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As one of several suburbs of Denver, Lakewood experiences a lot of the same problems as its larger neighbor to the east. Major metropolitan areas throughout the country have to deal with drug use, and Lakewood is no exception. One of the biggest headaches that this community is now having to deal with is the passage of a law making recreational marijuana use legal throughout the state.

Marijuana has always been popular in Lakewood, but its status as an illegal drug kept many residents from trying it. When there are already legal alternatives to getting high (such as drinking alcohol) many residents will turn to the legal choice while making their bad decisions. When you take an illegal drug and make it legal for consumption, you simply add to the options that residents can make when they decide to endanger their health.

In other words, the Lakewood residents that are using marijuana are not simply the ones that were using illegal marijuana before. In fact, some reports have shown that users accustomed to buying marijuana illegally are simply continuing to go to the suppliers that they already know and trust. After all, they’re used to their illegal sources for weed, and the illegal stuff is cheaper, too.

The state of Colorado taxes legal marijuana heavily, so there is a large markup to pay if you want to buy it in a pot store. There is also the fact that your name will go into a database of marijuana purchasers. The addicts that have already been using marijuana for years are much more likely to go on buying illegal weed than they are to switch over to this new system.

Getting the Truth About Drugs to Every Lakewood Residents

Another problem with the legalization of marijuana in Colorado is that it is tricking residents into thinking that this drug is safe to use. Nothing could be further from the truth. Marijuana is actually an incredibly dangerous drug. New research has shown that smoking marijuana causes brain deformities that you will carry with you for the rest of your life. Just like smoking cigarettes, the smoke from marijuana can also cause throat infections and lung cancer. It’s simply never a good idea to inhale any kind of smoke into your lungs (no matter what some stoner tells you.)

While these health risks should be broadly known, they are getting lost in all the misinformation spread about marijuana legalization. Many Lakewood residents are jumping to conclusions by thinking that the drug wouldn’t be legalized if it wasn’t safe to use. The facts are that the drug is not safe to use, but lawmakers are approving it anyway because the state can make money off of selling the drug. It’s not surprising that lawmakers would approve a bill that put financial incentives over the health and well-being of their populace.

Parents Take Action

No one has to stand back and accept that Lakewood is going to continue to be a haven for illegal drug use. The main weapon that concerned parents have is to educate themselves on the truth about all of the most popular drugs in Lakewood. They can  then proceed to educate their children about these drugs and prevent another generation of Lakewood residents from succumbing to the dangers of drug abuse.

In order to learn about the most widely used drugs in the Lakewood region, parents should look at the  Colorado Drug Control Update for pointers. This document contains a list of the main drugs that are popular in Lakewood and throughout the rest of Colorado today. By learning the symptoms of use for each drug, parents can be the first responders in treating drug abuse or preventing their own kids from using drugs in the first place.

Here is the list of the most popular drugs in Lakewood:

  • Marijuana: Again, marijuana has made major progress in spreading throughout Lakewood and the surrounding areas. If surveyed, young people throughout the region would probably tell you that smoking it isn’t a very big deal. This is the result of years of strong media campaigns to trick young people into thinking that it’s safe to use a powerful, mind-altering drug.
  • Stimulants: Of all the stimulants that have been created, homemade methamphetamine is surely one of the worst. The dangers of this drug start with its ingredients. Nothing could be good for your body that is created from drain cleaner, antifreeze and battery acid, but these are some of the components that go into any batch of meth. Users can start to feel the damage almost immediately after the first hit they take of this body-destroying drug.
  • Cocaine and Crack: Neither of these drugs enjoy the same popularity as they had in their heyday in the 80s, but they both still exist in Lakewood. Cocaine is still used at parties, clubs and even before classy business meetings. Its users don’t always immediately recognize the damage it is doing to their nasal cavities and ability to concentrate. Crack cocaine is even worse as it causes birth defects in the children of pregnant mothers that take the drug.
  • Heroin:  Heroin is an incredibly powerful drug that is a descendant of opium and morphine. Each version of these opiate drugs was supposed to be safer than the drug it replaced. Chemists were supposedly looking for a safer way to dull the pain of major industries and diseases, but each new version of the opiate drug was simply more addictive and more powerful than the last. Millions of people all over the word have become slaves to this drug and all the health problems that go with it.
  • Prescription Opiates: Another drug in the family of killer opiates is the entire group of prescription opiate painkillers. These drugs are usually swallowed in pill form instead of being injected like heroin, but the pain pills can actually be just as powerful This comes from the fact that they are engineered to be very similar. Pain pill users figured that out and have been finding ways to take advantage of the addictive properties ever since.

Lakewood Residents Getting Rehab Help

In order to come off of any of these drugs, Lakewood residents need rehab services that actually work. Here are some of the points to look for in a rehab center.

  • All-natural drug detoxification: it’s vital that a rehab center actually help your loved one come off of the drugs he has been using and to eliminate all residues that may have built up after years of abuse.
  • Caring staff: with more addicts than beds, many rehab center staff won’t give your loved one the attention he needs to get better.
  • A residential facility: just checking into meetings isn’t good enough. If you really want your loved one to conquer addiction for good, you need to find a residential rehab center that can work with him full time.

The right rehab center for your family might not exist in Lakewood. If you don’t find it, keep on looking in other cities (or even other states) until you find the facility that is perfect for the person you care about.

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