The City of Yorba Linda in Review and in Summary

Yorba Linda, (meaning literally “Beautiful Yorba”, in English), is a suburban city in northeastern Orange County, in the state of California, approximately just a mere 13 miles northeast of Downtown Santa Ana and 37 miles southeast of Downtown Los Angeles.

As of the 2010 census as reported by the United States Census Bureau, the city of Yorba Linda had a population of 65,237 all in all.  Its most famous resident was president Richard Nixon, who was born there, although his father moved the family away before Yorba Linda incorporated into the city that it is today.  The Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum is in Yorba Linda.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse and Addiction on the Rise in the Once Peaceful City of Yorba Linda

Sadly, it is now the fringe cites of Los Angeles that seem to be getting affected the most by drug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse in general.  This is certainly the case for Yorba Linda, a city that never really had to deal with an addiction issue until very recently.  Now, Yorba Linda has an addiction crisis on its hands the likes of which it has never seen before.

Facts and Statistics on the Issue

To better understand the crisis, some facts and statistics have been included on the addiction crisis in Yorba Linda below:

•    Treatment of all addicts in the United States would save more than $150 billion dollars in social costs every year for the next fifteen years.  Also, studies show that treatment is factually 15-17 times more effective than prison is.

•    For every single crime that incarceration would eliminate, treatment would eliminate of them.  Again, it is proven that rehab is more effective than jail when it comes to addicts.

•    Crystal meth use, abuse, and addiction is the worst by far amongst the nation’s youth population.    This is particularly troublesome as the youth is the future of the country after all.

•    For example, in the year of 2007 four and a half percent of the American high-school seniors and four percent of the tenth grade students of the nation reported using methamphetamine at least once in their lives, and very high percentages of those who admitted of using meth once also admitted to being heavily addicted to meth as well.

Rehabilitation: The Only True Way for Yorba Linda Residents to Beat Addiction Permanently

Drug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse in general has been an issue that has been an increasing overall concern and severity all across United States for many years now. But Yorba Linda is an area that has been experiencing increases on a much higher level than that which is the current average right now. Because of this area’s relatively close proximity to Mexico, coupled with rampant alcohol abuse, exacerbated by an intensive’s hike in the use and abuse of prescription drugs for purely recreational purposes, further increasing by the saddening addition of meth to the area, coupled with rampant alcohol abuse, exacerbated by an intensive spike in the use and abuse of prescription drugs for purely recreational purposes, and further increased by the saddening addition of intensive youth and adolescent drug and alcohol abuse, the issue overall has grown to be one which is nearly incomprehensible, and may yet be the greatest health concern of Yorba Linda since the forming of the urban area there.

Many attempts have been made in the recent past to handle the addiction crisis or to at least lessen it in some way, but only a few of these have been successful at all and any programs that did show some success were not very long-lasting. Sadly, unless something major is done soon, then the addiction crisis in Yorba Linda will soon become a full on epidemic. This is why it is so important now more so than ever that the entire community in Yorba Linda take on a very dauntless and resolute attitude about insisting that all individuals in Yorba Linda who are addicted to drugs and alcohol go through a full, successful, accredited, inpatient, residential, drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment center, detox and wean down facility, rehabilitation program, and recovery organization.

These are the types of programs that are going to do the most good and by far save the most lives in Yorba Linda. The advantages of inpatient rehab include effective counseling methods, group therapies, electives, life skills, aftercare programs, relapse prevention, coping strategies, and general sobriety tips necessary to truly and fully rehabilitate all those who are addicted in and around Yorba Linda. This is without a doubt a major crisis and it really needs to be treated as such. No joy will come to Yorba Linda until all of the residents there who are addicted and dependent upon drugs and alcohol find recovery and sobriety through inpatient rehabilitation.

The situation affects far more residents than just those who are addicted, as it is an issue that extends into the lives of many, including the friends, co-workers, loved ones, and associates of those addicted. Thankfully, with inpatient rehabilitation, this is an issue that will not need to be so severe for much longer. Inpatient rehabilitation centers and programs have been proven to be so effective that it is now being recommended that all those who are addicted in Yorba Linda seek out an inpatient rehabilitation program as soon as is possible.

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