West Hollywood, colloquially and often referred to as “WeHo” is an immensely popular and unique city in western Los Angeles County, in the state of California, in the United States. Incorporated more recently than most LA cities, (in 1984), it is home to the Sunset Strip. As of the 2010 census as reported by the United States Census Bureau, its population was 34,399.

West Hollywood is just under two square miles of rebellious and inspired culture, entertainment and design, fashion and the arts, set in the heart of LA.  The locals say it’s where rock & roll meets fashion, art merges with lifestyle and everyone is free to be different and express themselves in whatever way they see fit. Officially founded in 1984 as the 84th city in Los Angeles County, West Hollywood is a young, vibrant community with a colorful and entertaining past that really makes it stand out from the others.

In today’s day and age, West Hollywood is a major top travel destination among the entertainment industry. West Hollywood also has a strong LGBT global community. The “scene” of West Hollywood is densely packed into 1.9 walkable square miles, including a vast culinary landscape that caters to multiple different tastes, and the Sunset Strip’s notorious nightlife.  West Hollywood is known for being a vibrant and very exciting city.

Substance Abuse and West Hollywood

Unfortunately, wherever goes a party follows drugs.  West Hollywood and the residents and visitors to the city know how to have a good time, and this more often than not leads to drug or alcohol abuse.  Sadly. this has been the case in West Hollywood for some years now.  This city attracted attention from major drug dealers, traffickers, pushers, and cartels as being a prime location to get drugs sold, and the result has been simply more drugs floating around this city.  The result has been rampant and spreading substance abuse and addiction throughout.

Facts and Statistics on Substance Abuse: The Real Data Presented in Real Form

West Hollywood is not the only city that has been struggling with drug and alcohol abuse and addiction.  In fact, this is an issue that has been progressing and growing and worsening year after year for some time now all across the nation.  To provide some context as to the severity of this problem, some facts and statistics have been included below:

• For some time now, the whole matter of addiction to drugs and alcohol has been an issue of national concern in the United States. This has largely been a result of increased substance abuse amongst Americans and also an increase in trafficking of illegal substances into the nation from other countries. One of the most concerning aspects of all the others is that substance-abuse means something far more severe now than it ever did before. Substance abuse now is a lot more likely to lead to death because the substances that are being abused in modern times are a lot more dangerous and potentially fatal than the substances of the 70s and 80s were.

• One of the biggest problems amongst the nations your little population has been with your my dog alcohol abuse. American seem to be abusing alcohol and Ben’s drinking and drinking daily at younger and younger ages every year. Fire to the turn-of-the-century the average age American first began drinking regularly was about 20 to 22. Now it is more likely for an American to start drinking regularly between the ages of 16 and 18. It’s at the behavior leads to bad decisions, accidents, injuries, and often times death.

Rehabilitation: How West Hollywood is Going to Pull Itself Out of the Mire of Addiction

For years now West Hollywood has been plagued by a serious drug and alcohol problem.  Since the economic crisis of 2008 and 2009, drugs and alcohol have done nothing but grow in popularity as each year has gone by.  Amounting depression and fiscal and familial difficulties that came around as a result of the recession initially caused lots of the residents of the West Hollywood area to begin abusing drugs and alcohol.  This has all led to more and more problems in this city, all of which can be traced back to drugs and alcohol addiction.

In just the last few years West Hollywood has experienced a strong increase in those within the city who are on or who are taking drugs or area abusing alcohol.  West Hollywood’s economic struggles coupled with increased trafficking of drugs into this area has all added together to make for a pretty serious and severe substance abuse issue in and around this city.  The long term effect of this can only worsen as those who are currently addicted to drugs or alcohol become even more addicted themselves and addict others as well.

This is where rehabilitation sets in.  This is the single most effective way for those who are addicted to drugs and alcohol to get the help they need to really be able to fight and win against their addiction problems.  With inpatient rehab, those who are addicted can go through detoxification to win the fight against chemical dependence.  Also with detox those addicted in West Hollywood get to experience withdrawal of a painless and stress free nature.

After detox, actual rehabilitation is up next.  This is where all the addicts of West Hollywood will get the counseling and therapy that they need to really get a handle on their drug or alcohol problem.  With rehab, all of the counseling, therapy, and group sessions and electives necessary will be used properly to really make sober individuals out of those addicted in West Hollywood.

Addiction itself is a hard battle to fight and win against.  It is totally doable though, and it is done year after year by hundreds of thousands of Americans.  West Hollywood might have it bad, but with city-wide rehabilitation it can become a problem of the past.

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