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Pearl City is located on the north shore of Pearl Harbor on the island of Oahu. The area enjoys a moderate climate and is home to natural beauty unmatched in the continental 48 states. Its proximity to the city of Honolulu and its large international airport make access to the area easy and convenient.

Pearl City Substance Abuse Treatment: The Reason It’s Needed

Drug abuse is rampant in Hawaii. According to a White House report, Hawaii is in the top 10 for illicit drug use among U.S. states. Hawaii residents rank two percent higher than the national average for illicit drug use and higher for alcohol dependence by a large margin. While the Pearl City area is small in population, it still experiences the same troubles as other communities throughout the nation.

Alcohol dependence continues to be the primary substance abuse problem for Americans. Addiction to alcohol affects all areas of an individual’s life and places a heavy financial burden on society. Heavy drinkers experience severe negative consequences from their use, and many are unable to quit drinking on their own. Many alcoholics battle their addiction for a lifetime and require professional help to stop.

Marijuana is the illicit substance leading to the most treatment center admissions across the country. This is true for Hawaii. Despite the public opinion of the drug, marijuana causes problems for users. While many people consider the drug to be harmless and non-habit forming, the number of addicts seeking treatment paints a different picture.

Drugs such as methamphetamine send nearly as many people to Pearl City drug rehab facilities as marijuana. Stimulant use in Hawaii is higher than the national average and shows no signs of stopping. Meth addiction is particularly damaging to its users and their communities, and requires long-term care to overcome.

Hawaii residents also see difficulties related to prescription pain reliever addiction. Addiction to these medications is difficult to manage; on top of this, prescription drug abuse can lead to heroin use. Though Hawaiians don’t experience many problems related to heroin addiction, if the prescription drug trend continues, heroin use may dramatically increase — and Hawaii will suffer as a result.

In the past 15 years throughout the U.S., prescription pill addiction has seen the largest increase among all substances. The explanation for this is the misconception these drugs pose less risk than street drugs because they are prescribed by doctors.

In reality, the effects of these drugs are the same as heroin and similar street drugs. As a result, prescription drugs have a high incidence of abuse among regular users.

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Regardless of the substance of abuse, Pearl City drug rehab centers are the best places to address addiction. If you or someone you love is addicted to drugs or alcohol, you understandably have questions. While the process may seem overwhelming, it doesn’t have to be. There are trained treatment professionals who can walk you through the rehabilitation process, so you can find the best solution to fit your needs.

The signs of addiction are varied by the substance abused as well as personal factors and history. When a person continues to use despite negative consequences, like withdrawals from normal life and responsibilities, it is time to investigate possible substance abuse. Addiction is characterized by loss of control, tolerance, cravings and obsession. These factors work against the addict and contribute to denial, which hinders his or her ability to see what is going on.

Pearl City Drug rehab facilities understand the phases addicts and alcoholics experience in early recovery. The National Institute on Drug Abuse has outlined the principles of effective treatment and stresses that a good rehab program must attend to the multiple needs of an individual rather than just attending to his or her drug abuse. Rehab facilities understand the challenges related to each substance and can tailor individual programs based on an addict’s needs.

Both inpatient and outpatient programs are available for users who want help recovering from their addictions. There are different types of treatment models that use different techniques to address addiction. For example, some centers offer full detoxification programs while others may work with an outside detox center. Aftercare programs are available to help the addict transition back into normal life when treatment is complete, which may be a crucial step for addicts dealing with more insidious substances.

If you think you or someone you love has developed an addiction to alcohol or drugs, there is no reason to wait. Evidence suggests that addicts who seek treatment early in the addiction process have a greater overall chance for long-term success. If you see any signs of addiction, reach out today for help and to start the healing process.

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