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Steeped in our country’s history, Savannah, Georgia is the oldest city in Georgia, established in 1733. A major U.S. seaport, Savannah is 18 miles from the Atlantic shore and at the turn of the millennium was the fastest growing seaport in the United States.

Boasting one of the largest National Historic Landmark Districts in the United States, the city brings in millions of tourists every year wanting to catch a glimpse of our nation’s past through the original buildings and architecture that still stand protected in Savannah today.

The city’s Deep South climate of warm, humid summers are somewhat less extreme than other Georgia cities further inland, as its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean and its cool breezes provides relief that mitigates the subtropical weather. But unfortunately, one thing Savannah is not spared from is the drug related trade and addiction that has taken hold in so many of Georgia’s major cities.

According to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, an analysis revealed that, while total drug overdose deaths in 2013 were lower than those of the previous 5 years, the overdose deaths from illicit drugs increased during that same time period.  As with other major cities in Georgia, the war on drugs in Savannah is not being won right now.

The information below is designed to give someone who is being impacted by drug addiction a good understanding of the types of drug abuse problems prevalent in Savannah, as well as where they can turn in order to get help.

The Drug Abuse Problem in Savannah


Alcohol is a substance that is highly abused in our society, and unfortunately the same holds true for the city of Savannah. Alcohol was the most commonly used depressant in the area. This substance contributed to 50 percent of all known users admitted for treatment.

When someone is abusing alcohol, they will tend to use the substance to help them relax, to sleep, deal with difficulties, to cheer up, or to even just get through the normal activities of a day. They will start to have mood swings, be irritable, or have anxiety. They will also start to isolate themselves and be argumentative with family and friends.


In the past few years reported cocaine-related issues have actually been decreasing in Savannah, though it is still one of the more prevalent drugs used. A small consolation when you consider that it falls only second to alcohol when it comes to the most used drugs in Georgia.

Cocaine is a stimulant so it can make a person very excited and full of what seems to be an unusual amount of energy. When you see signs of nosebleeds you know the habit has really started to ravage a person physically and they must get immediate medical care.


As with cocaine, the reports for number of people seeking treatment for marijuana-related issues also slightly decreased over the past few years. But again, despite the decrease, the percentiles show that it is still one of the more commonly used illicit drugs in Savannah and the whole state of Georgia.

And regardless of what the proponents say, marijuana does produce an impaired condition in the user. Bloodshot eyes, increased appetite, diminished memory and problem solving abilities are all potential signs of cannabis use. It can also cause anxiety, fear and delusional behavior. Long-term use causes these symptoms to increase.

Prescription Drugs:

Out of all the drug overdose deaths in Georgia in 2013, the majority was caused by prescription drugs, Oxycodone being the number one prescription drug of choice. Deaths from prescription drugs is becoming an epidemic, having tripled since 1999 and it shows no sign of slowing down.

Moreover, it has been stated by drug treatment officials that prescription drug abuse tends to lead to heroin use because heroin is an opiate much less expensive to procure. The sharp increase in heroin usage in the major cities of Georgia would tend to back up those claims.


The Georgia Bureau of Investigations Crime Lab analysis shows that heroin drug submissions (incidents of heroin related crime) have increased 300% since 2011 in the Savannah area. Additionally, the increase in heroin use from 2011 to 2012 was only 28%, but the increase from 2012 to 2013 was much more significant. A comparison of all other drug incidents was done and it was found there was a 22% decrease in other drug incidents compared to the heroin increase of the same time period. Although the volume of persons using heroin is still significantly smaller than that other drugs, its sharp increase bodes of a dangerous trend affecting the city of Savannah.

Symptoms of someone using heroin can include euphoria, mood swings and anxiety. A user will probably be a bit dopy and may fade in and out of wakefulness. You may also see signs of itching, nausea and vomiting in a user as well. A user may nod off suddenly and their breathing may slow, which could indicate they are overdosing.


Methamphetamine is on the rise in Savannah. Methamphetamine use has been spreading across the country over the past several years, but up until recently Savannah has been relatively free of the drug. However it has now infiltrated the coastal city and the police force is seeing more and more evidence of its use.

A highly addictive substance, methamphetamine is spreading so quickly because of its availability, ease of use, and the ability to manufacture it from ordinary household products.

Users of methamphetamine can have some of the more violent drug reactions in comparison to others. When taken in large doses the effects can be excitement and anxiety, aggressive behavior, extreme irritability, and even hallucinations and paranoia.

Find Rehabilitation Facilities in Savannah

When considering which rehabilitation center would be best, you must consider the specific nature of you or your loved one’s alcohol or drug addiction. There could be said to be 2 main phases to the treatment of substance abuse: the medically supported detoxification phase; and the behavioral modification phase. You must find a facility that provides a program that will get the drug abuser safely through any withdrawal symptoms that come with the cessation of a drug and off the substance completely. Additionally, the program must address the reason the person turned to alcohol or drugs in the first place, which usually includes addressing a person’s behavioral problems, as well as eliminating any environmental triggers that allowed the addiction to take root.

Below is a list of drug rehabilitation programs in the city of Savannah to get you started on your search.


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