Walnut is a lovely, pleasant, upper scale, suburban, upper middle class city in the eastern part of Los Angeles County in the state of California, in the United States.  Money Magazine’s Best Places to Live ranked Walnut #70 in the year of 2009 and #57 in 2011, the highest ranking for a Californian city in both of those years.  The city has earned recognition in other areas and across other ranges too, and this has all contributed to more success within and around the city too.

The greater area of the Walnut Valley is located between the steep San Jose Hills mountain range to the upper north, and the gentle Puente Hills to the south. Quality and very nice housing consists of master-planned single family homes that range in size from 1,800 to 11,200 square feet. The city hosts a highly ranked public school system too, the Walnut Valley Unified School District, which has been ranked by numerous sources as one of the top public school districts in the entire area of Southern California.  Also this city has the infamous Mt. San Antonio Community College. Walnut is one of the cities with the lowest crime rates in the San Gabriel Valley too, making it very desirable for middle class and upper class Americans.

The city’s name is initially derived from the Rancho Los Nogales Mexican land grant: nogales being the Spanish word for “walnut trees”. The native California black walnut is a common tree of the San Jose Hills and is considering something of an icon for this area. The City of Walnut is a general law city incorporated on January 19, 1959. It is governed by a city council/city manager form of government too. A five-member city council is elected by the residents, and a mayor is elected annually by the council to serve a twelve-month term. A city manager is appointed by the council to oversee the daily activities of the city.  The city is impeccably well organized and this shows in how the city operates and runs.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse and Addiction Making a Strong Appearance in and Around Walnut

Sadly, the wealth and prosperity of this city has seemed to attract a significant number of drug dealers, traffickers, and criminals to this general area.  The truth of the matter is that these individuals have risked getting apprehended by Walnut’s substantial police force in an attempt to sell drugs to higher class Americans, and to a greater or lesser degree they have succeeded.

This has to be stopped, as there is so much money in this city that there is really no cap to how much damage could be caused by drug dealers here in creating more and more drug addicts.  Because of the fear behind this, it is hoped that solutions are arrived at this soon and before it is too late.

Rehabilitation: The Simplest and Best Course of Action to Take When Considering Addiction

Substance abuse is a cruel affliction that many Americans all across the United States suffer with. The problem has been an increasingly severe one to say the least. Just in the last fifteen years the number of Americans who are addicted to drugs and alcohol almost doubled. Now there are more than twenty-five million Americans who are sadly, heavily addicted to drugs and alcohol one one kind or another. Certain geographic areas represent higher substance abuse rates then some, and Walnut is in one of those areas. The city has for some time now struggled with higher substance abuse problems per capita than have other areas nearby have. This has been caused by multiple different factors, some known and others unknown:

• Though it is true that Walnut is not a relatively large city by any means all, it still does tend to attract significance amounts of drug trafficking across the area. It is an area that is nearby a largely metro and suburban region, making it ideal for using drug dealers to use this location for trafficking narcotics into and out of the bigger cities nearby.

• Walnut has a relatively large young adult population, and young adults are now being targeted for substance abuse and addiction on an ever increasing order of magnitude.

• Walnut also has a relatively high middle class and upper middle class population. These demographics are being targeted even more so than lower-class and poverty class individuals are and, as these demographics rarely have lots of experience with drugs they are being affected even more severely as a result of it.

• Last but not least, Walnut has never really been exposed to crystal meth before. This drug has become ever increasingly popular in the state and the effects of that have shown as all too realistically terrible. When a city becomes exposed to a drug that has never really been experienced there before, addiction statistics always skyrocket. This has been the unfortunate fate of Walnut.

Substance abuse does not have to be a permanent factor in Walnut. The city can and will benefit greatly from substance abuse treatment programs. This will be the ultimate saving grace of Walnut. With substance abuse treatment programs, any individual who is addicted to anything can fully and completely win the battle against addiction once and for all. For the problem to begin to go down in Walnut, all those who are addicted here must finally stand up and enter into rehabilitation centers.

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