Windsor is mid-sized, rural, incorporated town in Sonoma County, in the state of California, in the United States of America. It is situated north of Santa Rosa and to a large degree acts as a commuter city, a suburb, a bedroom community, and a supporting town to the larger city of Santa Rosa. The population was 26,801 as of the 2010 census as reported by the United States Census Bureau.

As for its history, Windsor did not really experience settlement till the 1800s. Windsor’s first European settlers arrived in 1851 and began to cultivate the land there. In 1855, Hiram Lewis, a Pony Express rider, became the town’s first postmaster. He named the town Windsor because it reminded him of the grounds around infamous Windsor Castle, a medieval castle from his home country of England. In the year of 1855, a post office was established in Windsor. The following year, a business enterprise was built in eastern Windsor, which included a goods store, a shoe shop, a grocery and meat market, a saloon, a hotel, a boarding house, and two confectionery shops.  It was at this point that the area really began to attract more and more residents, and soon after a railroad was completed in the town in 1872, which brought even more people there.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Hits Hard in Small Town Life of Windsor

A saddening yet true phenomenon has been occurring all across the nation of late, and this has been rising addiction statistics in thousands of American small towns.  California has felt the worst of this, with literally dozens of its small towns and middle-sized cities falling prey to varying degrees and severities of drug and alcohol addiction.

What has been happening here is peculiar and has actually never happened in the nation before.  What is occurring is that drug and alcohol abuse and addiction has actually spread out of the bigger cities all across California and into the smaller towns.  Following the economic crisis of 2007, 2008, and 2009 many drug dealers and traffickers in bigger cities could no longer find clientele to sell drugs to, as everyone in these areas were sadly broke. Instead the dealers and traffickers focused their attention on smaller towns and cities that were more financially affluent, towns and cities like Windsor.

Facts and Statistics on Drug and Alcohol Abuse in Windsor

To better understand the nation’s drug problem as it is occurring all across the nation, some facts and statistics have been included on it below:

• Drug addiction, drug abuse, and drug crime is very costly to the United States, and most of that cost is excised on the American taxpayer.  This point is often overlooked but it should be granted importance as the costs to the country from drug-related issues are really costs to the U.S. taxpayers in truth.

• According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, (NIDA), drug abuse costs the United States over one-hundred and ninety-three billion dollars annually.  That’s no small sum.

• These costs always appear in the form of good employment lost because of drug addiction, ER visits because of overdoses, ambulance rides because of drug-crime or overdoses, collateral damage from accidents, vehicle and bodily damage from drugged driving, and theft and damages within the families of drug addicts.  There are more ways it is costly too, these are just some of them.

Rehabilitation Sought and Needed as the Solution to Windsor’s Drug Problem

For some time now drug and alcohol addiction and the whole problem of substance abuse has been hitting hard in and around Windsor.  These issues certainly have been big ones to say the least and they have shown no sign of going away or demising any time soon.  This is why big action needs to be taken in and around Windsor.

But first of all, why and how did Windsor get such a big drug problem?  Windsor is by no means at all a big or important city in any way, but it does have a big drug problem.  How did this happen?  Why did it happen?  When did it happen?

Essentially, the last few years have seen a marked increase in drug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse problems in general all across the nation.  This is a big problem.  Simply stated, there are just more Americans abusing drugs and alcohol than ever before and this problem could not be any more obvious than it is when it is portraying in the statistics on substance abuse in Windsor.  Overdoses, accidents, injuries, crimes, deaths, school drop outs, loss of employment, these have all been manifestations of addiction and they are occurring all across the nation.

As for the causes of this problem, Windsor has attracted more attention from drug dealers, traffickers, and other criminals of this nature for some time now and in a big way too.  Windsor, though it is small, is still a relatively affluent and successful little town and has been for some time.  This to drug dealers means easy money, and with a police force that has never really had to deal with drug crime before in the past, this made for an easy target for drug criminals from the bigger cities.

Though it might not seem this way, the best way to tackle this problem here lies in rehabilitation centers.  Many would believe that upping the ante on prevention and police activity will handle it but it will not.  Drug addicts are some of the most resourceful people there are and if there is even one drug addict in Windsor than he or she will figure out a way to get drugs into his or her area, police efforts or no police efforts.

No, the key to beating addiction in any given area lies in simply removing the addiction itself, and the absolute best way to do that lies in rehabilitating all those who are addicted to drugs and alcohol in that area.  Inpatient rehabilitation is how this is done and it is done more and more successfully every year as inpatient rehab centers improve.  With inpatient rehab, Windsor can finally receive the full, city-wide recovery that it needs and deserves.

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