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Waipahu was once a sugar plantation town and currently claims a modest population nearing 40,000. With popular tourist attractions like the Hawaii Plantation Village — a living history museum that depicts life during that period of history — and the Oahu Sugar Company, as well as a plethora of paradisiacal sights, sounds and tastes, it’s no surprise Waipahu sees a great number of tourists every year. However, this island town is not without its problems; like each and every U.S. city, Waipahu experiences the negative consequences of substance abuse addiction.

Substance Abuse Treatment in Waipahu

The state of Hawaii ranks among the top 10 highest in the nation for illegal drug use as well as above the average for heavy drinking and alcohol abuse. This combination indicates residents are no strangers to addiction-related problems.

While drug abuse and addiction are problems throughout the United States, Hawaii has a few unique obstacles to overcome. According to the Hawaii Meth Project, the state ranks number two in the nation for the percentage of drug-related treatment admissions for methamphetamine addiction. Meth use affects entire communities and not just individual users: The estimated cost of meth abuse in Hawaii totals $500 million dollars annually. The availability of the drug is startling; 19 percent of teens and 37 percent of young adults say meth would be somewhat or easy to acquire. Nine percent of teens, and 25 percent of young adults report they have been offered the drug.

Anyone who uses methamphetamine can become hooked with regular use. Meth addiction will not cease without concentrated effort. Once physical dependence sets, in most meth users require professional help to stop using. This makes drug rehab their only hope.

One of the biggest reasons meth is so hard to quit is the psychological side effects that can plague users long after they have quit. The drug alters the way the brain works so that users continually crave the drug when they are not using. It also affects the pleasure centers in the brain. Thus, many addicts are unable to experience pleasure normally and experience long bouts of depression. All of these factors combine to make recovery a long-term process and one no meth addict should undertake alone. Drug rehab centers in Waipahu have years of experience working with methamphetamine addicts and know how to give them their best chance at long-term abstinence.

Alcohol is the second leading substance for primary treatment admission in Hawaii. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, 15.2 percent of treatment admissions in the state are for alcohol abuse. An additional 15 percent of admissions come from addicts who abuse alcohol in conjunction with another drug. Withdrawal from alcohol can be potentially life threatening in extreme cases, and for this reason rehabilitation facilities are considered the safest place for alcoholics who want to stop drinking for good.

Marijuana is the third leading substance for primary treatment admissions in the Waipahu area. While recently the public opinion of marijuana use has become more positive, the drug is incredibly addictive. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, marijuana addiction occurs in about 9 percent of users. However, this number is increased to nearly 17 percent among those who start using pot at an early age. The 29.1 percent of marijuana treatment admissions to drug rehab programs in Waipahu demonstrates this addiction negatively affects users’ lives.

Prescription pain reliever abuse for non-medical purposes has been on the rise for the past 15 years. As this type of addiction comprises almost five percent of primary treatment admissions to drug rehab clinics in Waipahu, Hawaiian residents must be aware of prescription drug abuse’s negative effects. Many users believe these drugs are safer than illicit street drugs because they are prescribed by a doctor, but the drugs’ effects on the brain are exactly the same; in fact, prescription opioid abuse often leads to heroin use. Prescription drug overuse must be addressed early in the addiction process to stop it before it becomes fatal.

Regardless of the substance, addiction is always difficult — both to watch and endure. The symptoms of withdrawal, such as cravings, work against the addict and against long-term abstinence. Drug rehab centers in Waipahu can address all types of substance-abuse-related issues and can teach addicts how to stay clean once their time in treatment is over.

How Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Waipahu Can Help

Many addicts can stop using for a short period of time, but often relapse because they lack the skills and knowledge to stay clean. There are a number of factors working against addicts throughout their abstinence. Recovery is a long-term process; the addict experiences new problems at each phase. These problems are varied based on the substance the person uses, but all can be equally difficult to manage; however, a good rehabilitation facility can assist any and all addicts on their road to a healthy life.

There are a variety of drug rehab options in Waipahu, so any unique needs of an addict are sure to be addressed. There are inpatient centers for individuals who have the time to commit and outpatient options for those who can’t. Get in touch with a rehab specialist to better understand and explore your options. Help is available to anyone who is willing to reach out for it.

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