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Fort Wayne is the second largest city in Indiana, with a population of 256,000, is second only to the state capital. In 1823 the village became an important frontier outpost and by 1829 it was incorporated as its own town and got the name Fort Wayne with a population of only 300. By 1840 the population had grown to two thousand and the it was reincorporated as the City of Fort Wayne. It gets its nickname, Summit City, from it being the highest elevation along the canal route back in 1840 and it was this proximity to the canal that exposed it to expanding economic opportunities.

At the turn of the 20th century the city’s population reached almost 50 thousand due to the large influx of German and Irish immigrants that came for the city’s industrial and railroad related jobs. As Fort Wayne’s economy was based primarily on manufacturing, an era of innovation came about that brought on several notable inventions and developments including baking powder, gasoline pumps, refrigerators, breathalyzers, garbage disposals, jukeboxes and the calculator. In 1972 the first home video game console was developed in Fort Wayne.

In modern times the city has diversified its economy and manufacturing now employs only 16.9 percent of the workforce. The other sectors that have sprung up include distribution, transportation, logistics, health care, professional and business services, leisure and hospitality and financial services. The city also is home to several large affluent companies including Steel Dynamics which made the Fortune 500 list.

Fort Wayne Report – 50% Increase in Parents Behind Bars:

More parents are winding up in jail or prison than 10 years ago, in fact the amount of parents behind bars has risen by 50 percent since 2005. Currently in jail in Fort Wayne, and in Indiana overall, two thirds of female inmates are mothers and half of male inmates are fathers.

To remedy the situation prisons have organizing different events that will help to reunite families together for short periods so that they can maintain their relationships and help keep the family together. Events like father daughter dance at re-entry educational facilities have begun to help people keep a connection with their family and it is beginning to show that they do better after they are released from jail if they keep a good connection with their family.

One of the major causes of the increase has been found to be drug use. Drug abuse causes people to lose control of their lives, spouses abuse each other and their children, addicts commit crimes to afford more drugs or sometimes just because they are too strung out to think straight.

Although measures are being taken that will allow offenders of non violent drug crimes to avoid jail time by participation in a rehabilitation program, this chance is not given to those who become violent, an all too often reaction, from the drugs. People are well aware that drugs like meth or PCP can lead them to violent reactions, but what is less talked about it the violent crimes committed by people addicted to “non-violent” drugs. These drugs have just as strong a hold on them as the violent ones and when met with a situation where they cannot afford or are being refused drugs they will often do anything they need to get more drugs if their addiction is not handled.

Fort Wayne Teens have Highest Rate of Considering Suicide:

A recent report showed that Fort Wayne, as well as the entire state of Indiana, has the highest rate of teens who consider suicide and the second highest rate of attempted suicide among teens. This report was released by the Indiana Youth institute.

Data was pulled from hundreds of national and state sources and analyzed this data along with figures from Hoosier children and families. It found alarming concerns and connections between this and the high rate of teen drug use. Some children are found turning to drugs for social status or for fun, while others are turning to them to handle stress or depression brought on by the state’s alarming 22 percent poverty rate for where children live.

A director at the Indiana Suicide Prevention Coalition expressed her concern with the lack of help available for these kids while they are going through hard times.

The suicidal thoughts or actions brought on by drug use and abuse tend to come on not right away but after repeated use. Parents are encouraged to teach their children early on about the actual effects that drugs have on people. Without the right education on what they do, they will only hear from others at school about the “beneficial” effects.

Additionally, when the worst does happen and a teenage suicide occurs, schools and people in the community are reluctant to talk about it. This has started creating a stigma about the subject which causes more teenagers who are struggling with problems of their own to feel they cannot talk about it.

Fort Wayne Drug Rehab:

Fort Wayne has many drug rehab center available. As drugs ruin the lives of families throughout the city with parents going to prison and teenage suicide rates higher than ever before, it is time to throw out all excuses as to why a loved one is using drugs.

If someone in your family is addicted to drugs, you need to speak to them as soon as possible about getting help. Many rehab centers can help you if you don’t know how to go about this and a quick call can get you started on the right trail. Sometimes it is best for them to hear it from a family member or friend on a one on one basis, sometimes an intervention can be the difference between them getting help and continuing with drug abuse.

Whatever the approach you go for, just make sure that your goal never changes and your persistence never fluctuates. Do whatever you need to get them into treatment so they can take their life back from the hold drugs have put on them.

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