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Hartford has an important place in the history of Connecticut. For many years after the Civil War, it was the wealthiest city in America and held a place of prominence in the civil affairs of the country. As the capital of Connecticut, it still holds an important role in the governance of the state and in leading trends throughout the region.

Setting trends can be a positive habit, but it can also be a negative when those trends are in the areas of crime and drug use. Hartford, like many other areas of Connecticut, has a serious drug problem that is not going to go away on its own. Families are already dealing with the proliferation of many illegal street drugs, but legal pharmaceutical drugs are now making major progress in getting Hartford citizens addicted as well.

One of the main forms of prescription drugs that Hartford residents have to be on the watch for are prescription opiates. These powerful painkilling drugs are prescribed by the millions, and many medical observers feel that they are being over-prescribed. After all, these drugs were first developed to handle the intense pain of people suffering from fatal diseases such as cancer and AIDS. Despite this original intended use, they are now given out freely for all manner of simple injuries and ailments.

Tackling drug abuse in Hartford isn’t effective unless it is done on a case-by-case basis, and step one is helping the public understand just how dangerous these drugs really are. Once residents of Hartford are making better decisions about the drugs they use, we will be able to progress towards handling the hundreds of illegal street drugs that are also making life a living hell for the people of Connecticut.

Hartford Drug Abuse Issues

Learning about illegal drug use after it has affected your family is like waiting to repair a roof until after it has already sprung a leak and soaked your living room. Preemptive action is the only action that can guarantee that your roof will stay in excellent condition or that your kids will never grow up to use drugs.

After all, it’s not like young people come out and tell you that they’re thinking about experimenting with drugs. Rather, you’ll probably only find out after it has been going on for a while and you actually catch your child in the act. You don’t want to wait this long, of course. You want to raise children that would never even think of picking up drugs because they know the truth about what these drugs do.

Getting this mindset across to your requires that you start early and that you use the facts. You can’t scare your kids into not using drugs. They probably won’t believe you at some point, and even worse, they may start experimenting with drugs just to spite you.

Instead, you need to start with the actual evidence on what drugs do. Level with your kids. Show them the pictures of what meth does to your body. Go through the lists of side effects of cocaine and heroin use. Help them see that even smoking marijuana can cause lung cancer and brain abnormalities. When you give them the facts and ask them to choose for themselves, young people will start to make the right choice not to use drugs.

In order to help you begin your own education, here is the list of drugs that are currently the most popular in Hartford and across Connecticut:

  • Heroin: Heroin has one of the scariest reputations of all drugs, and for good reason. It is extremely easy to get addicted to heroin, and it can kill you easily, too. It is a drug that works to kill pain and to slow all of your body’s systems. When it does this too well, it stops you from breathing and you die.
  • Marijuana: With so much media coverage being given to medical marijuana laws (one of which now exists in Connecticut), it’s no surprise that marijuana is one of the most popular drugs in Hartford. Our cities residents are smoking the drug at ever-increasing rates, and the current popular perception is that there’s nothing wrong with doing so. If families want to keep their kids from getting high on this dangerous drug, they have to help change the idea that it is “safe” to use.
  • Cocaine:  This powerful stimulant has been a popular drug in the Northeast for decades. There is the pure powdered form that is more expensive and more popular among the well-to-do, but another, cheaper form is available as “crack.” Both drugs are extremely dangerous and should be avoided completely.
  • Prescription Opiates: These drugs are sold under a variety of names, but they are all varieties of opiates. These are chemical compounds that act very similar to heroin or morphine. They may take away your pain, but they can also cause a crippling addition and a fatal overdose.

Finding the Right Rehab Center in Hartford Takes Work

Getting educated is the first step, but what should a family do next if they want to do something effective about a drug abuse problem? Without a doubt, the next best step is to seek out a residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation program.

Residential rehabs are better than outpatient programs because they provide around-the-clock care for a person that needs close attention. When you are coming off drugs, you need access to professionals that can care for you and make sure that you have medical attention. Residential rehabs can provide this, while outpatient programs can’t.

Here are some of the key factors that you should look for in a rehab program:

  • A holistic approach towards getting sober. To be effective, a rehab program needs to address every part of the addict’s life and why he became dependent on drugs. This will mean taking his nutrition, fitness level and emotional state into account. A good program will address every part of the addict in order to help him learn how to live drug-free for the rest of his life.
  • Staff that truly care. By interviewing the staff of the drug rehab center that you are considering using, you’ll be able to determine how much they actually care about helping your loved one get clean. Are they just in it for the paycheck, or are they committed to doing everything needed to get your loved one off drugs forever?
  • An honest commitment to full sobriety. If the center starts to tell you that relapses are “common” or “to be expected,” that’s not a rehab center that has an effective method of rehab and a commitment to making rehab work. Find one that has the stats to back up an excellent sobriety success rate.

Look in Hartford to begin with, but if you can’t find a program that seems right for your loved one, look through the rest of Connecticut and even the rest of the country. No matter how far you have to go, the most important factor in choosing a rehab center is feeling confident that it will actually be able to help your loved one come off drugs.

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