that are illegal, legal ones such as “Bizzaro”, “Chronic 10 X” (With crossbones replacing the X), and “Zero Gravity” are being sold in Iowa City stores. At least one of these stores is open 24 hours a day.

Last year, a federal ban was placed on the sale of the “K2” synthetic drug, bug drug manufacturers found a legal loophole in the system that allows them to produce similar drugs according to police. Police are finding that they have to approach those under the influence of these synthetics with the same level of caution that they would someone who was taking LSD. They have found kids as young as 13 out in the middle of the night buying these synthetic drugs.

The synthetics are often sold as incense, however this method of branding the packages this way is not fooling anybody and police believe that 100 percent of the buyers know what it is actually for and are smoking it. Worse still is that there is no law that requires people to be of a certain age to buy them like there is with cigarettes and alcohol, so kids of all ages are able to get them. Some stores though do refuse to sell them to someone below the age of 18 on moral grounds.

Among all the regular side effects and dangers associated with synthetics forms of THC, these brands specifically have also been reported to cause permanent facial tics in some users.

Iowa City Man Arrested for Selling Meth Near Elementary School:

Dennis M. Delaney, 46 years old, was arrested in February for the sale of meth within 1,000 feet of Longfellow Elementary School. He sold 1 gram of meth to an undercover Iowa City Police Officer three blocks from the elementary school near Delaney’s house.

The sample was tested and confirmed to be meth, which allowed the police to obtain a search warrant for Delaney’s house. When the executed the warrant they found two large bags that still had white residue in them, the residue also tested positive meth. They also found other drug related paraphernalia. He was arrested under charges for possession of a controlled substance, an aggravated misdemeanor and a controlled substance violation which is a class C felony.

There was a time when even criminals wouldn’t consider drug deals around children, but as the drug dealing community grows greedier and greedier, nothing becomes off limits anymore. Police are adamant about keeping drug dealers away from schools and any report or complaint that they are dealing near schools is immediately investigated.

The dangers of meth are already devastating enough on adults with irreversible harm being caused to the heart, blood vessels, brain, liver, kidneys and lungs. When this dangerous drug is introduced into the body of a teen or adolescent, the damages can come on much quicker and be far more serious, easily resulting in death.

One of the reasons meth is so deadly is the way it is manufactured. Many dangerous and deadly chemicals are used in the process such as battery acid, drain cleaner, lantern fuel and antifreeze. The combination of these chemicals is also potentially flammable and explosive, which is another reason police work to ensure it is not sold near schools, as dealers often make the meth at home and even children who are not sold drugs can be in danger from a meth lab explosion.

Iowa City Drug Rehab:

There is an abundance of drug rehab centers in Iowa City available to people who are looking to overcome their addiction to drugs or alcohol. Both inpatient and outpatient options are available at many of these locations. However, inpatient care has been proven to be more effective for drug addicts as it removes them from the people and places that they feel led them to drugs in the first place.

People who are seeking help for themselves or a loved one addicted to drugs or alcohol should not wait any longer that is absolutely necessary. Drug addicts are at risk of overdose every time they use, so the sooner you get them into help the better.

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