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With its population hover around 100,000, South Bend, Indiana is the fourth largest city in the state of Indiana, although its population has declined since its peak of 132 thousand in 1960. The city of South Bend has a rich history, originally founded as a trading post by fur traders in the 19th century and was established as a city in 1865.

Then from 1915 to 1964 South Bend went into its peak industrial period. This booming and affluent time for the city brought people from all over the country and in 1920 the census showed a population of 70,983, a considerably high number for that time in history. This industrial boom also brought the Studebaker plant which had employed an astounding 45,000 citizens at one time, but manufacturing began to diminish after World War II and in 1963 the plant closed down.

Eventually the industrial boom ended though and the city has not had as affluent an economical period since, but they are currently working on a plan to bring the city back to its former economical glory. A new non-profit organization is working hard to create a new telecommunications infrastructure that will be able to bring affordable high speed data transmission the citizens and businesses of South Bend. It is believed that this will bring more high tech firms to the city and its surrounding areas. Redevelopment is already underway and they expect the economy to begin to turn around quickly.

Heroin Overdoses in South Bend Indiana

Police are investigating the heroin overdose of two individuals that happened at a party, where the occupants of the home argued over whether or not to call for help. Over 20 people were at the house when the two individuals, both in their 20s, overdosed on heroin. Eventually someone sent a text message to a nearby resident who came over and administered CPR on them. When she got there she found both addicts had stopped breathing and some of the guests were in a physical alteration over calling for help as some feared that they would get in trouble for being at the party.

The police are now looking into where the heroin was supplied from so that they can work to stop another line into the city for drugs. As the number of heroin overdose deaths has been increasing in the past few years, they are placing a very high priority on these incidents so that they can put an end to it.

The two individuals were both sent to the hospital. When they arrived one was still unconscious and the other had very weak breathing. No comment was given as to their conditions when they were in the hospital and it is unknown if they were admitted or released. Both of them are very lucky to be alive, if the neighbor had not arrived when she did it is very likely they would have died in that house.

The risk of overdose is higher with heroin than with almost any other street drug. Heroin overdose also is more likely to end in death than most other drugs and this risk has been increasing with new types of heroin being sold on the street that combine powerful prescription opiates along with street heroin in order to bring on a stronger and faster high for the addict.

Synthetic THC Enters South Bend Schools

South Bend has just discovered a new synthetic THC pill that has been being passed around in high schools in the city.

This pill is different from marijuana or hash because of its THC content. Marijuana relies on THC for its primary effect, the more THC in the plant the stronger the drug and its effects. The THC levels are determined by the weather, soil and other factors. In 1974 marijuana contained an average of 1% THC, in 1994 this average climbed to 4%, in 2008 the average jumped to 9.6% and one form, called sinsemilla (Spanish for “without seeds”), contains THC levels as high as 24%. This new synthetic pill comes in many different amount of THC, however all of them are in the higher range and some people state that using it gives an extremely potent high that lasts up to five or six hours.

These new pills found in high schools in South Bend are a synthetic THC, under the name “Marinol” are small brown or orange pills with the letters “UM” on the side. They were developed as a medical form of marijuana however are now being distributed illegally for recreational use.

One of the more alarming risks of this pill is how similar it looks to everyday supplements and candy. Placed in a drawer or on a table one would never suspect what it is. High school kids who have these stashed in their rooms may end up having a younger sibling wander in to find what they believe to be an M&M or some other candy.

Marinol can also cause seizures, paranoia, extreme fear, fast heart rate, confusion, stomach pains, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and insomnia.

The South Bend Police Department are searching for the source of these so they can put a stop to it before it spreads too widely.

South Bend Drug Rehab

South Bend has 12 rehab centers within the city but there are plenty more available throughout the state of Indiana. Sometimes it helps addicts to leave the area where they live or grew up while undergoing treatment so that they are not constantly around the reminders of what lead them to drugs in the first place. In those cases looking outside of South Bend may be beneficial.

If, however, close proximity to the center is important, you should contact the centers that are available in the city to make sure that they will meet the requirements you are looking for such as types of insurance they accept or what special programs or groups they have available. Many centers have special programs to help individuals that need more than the regular treatment such as in the case of teenagers or women who are pregnant or postpartum.

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