About the City of Yuba City, California

Yuba City is a lovely city in Northern California and the county seat of Sutter County, California, in the United States.  The population of the city was 64,925 as of the 2010 census as reported by the United States Census Bureau.

Yuba City is an affluent little city, and its economy has done really well in recent years.  The city recovered with a bang from the economic recession, and now tourism has become a strong force in the city.  The unemployment rate here has also gone down, as has the cost of living.

Yuba City is known for its sizable Sikh community too.  The Sikh population in the Yuba-Sutter Area has grown to be one of the largest in the United States and one of the largest Sikh populations outside of the Punjab state of India as well.  Each year on the first Sunday of November, Sikhs from the United States, Canada, India, the United Kingdom and throughout the world attend the Sikh parade right there in Yuba City, which commemorates the receipt by Sikhs of their Holy scripture, the Guru Granth Sahib, in 1708.  This community is greatly supported here and more Sikhs move there each year to be around there brethren.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse and Addiction on the Rise in Yuba City

Unfortunately, this once peaceful city has also begun to attract a significant amount of drug and alcohol abuse and addiction in general. This is an issue that never really used to affect Yuba City, but now it has grown to be a problem that borders on epidemic proportions.  A combination of the city’s close proximity to Mexico coupled with the fact that the strong Sikh population there had little to no experience dealing with addiction in the past all added together to make for a grim situation in Yuba City.

Facts and Statistics on the Crisis

To better understand the issue in its entirety, some facts and statistics have been included below:

•    Opiates and other drugs in the morphine category accounted for about eighty-three percent of admissions for injection drug abuse, followed by methamphetamine and amphetamine use and abuse, (11 percent), and cocaine, (5 percent).

•    Truthfully, not only are opiates highly addictive but they are also very dangerous in that they cause the most overdoses by far and the most deaths too.

•    In the United States, roughly ninety percent of all property crimes and muggings are drug related, and this is mostly because the truth of the matter is that the average individual with a drug addiction needs about $200.00 per day to support his or her drug addiction.  Some addicts, like alcoholics, do not need that much money, but most drug addicts need that much and some even need more than that.

•    Another point to consider too is that the average individual with a drug addiction has to steal an average of $1,000.00 worth of property and goods to raise the $200.00, considering the fact that the addict can’t ever get a good price for anything that he or she is trying to pawn.

Rehabilitation Sought as a Solution in Yuba City

Drug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse in general have been making a very strong impact not only among the residents of Yuba City, but also in the entire nation as a whole. This has been a particularly disturbing and troublesome issue, but it has gone on for many years now without being fully addressed. True, some attempts have been made to quell the rising tide of substance abuse in the nation that started around the turn of the century, but nothing has been more affective thank making a small dent that reels in substance abuse and only lasts for a very brief period of time.

In Yuba City, the issue has suddenly become very severe and troublesome indeed. This is an area that never experienced anything more than average levels of drug and alcohol abuse. Now though, the issues here have gone flying out of control and into a whole new realm and level of severity. It’s been quite the cause for concern. In times like these, the residents of Yuba City have struggled to find the best solution to their addiction problem.

This is where taking a course through a full and complete inpatient, residential, drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment center, detox facility, rehabilitation program, and recovery organization comes into play. Long term drug rehabs are by far the most successful, the safest, the longest lasting, and the most well-known and reputable way to fight a drug and alcohol addiction crisis. This is the type of approach to treatment that will inevitably save Yuba City from its dismal addiction crisis. With an approach through an inpatient rehabilitation program, one who is addicted in Yuba City can finally have a chance at a lifetime of sobriety. For those addicted here, inpatient rehabilitation programs offer fully set up and professional detoxification services both of a holistic and of a medical nature. This will serve to eradicate chemical dependence and physical addiction both.

Also at the very same centers, those addicted in Yuba City will also go through a full inpatient rehabilitation program to address all of the aspects of mental, spiritual, personal, and psychological addiction. This will serve to cure someone from a mentor and personal aspect. With these tools and therapies, quite literally anyone who is addicted in Yuba City can finally achieve total and complete freedom from the terrible crutch that is a drug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse in general.

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