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Waterbury is an industrial city  in western Connecticut, far enough from the New York metropolitan area to feel like its own city, but close enough that residents can regularly travel to the big city. For years it was a national leader in brass production, but it is still a manufacturing center.

Being the fourth largest city in the state, Waterbury has a mixture of feeling like a big city but still holding onto small town roots, too. Many residents can turn a blind eye to the very real problems that plague Waterbury, but the truth is that drug abuse and the sale of drugs in the city is happening more and more often. Just recently, two brothers (one of which worked for the postal service in town), were busted for trafficking drugs into the area.

The truth is that drug crimes and the misery that drugs cause will continue to be common until individual citizens and the communities they are part of start to stand up and demand change. This change takes place through educational efforts in individual families and in schools, but families often have to demand that effective education actually takes place.

Taking a Stand Against Drug Abuse in Waterbury

What is the role of a parent in Waterbury when all the evidence shows that drug abuse is escalating on a daily basis? Should we stand back and wait for “the government” or someone else to show up and do something about the problem? With everything we have see in the “War on Drugs” so far, it’s not a great idea to wait for anyone else to solve the drug crisis.

The only effective way to help our families and to prevent them from becoming the next victims in the spread of drug addiction is to start taking a stand ourselves. How does a parent do this? It starts with getting educated.

If you don’t actually know anything about drug abuse and how it works, you’re not going to be able to give your children a convincing reason not to experiment with drugs. They need to hear a better argument than “Just say no. Why? Um, because I said so.”

When you start by educating yourself on how drugs work, you become and authority that your kids will listen to. When your kids see that you’re taking their questions seriously and giving honest answers, you can influence them to make good decisions for the rest of their lives.

Start by researching each drug on this list and finding out what its symptoms of use are. By getting these basic facts, you are taking the first step in keeping your kids safe.

Heroin: Heroin is the latest in a long line of drugs that have been developed from the natural products of the opium poppy. Once upon a time this drug actually went by the name of opium, but it was then refined into morphine, and more recently, heroin. It’s an extremely powerful drug that can create addicts quickly. Even worse, it is extremely easy to overdose on heroin and have your heart rate or breathing stop completely.

Marijuana: One of the most commonly used drugs in America, and Connecticut cities like Waterbury are no difference. With the 2012 passage of a law making “medical” marijuana legal in the state, it is now easier than ever to get weed throughout the state. While many residents think that it is a harmless drug that you can’t get addicted to, this is false propaganda being spread by people that want to get high legally. It is actually very easy to get addicted to this drug, and it can cause lung cancer and brain deformities very easily.

Cocaine:  A popular stimulant drug, many young people in Waterbury and other Connecticut cities seem eager to try cocaine. It’s a powerful drug that is often combined with heroin or used to counteract the effects of alcohol in order to extend the period that a person can drink for. It is important to learn what cocaine is and how it affects the body so that you can keep it away from your family.

Prescription Opiates: This is the fastest spreading category of abused drugs in America. Unlike the three drugs in the list ahead of it, these drugs are actually legal to buy if you have a prescription. What is not legal is using these drugs in order to get high, but that’s what lots of people in Waterbury are doing. When you get addicted to these drugs, switching to heroin is often the next, dangerous step.

Handling Addiction in Waterbury Will Take Effective Rehabilitation

Waterbury residents deserve to live free from drug abuse, but it’s not always easy to know what to do about that drug abuse. How do you actually get your loved one to stop using powerful drugs that can even make addicts out of those with the strongest willpower? If all it took to get off drugs was mental strength, a lot more people would be able to quit drugs cold turkey.

The fact that it is actually incredibly hard to quit drugs just by deciding to do so proves that something more is needed. That “something more” that is needed is an effective method of drug rehabilitation. Search for as long as you need to in order to find a drug rehab center that will deliver all-natural, effective treatment. The center should be able to show you statistics that can back up its efficacy in treating addiction.

Choosing a Waterbury Drug Rehab Program

Here are several more points that you should look for when it’s time to choose a drug rehab center for a family member that is addicted to drugs.

1. A holistic approach to getting sober. Many drug rehab programs fail because they don’t bother to address every part of the addict’s life. They will just treat the addict as a “body” and try to give it replacement drugs. An effective rehab center will treat the entire client, including training the person so that he can decide not to use drugs.

2. A location that helps treatment work. Look for a rehab center located in a rural area or somewhere that your loved one can focus on getting clean instead of being constantly distracted by the surroundings of an urban area. Ideally, he’ll have space to exercise and to go on walks to clear his mind.

3. Complete detoxification. Another major goal of any effective rehab center should be getting the client completely detoxified instead of just having him “dry out” for a few days. Complete detoxification will handle the addict’s future urges to use drugs again, so it is a vital component of any effective program. Without it, your loved one is really just wasting his time.

4. Determined, caring staff. Any effective rehab center will have staff that are caring and committed to the goal of helping your loved one get clean (instead of just putting in their own time as a “job.”)

If you can’t find a rehab center in Waterbury that can do so, make sure you keep on looking further away until you do find one. The distance is not important if the center can actually help your loved one get better again.

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