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Colorado Springs is the second biggest city in Colorado. It lies to the south of Denver, its big sister to the north. Even though it doesn’t have the same massive population of the Denver metropolitan area, Colorado Springs still has major industries that set it apart from the rest of the cities in the state.

For example, Colorado Springs is the home of several major defense contractors that work with the US military. It also has several important military bases and is the home of the US Air Force Academy. With such strong ties to our armed forces, a major part of the Colorado Springs population ends up working in fields that directly relate to the military.

While these are stable jobs that have led to Colorado Springs having a large middle class and one of the highest measurements of quality of life out of the entire country, the area also has some major problems. The presence of military bases often correlates to an increased level of crime and drug use, for example. Drug use in Colorado has been an issue for decades, but in recent years it appears to be getting even worse.

The citizens of Colorado Springs deserve to live in a community that is free of drugs and all of the problems that they bring. In order to do something effective about drug use in Colorado Springs, change has to start at the individual level. In order for change at the individual level to actually occur, the people of Colorado Springs need to be educated on what drugs are currently in use and what the symptoms of use actually are.

Parents are the first line of defense in keeping their own children off of drugs, for example. When they leave drug education completing in the hands of others, they abdicate responsibility for their children’s safety and health. Seeing as modern society is rife with misinformation on the actual dangers of drug use, there has never been a more important time for parents to take charge in educating themselves and their families on how drugs actually work.

The Effect of Legal Marijuana on Colorado Springs Families

One of the biggest news stories regarding drug use in Colorado has been the passage of a law that legalizes the purchase and use of marijuana for recreational purposes. With legal weed now being freely available, anyone over the age of 21 can walk into a weed shop and buy a drug that is still considered completely illegal by the US Federal government.

How did Colorado Come to the point where marijuana is legal? Has something changed about the drug? Some spectators might think that the drug must have never been that dangerous in the first place. Others think that this is some kind of victory for healthcare or “freedom” itself.

The truth is that marijuana is and has always been a dangerous drug. The word “drug” essentially means a poison, and that is exactly what marijuana is in the human body. When people use this drug in any form, it starts causing brain damage that shows up as physical abnormalities visible in a brain scan. Research has also shown that use of the drug will decrease your cognitive abilities and IQ, especially if you start using the drug during your teenage years. Certain ways of administering the drug can cause even more health problems.

For example, smoking the drug introduces all of the risks to your health that doctors have been warning us of with cigarettes. When you inhale the burning smoke of anything, you’re going to damage your body. It’s really no surprise that marijuana smokers have a much higher chance of contracting lung cancer and other respiratory tract diseases than non-smokers.

How to Start Learning about the Drugs Used in Colorado Springs

In order to keep your family educated about what drugs are being used in Colorado Springs, the Colorado Drug Control Update is a great place to start. This document tracks drug use trends across the state from year to year, so anyone that wants to know what drugs are being used in Colorado Springs and across the state should start here.

Parents that are looking to educate themselves and their children on the drugs used in Colorado Springs should look down this list of the most popular drugs and then start learning what the symptoms of use for each one are. By doing this, parents will be able to spot the signs of one of these drugs appearing in their own home.

  • Marijuana: Since marijuana was already the most popular drug in Colorado even before the drug was legalized for recreational use, it was easy to see what would happen when the drug was legalized. As expected, marijuana has only exploded in its rate of use. Now even more people across the sate are getting high. If legislators thought that legalizing the drug would somehow drive illegal weed out of business, they were wrong. People that already had illegal drug dealers are still going back for their cheaper weed that doesn’t require them to show ID or have their names put down in a system. Instead, legal weed is just getting new users addicted that had never thought of trying the drug before.
  • Stimulants: While most stimulants in Colorado Springs are illegal, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t common. On the contrary, drugs like methamphetamine are only growing in popularity. Despite the efforts of public health officials to help Colorado Springs residents understand the dangers of this drugs, many addicts still have to find out for themselves just how meth  can tear your life apart.
  • Cocaine and Crack: Cocaine and crack are both primarily exports of South America. When American citizens buy this drug, they are supporting murderous drug cartels that have brutalized their own countries for years. The high cost of producing these drugs is also reflected in the fact that cocaine is extremely expensive when it finally makes its way to the US. Crack is a much cheaper alternative, which is part of the reason that it became so popular in poorer, urban areas.
  • Heroin: This is an opiate drug that is produced from the opium poppy that is usually grown in the Middle East. Heroin is one of the most powerful drugs in the world, and it kills its users in more than one way. The drug itself can make you pass out and die, but the way that you take the drug can cause you to contract a deadly disease, too. This is because many users share needles with other users and then contract contagious, fatal diseases.
  • Prescription Opiates: One of the fastest growing categories of drug abuse in Colorado Springs (and across the country) is the rise of prescription opiates. These drugs were developed to be a safe alternative to earlier opiates, but they have ended up being even more addictive and dangerous than the drugs that they replace. Keep your family away from pain pills if you want to keep them safe.

Rehab Facilities in Colorado Springs

Getting help for a family member or friend that is using drugs can be a scary experience, but it is a vital one. Without effective residential rehab, drug users don’t really have a chance to get over drug addiction for good. Keep looking until you find a center that uses all natural methods of helping your loved one get over addiction.

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