About the City of Woodland

Woodland is a popular and desirable city and county seat of Yolo Country, California; Located approximately fifteen miles Northwest of Sacramento.  The population of this city exceeds fifty-five thousand residents all in all, making the city one of the most desirable communities with fewer than one-hundred thousand people in the Sacramento area.

Woodland has been settled for some time now as the area is fertile and verdant and, till recently, was a strong farming community in Northern California.  Now, business and technology throes in Woodland as more and more upper-class Americans move there to start families and go into business.  This area is certainly one of California’s up and up towns.

Facts and Statistics about Addiction in Woodland and in the Nation

For some time now Woodland has been experiencing a serious drug and alcohol addiction problem.  This has flown in the face of the relative prosperity and happiness that existed there for so long.  Now, the area suffers greatly from its own addiction meltdown and it will continue to do so unless something is done about it.  For some context in this:

•    Sadly, one in ten Americans of the age of 12 and older in the year of 2000, (22.3 million persons when all is said and done), had driven under the influence of alcohol at least once in the 12 months prior to interview being performed on them.  Then, between 1999 and 2000, the rate of driving under the influence of alcohol declined from 10.9 percent to 10.0 percent, which is a statistically significant difference for them.  Among young adults aged 18 to 25, 19.9 percent had driven under the influence of alcohol in the year of 2000.

•    Although street drugs are a major problem for those all across the United States, prescription medications are the most commonly abused, aside from Marijuana.  This is insane and totally unacceptable as these drugs are supposed to be helpful and beneficial for those who take them, but instead they often just end up becoming addictive and deadly.

•    27.2 percent of high school students admit to having used illicit drugs at some point in their lives.  By their senior year, 23% of teens report having used marijuana, and 8% claim to use the drug daily.  This is particularly discouraging as it is marijuana that is the number one gateway drug in the entire United States and is the drug that is the most likely to cause individuals to become addicted to other, stronger, more deadly and dangerous drugs and substances.

Rehabilitation Sought as a Solution to Addressing Addiction in Woodland, California

In Woodland, drug and alcohol addiction is now something that is being experienced across multiple different levels and amongst every single age range, demographic, and income level of the residents of this area. It has been common knowledge for some time now that drug and alcohol abuse and addiction in general has been a growing issue of major concern in the United States. However, this is an issue that affects every different urban area in its own unique way, and in Woodland, the issue has gotten pretty severe and more than just a little bit overwhelming. If something isn’t done about it soon, there are many who fear that it will become a legitimate epidemic.

1.    Because of Woodland’s proximity to Mexico, the city and the general area has experienced massive increases in the trafficking of illegal substances across its boundaries.

2.    Because of increases in youth substance abuse in Woodland, educational attainment, employment, and other areas have all dipped down pretty severely.

3.    The problem with addiction in Woodland has largely been that of one with the working class of the area. This has resulted in spikes in unemployment rates as well as increases in substance abuse-related problems in the workplace.

Hard times have befallen Woodland, but the residents of the area are willing to stand up and fight for a sober and recovered city, if only they had tools to wage such a battle with. Thankfully, this is where inpatient rehabilitation comes into play.

With the help of an inpatient, residential, drug and alcohol addiction and independence treatment centers, detoxification facility, and recovery organization quite literally anyone who is addicted to anything can beat their habit once and for all. This is exactly what is needed in Woodland. Addiction is a cruel affliction for all those who are affected, but contrary to the beliefs of many addicts it does not have to be permanent by any means at all. With the help of inpatient rehabilitation, addiction can be done away with relatively quickly.

When an addict from Woodland goes through rehabilitation at a qualified, inpatient center, he or she will first be able to experience a detoxification program that is so successful, that after just a matter of a week or two the addict will walk out of the detoxification unit feeling as though he or she never had drugs or alcohol in his or her system at all.

Another large benefit to going to an inpatient drug rehab program is that those addicted will be able to experience all of the counseling and therapy needed to address and eradicate the many mental pitfalls and derogatory personality traits that abound an addiction. With these methods utilized in full force, addiction can quickly become a thing of the past.

Woodland very quickly found itself with an addiction problem. Woodland can also just as quickly get rid of it. Inpatient rehabilitation is a virtually untapped resource for those addicted in the city of Woodland. With the proper nudging, and a lot of hard work on the part of the addicts themselves and their families, big changes can finally be made in Woodland.

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