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Although Davenport’s population is only 102 thousand, it is also part of, and the largest of, the Quad Cities metropolitan area with a population of 382 thousand.

The land was originally owned by Sauk people, Meskwaki and Ho-Chunk indigenous people of the Americas. It was later sold to the United States by France in 1803 as part of the Louisiana Purchase. Davenport itself was established in May of 1836 by Antoine LeClaire and named after his friend Colonel George Davenport who was stationed at Fort Armstrong during the war. The city was incorporated on Jan 25, 1839.

Today, Davenport’s biggest labor industry is in manufacturing with almost eight thousand jobs in the sector. Davenport also has a cost of living much lower than the national average with the average home price of only $110 thousand. Forbes ranked Davenport as the best metropolitan area for cost of living, it moved up from its 2009 rank of 2nd place.

As Davenport borders the Mississippi River and is also the largest city that borders it without a flood wall or levee it often makes national headlines when the Mississippi River floods. They have no flood wall or levee because they prefer the open access to the river for their vistas and parks and don’t want the access cut off. They have however adopted ordinances that any new construction in the floodplain must be elevated above the 100 year flood level or protected with walls. An example of this is the Figge Art Museum.

Mother and Son Sentenced to Federal Prison for Selling Synthetic Drugs:

A mother and son were sentenced in federal court for selling and distributing synthetic drugs, known as “K2” and “Bath Salts”.

Mary Ramos, 53, was sentenced to 5 years in prison. She was found guilty of distribution of a controlled substance (XLR 11), distribution of a controlled substance analogue (Alpha PVP), possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance (XLR 11) and possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance analogue (Alpha PVP).

Her son, Earl Ramos, 26, was sentenced to 4 years in federal prison. He pled guilty to one count of distribution of a controlled substance analogue. He admitted to selling bath salts to confidential informants and also admitted that he knew they were illegal substances and would be used for smoking or other consumption.

K2 is a synthetic cannabinoid receptor agonists, or more commonly referred to as synthetic cannabis. It is a drug that mimics the effects of cannabis and is usually sprayed onto an herbal base material like incense or other leafy materials. It also goes by the name “Spice” and was first available in the US in 2008. Recent case reports have shown it to be seriously toxic and some users have required emergency room treatment.

Bath Salts are a synthetic drug with altering and stimulant properties to them. They are usually in the form of crystals and contain MDPV. However newer versions are being made and it is turning into a situation where nobody really knows what is in them because there was no way to test for it. This is beginning to change now though and some tests have been developed to located certain chemicals in them.

Both of these new synthetics are beginning to rise in popularity among drug abusers, because of the addictive traits and high felt, and by drug dealers for the ability to make them at home and the profits involved.

Davenport Prescription Drug Abuse Rises:

A new report on illegal drug use in the city as well as the entire state of Iowa show that prescription drug abuse in rising. Director of the Iowa Office of Drug Control Policy, Steve Lukan had this to say:

“Unfortunately, last year, we had 62 Iowans who died as a result of overdose of prescription drugs, pain medications in particular. That’s an all-time high.” 

“We need to remind people to keep an eye on their medications and make sure they’re in a secure, safe place, from time to time, they may actually want to count them and make sure they aren’t missing medications.”

The 62 deaths was a 59 percent increase of the previous year and nation wide studies have shown that 70 percent of prescription drug abuse is from users who are stealing them from friends and family members. Additionally, “doctor shopping” is another large cause of the drug problem. This is when people go to multiple doctors to get pain medications and then sell them to others.

Luken is asking more healthcare professionals to help stop doctor shopping by participating in the voluntary Iowa Prescription Monitoring Program, PMP, while is a database of what prescriptions have been given out so that drug shoppers can be stopped. Additionally he recommends the PMP being networked with other states so that drug dealers and users cannot doctor shop in neighboring states. Luken also feels that the increase in prescription painkiller abuse is bringing a rise to heroin use, he was quoted as saying:

“Many in the law enforcement community would tell you that they are really linked – prescription drug abuse and heroin. Often times, when the prescription drugs become too expensive or they lose some of the effect, people will turn to heroin. Heroin is cheaper, in many cases, than prescription drugs and possibly easier to get your hands on.”

Davenport Rehab:

There are several rehab centers in Davenport available to people who are looking to overcome their addiction to drugs or alcohol.  While most of them specialize in outpatient treatment, few of them specialize in inpatient care programs.

Because of this lower number of rehab centers compared to some other cities in Iowa, you may need to look into visiting another city if you are looking for a rehab center for a friend or family member. This is not necessarily a bad thing though, as studies have shown that some people recover from addiction better when they are in an entirely different environment.

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