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Evansville is known as the commercial, medical and cultural hub of Southwestern Indiana and the Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky tri-state area. With a population of 117,000 it is the third largest city in the state of Indiana and the largest city in Southern Indiana. It is nicknamed the “River City” due to it it being situated on an oxbow in the Ohio River.

Evansville has many cultural features that have given it quite a name in tourism field. It is home to several entertainment venues including:

– Historic Bosse Field: A 7,180 seat baseball stadium located in Garvin Park. It was built in 1915 and is the third oldest ballpark in regular use in the United States.

– Ford Center: A multi-use indoor arena in downtown Evansville that can seat up to 11,000 people, it opened in 2011 as the city’s premier entertainment venue and is used for basketball, ice hockey and music concerts.

– Victory Theatre: A vintage 1,950 seat venue that is home to the Evansville Philharmonic Orchestra. Each year they present a seven concert classic series, four double pop performances and special event concerts. The theater also hosts local ballet and modern dance companies, theater companies and touring productions.

– University of Evansville: This university maintains a prestigious theater program and is one of the top rated programs in the nation, featuring four main stages and two studio productions each year. The university has been honored more times at The Kennedy Center than any other theatre institution.

Massive Drug Bust Seizes 74 lbs. of Meth

A two year investigation into a drug trafficking operation has concluded with almost 40 people arrested in one of the largest drug busts in quite some time. According to officials, 74 lbs. of methamphetamine was seized in the operation along with $400 thousand in cash, two cars and 20 guns.

In early 2013, the task force began their investigation into a meth trafficking organization that has been pouring meth onto the streets of towns all across Indiana, Kentucky and Illinois. The investigation stretched much further as they found themselves working with agencies as far as Arizona. All told 30 agencies became involved in the investigation including the FBI, DEA and IRS.

Of the people arrested in the investigation, 22 of them have been federally indicted and 20 of those were found to have prior felony convictions. A total of 51 warrants have been issued from the investigation as well. Authorities are still looking for four people who were not found in the bust.

Evansville Mayor, Lloyd Winnecke was quoted as saying:

“Well, the number of meth labs is down but meth is still a problem in our community. While people are cooking less meth in Evansville, they are importing it more and so we recognize that’s a problem. What is down significantly is the number of meth labs in Evansville and Vanderburgh County and that’s a good thing.”

As importing of meth rises to fill the demand from addicts and line the pockets of drug dealers, the state is also looking into programs that will help address this problem from the other side.

Addressing Addiction and Homelessness

Many homeless people turn to drugs to deal with the situation they are living in and many more people become homeless after their drug addiction takes everything from them. Although drug addiction is not the only cause of homelessness, it is one of the larger contributors to the problem. As people lose their families, their homes and their jobs to drugs they sometimes have nowhere else to go but the streets and once they are there the odds of turning things around are much smaller than when they still had something else in their life.

Evansville has been coming under a increase in both drug problems in the city as well as an increase in the number of homeless. A new pilot program is being put into place in Evansville, Fort Wayne, Bloomington and Lafayette that will help assess homeless people and prioritize those who are most in need of service.

When city officials evicted some homeless people living near the riverfront last year it was bad publicity for the mayor’s office. Now he has a chance to redeem himself through this new pilot program. Prior to this, there were programs in place that brought people to shelters where food and a bed were available. Even though these programs are good and are not being replaced, they do not address what brought them there to begin with.

As they are now beginning to tackle the underlying problem, they will have a chance to come clean from drugs and begin to rebuild their life again. The train of thought here is that homelessness is not itself a problem so much as it is a byproduct of other problems like economic overwhelm or addiction to drugs or alcohol and by addressing these points directly they can begin to turn the numbers around.

Evansville Drug Rehab

Evansville has 10 different rehab centers to serve people who are struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. These centers have many different options available for payment including medicare, medicaid, private health insurance, self-payment, state financed payment and military health insurance.

Several centers offer specialized programs that help people in specific situations. Special Programs that are offered include:

– Adolescent and teen programs

– DUI and DWI offender programs

– Programs for women

– Pregnant and postpartum women programs

– Criminal justice client programs

Although the majority of centers only deal in outpatient care, one center does offer full inpatient care and a few do offer partial hospitalization. If a loved one is dealing with serious addiction, it is important to find inpatient care and if you need more options than are currently available in Evansville, there are plenty of inpatient care programs available in neighboring cities and throughout Indiana.

The important thing to remember when dealing with drug addiction is that help is available and that you should always act today to get your loved one in for treatment.

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