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Connecticut is the southernmost state in the region known as New England.  By area it is the 3rd smallest of the 50 United States, and ranks as the 29th most populous of with a population of over 3.5 million.  The majority of the state’s population which live in southern and western Connecticut is part of the New York metropolitan area with 3 of its 8 counties included in the New York City combined statistical area.  This region is widely referred to as the Tri-State area.

Overall Connecticut is a wealthy state by most measures.  Figures from the 2010 Census indicate that Connecticut features the highest per-capita income, and median household income in the United States.  However, the income gap between its suburban and urban areas is unusually wide.  New Canaan is the wealthiest town in the state with a per capita income of over $85,000, and Hartford is the poorest city with a per capita income of under $20,000.

The state has a strong maritime tradition which continues today from the Connecticut River, Thames River, and points along Long Island Sound.  Connecticut also has a long history of hosting the financial services industry which includes insurance companies in Hartford and hedge funds in Fairfield County.

The Connecticut Drug Problem

Connecticut residents use alcohol and illicit drugs at a rate consistent with the national averages.  According to data from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health 7.7 percent of the population over the age of 12 reported past-year alcohol dependence or abuse, and 2.7 percent reported past-year illicit drug dependence.  While these numbers are nearly identical to the national average Connecticut also has some unique statistics that are troubling.

According to a report issued by the White House in 2011, Connecticut is one of the top ten states for illicit drug dependence among young adults age 18-25.   There were also 444 drug-induced deaths in the state in 2007 which is higher than the 309 who died from motor vehicle accidents and the 149 who died from firearms.  Connecticut is also unique in that Heroin is the leading illicit substance of primary treatment admissions in the state.

To better understand the addiction problem in Connecticut it is helpful to look at the primary reasons for treatment admissions in Connecticut drug rehab facilities.  The following is a list of the most common substances listed as the primary drug of choice in order:

  1. Alcohol – Alcohol is a factor in 56 percent of all admissions to Connecticut drug rehab facilities.  12.8 percent of clients enter treatment for alcohol alone, and 43.1 percent list alcohol and other drugs as their reasons for needing help.
  2. Heroin – Connecticut is one of the only states in the country in which Heroin ranks number one for illicit drug admissions.  Nearly twice as many clients enter Connecticut drug rehab facilities for the powerful opiate when compared to marijuana.
  3. Marijuana – Pot is the most widely used illicit drug in the US, and despite the misconception that it is non-habit forming, sends thousands of people to rehab each year.
  4. Cocaine – Coke follows closely behind marijuana for primary treatment admissions in Connecticut ranking it third on the list of illicit substances.
  5. Other opiates – Non-medical use of prescription pain relievers has reached epidemic proportions over the past 15 years.  Connecticut drug rehab facilities have seen a constant increase in pain pill admissions in that time.

All of the above substances can create a powerful dependence with regular use.  The signs and symptoms of addiction are varied from substance to substance, but they all present a variety of problems which make them hard to quit.  When a person becomes dependent there are changes that occur in the brain which produce long-lasting negative side effects.  These side effects often lead addicts back to using, and get in the way of continued abstinence.

Connecticut drug rehab facilities understand the different challenges their clients face when trying to get clean.  Addiction recovery starts with detoxification which is the natural process of removing the drug from the body.  Each substance has a characteristic uncomfortable withdrawal syndrome as the body adjusts to functioning without it.  Alcohol, heroin, and other opiates all produce intense physical withdrawal symptoms which are very hard to get through without assistance.  In contrast cocaine and other stimulants produce a more psychological withdrawal which can be equally difficult to deal with.

In the process of addiction recovery detoxification is only the beginning.  Connecticut drug rehab facilities employ a comprehensive approach that helps stabilize addicts, and teaches them skills they will need to maintain their drug-free state.  This process can take time, but the benefits are well worth the effort.

How to Find Help through Connecticut Drug Rehab Facilities

Addiction to drugs or alcohol is a complex condition that rarely goes away on its own.  For addicts and their loved ones choosing a rehab center can be a lifesaving experience.  Finding the right program for your needs can be an overwhelming experience, but fortunately there are professional treatment specialists that can help guide you through the process.  There are many factors to consider, and treatment specialists can help to ensure that you understand all of the options.  They can also help to find the facility that will best fit with the addict’s personal needs, and give them their best chance at long-term success.

Connecticut drug rehab facilities are widely available to individuals from all backgrounds and means.  There are inpatient and outpatient setting options that have both short-term and long-term programs.  There are private and public facilities, and a number of addiction treatment models to choose from.  In short there are rehab solutions available to any addict who is willing to reach out for help, and rehab solutions to fit a variety of lifestyles.

If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction there is no reason to wait until things get worse to find help.  Addiction recovery can be difficult, and no addict should feel that have to face it alone.  With the help of the right Connecticut drug rehab facility recovery is within your reach.

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