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Jacksonville is a southern US city that has the largest population of all cities in the state of Florida.  Within the city limits it has an estimated population of 840,000, and the surrounding metropolitan area had a population of 1,345,596 as of the 2010 census.  Jacksonville is a sprawling city that is also the largest city by area in the lower 48 states.

Due to a period of urban sprawl which occurred after World War II the city experienced problems.  Many residents relocated to the unincorporated areas surrounding the city which prompted the city’s leader to launch a major consolidation in the late 1960s.  This consolidation gave Jacksonville its large size, and placed most of the greater metropolitan area inside the city limits.

Today tourism is one of the largest industries in the region as it is throughout the state of Florida.  In the late 19th century the city was known as a popular winter resort for rich, powerful, and famous residents from the northern states.  Today it has developed as a major destination for golfers, and is a well-known   area for tourism related to golf.

Jacksonville was once known as the “Winter Film Capital of the World” in the early part of the twentieth century until the Hollywood’s emergence on the west coast ended the city’s film industry.  During this same period Jacksonville also became an insurance and banking center. In the 1940s it also became the home of three naval bases, and continues to be a major deep-water port to this day.

The Jacksonville Drug Problem

Residents of the Jacksonville metropolitan area generally abuse alcohol and drugs in the same way that other Floridians do.  Overall residents of the state use illicit drugs at a rate that is identical to the national average of 8%.  This equates to 1 out of every 12 people in the region over the age of twelve answering they had used an illicit substance in the prior 30 days when surveyed.  It also means that Jacksonville drug rehab facilities regularly see treatment admissions for a wide variety of substance abuse related issues.

The area surrounding Jacksonville has been deemed a High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area by the US Department of Justice, and has held that title for a very long time.  This presents unique problems for the community, and also provides information on how drug trends in the area have evolved over time.  In the early part of the 21st century cocaine was the most widespread problem in the region, but there have been several changes in the trends since time.

Due to its geographic location cocaine will most likely always be trafficked through the region which creates a market where it is abundant and cheap.  This leads to increase of use of the substance due to availability, and means that cocaine addiction related problems will always be a concern.  However, cocaine has dropped to third on the list for substances of primary treatment admissions in Florida drug rehab facilities, and could drop even lower based on the current drug trends.

There have been two major developments that have impacted the face of illicit drug addiction in the Jacksonville area.  The first has been the increase in both local methamphetamine production and increased production from Mexican cartels.  Meth has seen increased popularity due to the fact that it is more inexpensive than cocaine, and unfortunately the addiction related issues associated with its use are equally devastating.  The number of Jacksonville drug rehab facility primary treatment admissions for meth has been on the rise since 2009.

The second development was the boom of prescription pain pill abuse over the past ten years.  The state of Florida and the Jacksonville area have been plagued with prescription painkiller addiction, and the area became notorious as a location for “pill mills” – Doctor’s offices and pain clinics which are set up to distribute narcotics pain relievers on a large-scale which use unethical practices to increase their number of patients.  This trend has made these types of opioid medications the second leading illicit substance of primary treatment admissions in Jacksonville drug rehab facilities.

According to a story published on the First Coast News website the state’s crackdown on these pill mills has led to the latest addiction trend in the area.  Incidences of heroin addiction have been increasing exponentially as many pill addicts transition to the less expensive street drug when they can no longer find or afford prescription opiates.  Jacksonville drug rehab facilities have seen a large increase in primary treatment admissions for heroin, and the state as a whole has also seen a rise in heroin related deaths.

How Jacksonville Drug Rehab Facilities Can Help

Regardless of which substance the individual uses, addiction is a problem that requires help to overcome.  Alcohol related problems continue to be the most prevalent reason people enter substance abuse treatment, but current illicit drug trends follow closely behind it in relation to numbers.  Jacksonville drug rehab facilities provide help for users with any substance abuse problem, and these programs are often necessary for users to achieve long-term abstinence.

When any person abuses drugs or alcohol for an extended period of time they develop a physical dependence.  This dependence leads to a long list of complications, and often makes it nearly impossible for the individual to quit on their own.  As alcohol and drug use trends change, Jacksonville drug rehab facilities evolve.  By using a comprehensive approach they provide addicts and alcoholics with their best chance at maintaining a substance-free lifestyle.

Recovery from addiction is a long-term process and help is widely available to everyone.  There are treatment solutions that fit with a variety of lifestyles, and options available for clients regardless of personal means or background.  One of the most important factors for finding the right Jacksonville drug rehab facility is finding one that will be a good match for the addict’s personal needs, and there are professional treatment facility specialists that can help you navigate through this process.

Based on a number of factors which include history of use and personal availability treatment specialists can help you find a center that will get you clean.  Whether you are interested in inpatient or outpatient services, or for long-term or short-term stays, rest assured that there is a facility available that will fit with these needs.  Jacksonville drug rehab facilities have a long history of helping addicts recover for a lifetime, and have a good understanding of the different problems that addicts face in early sobriety.

Jacksonville drug rehab facilities are available in a wide variety of options so it is important to remember that treatment is possible for everyone who is willing to seek help.  No addict should feel that help isn’t available to them, and no addict should believe that they will have to face a difficult addiction recovery on their own.  If you or someone you love is struggling with problems due to addiction related issues find the help you need today.  This could be the most important decision that an addicted person ever makes, and one that can mean the difference between life and death.  Reach out to a professional treatment facility specialist to get started on the path of recovery.

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