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Fort Collins is located north of Denver and is the fourth largest city in the state of Colorado. A large part of the culture of the city has been influenced by being the home of Colorado State University. Having a major college in your city can lead to both good and bad influences. On one hand, it provides a lot of jobs for local citizens, and the influx of over 30,000 students every year provides a major stimulus for the Fort Collins economy.

On the other hand, having a major college in your city can also lead to massive levels of drug use. At some point in the development of our culture, going to college became associated with experimenting with powerful and dangerous drugs, and young adults have been dying as a result ever since.

The problem in Fort Collins isn’t helped by the fact that marijuana has been legalized for recreational use throughout Colorado. Now young people throughout the city have one more excuse to endanger their health through drug use.

If parents want to be able to do something about the ever-present drug use in Fort Collins, they can start by educating themselves on the problem. They need to go past the misinformation being peddled daily in the news media and actually research the effects of these drugs on the body. Once they do their own research, they will start to see just how badly the truth is being manipulated on a daily basis.

Helping Stop the Flood of Marijuana Misinformation

Whenever you see a dangerous drug like marijuana getting positive attention in the media, you can be sure that someone is making money. There is simply no other explanation for the fact that a drug like marijuana (that has been repeatedly proven to have serious negative effects on your health) is starting to be known as a non-addictive drug that doesn’t harm you.

Movies like The Pineapple Express and TV shows like Weeds worked hard to show marijuana smokers (and even sellers) as fairly normal people that aren’t hurting anyone by smoking weed. The agenda in these programs was to portray marijuana use as no more unusual or dangerous than having a beer.

The false comparison here is that alcohol isn’t good for you either. Just because one dangerous drug is legal does not mean that every other dangerous drug should be freely available in grocery stores, too. Starting to legalize more dangerous drugs like marijuana could be starting our country on a slippery slope. If marijuana is legal, what about ecstasy, cocaine and meth? Should we just allow anyone on the street to any drug they feel like having?

What the residents of Fort Collins need to understand is that drug legalization is a slippery slope that it’s hard to come back from. Now that legal marijuana has been approved, other drugs could be soon to follow. We need to recognize that every citizen of Fort Collins deserves to live in a drug-free zone. Parents shouldn’t have to be worried whether or not their kids are going to grow up to be meth addicts

Fort Collins Families Deserve to Know What Drugs Plague our Community 

One of the very best ways to find out what drugs are being used in Fort Collins is to read through the Colorado Drug Control Update. This is an invaluable resource for anyone that actually wants to understand what the most popular drugs in the area are. Without understanding this, families could waste time researching the wrong drugs. With this information, families can know which are the most dangerous substances and what the symptoms of use are for each.

Here are the top drugs in Fort Collins right now:

  • Marijuana: Marijuana is a problem throughout Colorado, and Fort Collins is no exception. This drug has been spreading in use even more in recent years due to the passage of medical marijuana and then recreational marijuana laws. These laws have made it incredibly easy for anyone in the Fort Collins area to get their hands on legal weed. This has also increased the sales of illegal weed, believe it or not. When underage potential buyers see that the drug is legal for everyone over the age of 21, they feel left out and simply resort to buying the drug illegally.
  • Stimulants: There are many types of stimulant drugs, but one of the most popular in areas like Fort Collins is methamphetamine. This is a homemade stimulant drug that is created from common ingredients that can be found in most garages. The fact that they are common does not change the fact that they are incredibly dangerous, though. When the drug you are smoking is made from drain cleaner and battery acid, it is bound to do incredible harm to your mind and body.
  • Cocaine and Crack: A form of cocaine is one of the oldest drugs in the world. Inhabitants of South America have chewed the leaves of the coca plant since ancient times. It was only more recently that powdered cocaine and then crystallized crack were developed. These drugs have been incredibly popular in Fort Collins for decades and have been responsible for some of the worst drug addictions in the area.
  • Heroin: Opiate drugs such as heroin have been around for thousands of years. The drug that addicts are getting addicted to by the hundreds of thousands today is not very different from the opium that was being smoked in China and the Middle East hundreds of years ago. One of the reasons that more people than ever are dying from the drug is that intravenous drug use is a relatively new phenomenon. When drug users share needles with each other, they can and do pass deadly, incurable throughout the drug-using population.
  • Prescription Opiates: The drugs that have lit the fire of Fort Collins’s heroin epidemic have been prescription pain pills. These drugs are prescribed by doctors as a medicine, but they end up getting regular users hooked on powerful opiates. When they run out of money to pain for more pills, they usually turn to heroin to continue getting an opiate fix.

Rehabilitation Services in Fort Collins

The sad truth of treating addiction in Fort Collins is that there are always going to be more drug addicts around than there are rehab beds to hold them. When searching for a rehab center to care for someone you love that needs the best help they can possibly get, you need to go into your search understanding that many of the facilities in Colorado are not up to the standard needed.

In order to truly help an addict to get off drugs, a rehab center needs to use an all-natural method of detoxifying the body of leftover drug residues. It also needs to not use outdated drug replacement therapies such as administering methadone (an idea that has been proven not to work.) Look for a center that treats your loved one as a human being and is committed to helping him get past addiction no matter how long it takes. You should honestly feel that the center is after your loved one’s health and sobriety – not your checkbook.

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