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Columbus, Georgia is a city well known for being home to the US Army’s Fort Benning. One of the major army posts of our country, Fort Benning supports the livelihoods of more than 120,000 active-duty military, reserve components, retired soldiers, their families, and the civilians who serve them.

Columbus also has Georgia’s longest river, the Chattahoochee, running straight through it. Flowing southward, the river empties into the Gulf of Mexico at its final destination.

Hosting one of the larger army bases in the country and having the commerce that comes with the attractions, water sports, and tourism that a major river will bring to a region, has helped poise the city of Columbus for an unprecedented population explosion that it is just now starting to see. But along with that increase in population comes the unwanted increase in substance abuse, a battle which Columbus has long waged but never won.

If someone you know and care about is battling drug addiction, the first thing you must do is to get more information regarding the nature of the addiction and the options available for its successful treatment. Below you will find the most prevalent addictions in the city of Columbus and information on what you can do to get a loved one the proper help.

The Drug Abuse Problem in Columbus


Although many don’t consider alcohol an actual drug, there is no denying it is a substance that is highly abused in our society, and the city of Columbus is not immune to this malady. Alcohol was the most commonly used depressant in the area. This substance contributed to 50 percent of all known users admitted for treatment.

When someone drinks alcohol to a point that their life spins out of control and they start to drop their responsibilities, or take dangerous risks in order to have a drink, then you know that person has started to abuse alcohol.


As with the rest of the United States, cocaine is one of the more prevalent drugs used in Columbus. Even so, in the past few years reported cocaine-related issues have actually been decreasing in the city. A small consolation when you consider that it falls only second to alcohol when it comes to the most used drug in Georgia.

When someone is using cocaine, they can appear very excited and full of what seems to be an unusual amount of energy. You may even see white powder around their nose. But the effects of cocaine only last an hour or less so you may see the person disappear frequently to take more of the drug. When you see signs of nosebleeds you know the habit has really started to ravage them physically and they must get immediate medical care.


As with cocaine, the reports for the number of people seeking treatment for marijuana-related issues also slightly decreased over the past few years. But again, despite the decrease, the percentiles show that it is still one of the more commonly used illicit drugs in Columbus and the whole state of Georgia.

And regardless of what the proponents say, marijuana does produce an impaired condition in the user. Bloodshot eyes, increased appetite, diminished memory and problem solving abilities are all potential signs of cannabis use. It can also cause anxiety, fear and delusional behavior.

Prescription Drugs:

Out of all the drug overdose deaths in Georgia in 2013, the majority was caused by prescription drugs. The overdose deaths in Columbus mimic that state-wide trend. Deaths from prescription drugs is becoming an epidemic, having tripled since 1999 and it shows no sign of slowing down.

According to Andrea Gielen, Director of the John Hopkins Center for Injury Research and Policy, fifty Americans die each day from prescription drug overdoses. More than 6 million suffer from prescription drug abuse disorders.

According to available reports, Oxycodone was the prescription drug most widely used in Columbus, as is the case with many other major cities in Georgia.


In the past couple of years there has been a sharp increase of heroin use in the major cities of Georgia, including Columbus. Authorities at the Georgia Bureau of Investigations Chemistry Unit reported there has been a 300% increase of heroin use, specifically in the Columbus area, since 2011. The increase is being attributed to the fact that heroin is so inexpensive.

Heroin users may experience feelings of euphoria, and they will probably be a bit dopy and may fade in and out of wakefulness. You may also see signs of itching, nausea and vomiting in a user as well. A user may nod off suddenly and their breathing may slow, which could indicate they are overdosing.


Methamphetamine is on the rise in Columbus. A highly addictive substance, it’s commonly known as “the most dangerous drug on earth,” due to its availability, ease of use, and the ability to manufacture it from ordinary household products.

Users of methamphetamine can have some of the more violent drug reactions in comparison to others. When taken in large doses, the effects can be excitement and anxiety, aggressive behavior, extreme irritability, and even hallucinations and paranoia.

Find Rehabilitation Facilities in Columbus

As you start to search for the treatment facility that will be right for the person involved in substance abuse, there are specific things to consider. The first is, what type of addiction the person has. If you’re not sure about the true nature of the person’s addiction, that’s the first thing that must be discovered with certainty. Not all facilities are equal when it comes to the types of addictions they will treat.

Secondly, the intensity or degree of a person’s addiction must be considered, including whether they have a long history of addiction, or if they have only recently been involved with substance abuse. There are different treatment models designed to handle long-term addiction, versus treatment programs best suited for short-term, or addiction that is not as chronic. There are also out-patient treatment programs, as well as resident programs where the substance abuser must stay for a period of time.

You must seek professional advice, especially when it comes to what is medically right for the person. It can be utterly dangerous indeed for an addict to experience withdrawal from a drug without the necessary medical support. However, beware of the programs that substitute one drug for another. In the end, the addiction has not been eliminated, but only replaced and that will not help the person in the long run.

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