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As one of the primary suburbs of Denver, Aurora makes up a major part of the population of the greater Denver metropolitan area. Observers can sometimes overlook that cities like Aurora may be politically separate entities from the big cities they lie up against, but they are culturally very similar. In many ways, Aurora could simply be considered part of Denver.

Butting up against such a big city means that Aurora shares many of the same problems that come with city living in major population areas. For example, the drug use that plagues the state capital also spills over into Aurora. City officials have worked to deal with drug addiction in the area for years, but they are still losing the battle against the drug dealers that want to make money at the expense of the health of our communities.

When facing such a far-reaching problem, it could be easy for any citizen to throw up his hands and wonder what one person could possibly accomplish. The answer to this attitude is that single individuals are the only people that can do anything about widespread drug addiction, but the trend has to start at home.

Most cases of drug addiction in Aurora could be prevented if parents took a more aggressive stance against drug use in schools and in their own children’s teenage years. Education at home is incredibly effective when it is actually performed. Most parents rely on others to teach their kids about drug abuse if they think about the issue at all. This isn’t good enough. All parents in Aurora need to start learning everything they can about the top drugs used in Aurora and across the state.

More on the Drug Problem in Aurora

One of the most dangerous myths in recent years has been the constant repetition in the media of demonstrably untrue statements about marijuana. Advocates for marijuana legalization have ignored medical research into how the drug actually affects the human body and mind. They have relied on the maxim that any lie repeated loud enough and long enough will eventually be accepted as fact. They have said that marijuana isn’t addictive (when it actually is) and that it isn’t harmful to use (which couldn’t be further from the truth.)

The result of positive portrayals in the media and on TV and in movies has been that an entire generation is growing up thinking that marijuana is a safe and fun drug to use. Popular actors and comedians go out of their way to portray the drug as doing nothing more harmful than causing the “munchies.” This is incredibly harmful when the truth is that marijuana routinely causes brain damage and lung cancer in its users.

Parents need to learn the truth about this drug so that they can start teaching their own children the truth no matter what lies the media tries to spin. They can also start helping turn the tide against legalization initiatives, even if one has already passed.

The truth is that marijuana is a very harmful drug, but vested interests will continue to try to make it more acceptable to the public until it is as common as alcohol. Right now weed can only be sold in special shops that are supposedly highly regulated. Many observers have recognized the value in growing and selling marijuana as if it were tobacco, however. They want to put out nation on the path to marijuana being the newest widely available drug. We all need to work together to stop this from becoming a reality.

Studying Up on the Most Dangerous Drugs in Aurora

Parents  can start educating themselves by studying up on the most popular drugs used in Aurora and across the state of Colorado. A good resource for doing this Colorado Drug Control Update. This is a report that the state government compiles in order to spread awareness of these dangerous drugs and the rates at which they’re being used.

Go down this list and start researching what the symptoms of use for each drug are. That way you will recognize them when your own child or another loved one has started to abuse a drug.

  • Marijuana: Legalization of marijuana has only increased the rate at which this drug is used. It was already the most popular drug in Aurora, and that status hasn’t changed with “pot shops” opening up all over the state. The real difference is that young people are now being told it’s okay to use this powerful and dangerous drug.
  • Stimulants: Stimulants are drugs that give your body a false burst of energy. Instead of getting real energy from nutritious food, your body burns through the chemicals in these drugs quickly and then burns out. Meth and other stimulants can also leave your body a physical wreck as they are often made with some of the most powerful and dangerous industrial chemicals imaginable. If you wouldn’t put battery acid into your own veins, you shouldn’t use meth, either.
  • Cocaine and Crack: These are two forms of the same drug. Crack is simply a hard, crystallized version of cocaine, which usually comes as a powder. However this drug is used, it is still responsible for cognitive damage and other major health problems. When used in conjunction with alcohol, it can be responsible for causing fatal alcohol poisoning.
  • Heroin: While it isn’t used at the same rates as many of the more popular drugs on this list, heroin is still extremely dangerous. This opiate drug has been responsible for thousands of overdose deaths, and it still claims more every day. One of the main effects of this drug is that is slows all of the vital systems in your body. That can lead to your actual heart rate and breathing rate slowing to the point that you stop breathing and go into cardiac arrest.
  • Prescription Opiates: One of the reasons that so many people are using heroin today is because they got started after their addiction to prescription painkiller drugs. These “pain pills” have been prescribed to millions of Americans by their doctors without much of a thought for how dangerous they actually are. Users can easily abuse them in ways that manufacturers didn’t intend. When crushed up and snorted or injected, these drugs can be even more powerful than heroin.

Getting Effective Help Through an Aurora Drug Rehab Facility

The very best way to help a friend or family member that is abusing drugs is to get that family member into a residential rehab center. These are programs that help drug addicts around the clock to get over substance abuse. For most addicts, just going to meetings won’t be enough. You need to find a program that will provide the full-time care and attention needed to get your loved one through his or her withdrawal symptoms and back onto the path of sobriety.

That takes time and life skills training. Keep on looking for a center until you find one that is going to treat your loved one like a family member. You’ll know you’ve got the right center when you find it, as it will deliver all-natural rehab services and have the evidence to show its success rate at actually getting addicts past addiction.

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