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As the capital of Indiana, Indianapolis is also the populated city in the state with an estimated population of 843 thousand. The city holds its rich cultural heritage with pride and several initiatives have been made by the city government recently to increase Indianapolis’s appeal as a destination for arts and culture.

There are seven official cultural districts in the city:

  • The Broad Ripple Village
  • The Canal and White River State Park
  • Fountain Square
  • Indiana Avenue
  • Massachusetts Avenue
  • Market East
  • The Wholesale District

These areas have all held historic and cultural importance to the city and in recent years have been revitalized to become major centers for commerce, residential living and tourism.

From 2007 to 2013 the city constructed the Indianapolis Cultural Trail. It is an urban bike and pedestrian path that connects the five downtown cultural districts and entertainment sites. It also serves as the downtown hub for the Indiana greenway station. At the center of Indianapolis is Monument Circle, this traffic circle features the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument. This monument was, until the 1960s, the tallest building as zoning laws prohibited any building from being built taller than it.

The War Memorial Plaza is a five block plaza dedicated to those who fought in American wars. It was originally built to honor the Indian soldiers who fought and died in World War I and was later altered to include all Hoosiers who fought in any American war.

Indianapolis also has dozens of other historical attractions, theaters, museums, galleries and performing arts venues.

Synthetic Drugs – Clearing up Indiana’s Spice Law

As the capital and largest populous of Indiana, Indianapolis has its share of drug problems. The state’s synthetic drug law has come under criticism due to its inability to be easily understood. The synthetic drugs in question are most commonly referred to as “Bath Salts” or “Spice”.

A new proposal to make them easier to understand has advanced in the Indiana Senate now that would require the Indiana Administrative Code to publish a list of substances declared to be illegal synthetic drugs and requiring the state Board of Pharmacy to include a link to that part of the code on their website. This fix to the vagueness of the current law is to address the state appeals court who recently deemed the law unconstitutional.

Two recent incidents where people were arrested for possession or selling of synthetic drugs were revered by the courts after it was found that the law was too unclear for the average citizen to understand if he was breaking the law by owning or selling the substances he was caught with.

This new bill, Senate Bill 93, is believed to put an end to this by making it very clear what is and is not illegal so that law abiding citizens will not get arrested for what they believed to be OK and actual drug dealers will not be able to get a dismissal of charges over the matter anymore by stating that the law was too unclear to understand.

This bill will also allow the Board of Pharmacy to declare additional substances illegal as new drugs are created so that law enforcement authorities can easily keep up with who is and is not breaking the law. Senate Bill 93 is now headed to the full Senate for a second reading, if any changes in the law are approved it will not affect the two outcome of the two recent rulings.

Indianapolis Faces Increase in Teen Prescription Drug Abuse

A new report from the Indiana Youth Institute showed that the number of teens who abuse prescription drugs have almost doubled in 2014. In 2013 6.9 percent of high school seniors had tried prescription drugs for recreational use, but in 2014 that number jumped to 13.5 percent.

The report also showed that teens as young as 13 have been abusing prescription drugs. This is partly due to the fact that it is easier for kids to get access to drugs like Xanax, Adderall and Vicodin than it is to get alcohol. These drugs are just sitting there in their parents medicine cabinet at home and the kids are easily able to sneak them out to get high or share, sell or trade with other students at school.

Sometimes the children themselves are prescribed the drugs and feel a high just off the prescribed dosage. This then encourages them to up the amount they take to experience an even greater high. As it is known that people are more likely to become addicts if they start abusing drugs at an early age, it is an even greater concern for the city’s future.

Parents are strongly encouraged to watch what their children are getting into as the dangers of prescription drugs are very serious, with many of them being just as bad, or worse, than street drugs. Further, if you have prescribed drugs at home, they need to be disposed of or stored in a safe location so that kids can’t get to them.

Indianapolis Drug Rehab:

As this new wave of drug addiction hits Indianapolis and synthetic drugs, both legal and illegal, cause people to lose their lives and livelihood, it is time people look for a solution.

Drug rehabilitation centers are available all across Indianapolis and there are many different types that can cater to whatever situation you are undergoing. Take into consideration whether a rehab center offers inpatient or outpatient care. Inpatient care has been proven to be more effective as the addict does not go back to the life that lead him to drugs in between visits as is often the case with outpatient care programs.

Another point to consider, especially when dealing with prescription drug abuse, is medication based treatment vs all natural treatment. A lot of prescription drugs were designed to get people off of street drugs and yet they can be just as addictive. An all-natural center can help people come off drugs without the risk of only replacing their addiction with an all new one.

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