The City of Walnut Creek in Review, Summary, and Highlighted

Walnut Creek is a lovely and quaint city in Contra Costa County, in the state of California, in the United States, located just a mere 16 miles east of the city of Oakland in the East Bay region of the infamous San Francisco Bay Area. Although it is not as large as neighboring Concord, Walnut Creek serves as a hub for the neighboring cities within central Contra Costa County, partly because of its location, at the junction of the highways from Sacramento and San Jose (I-680) and San Francisco/Oakland (SR-24) and its accessibility by BART.

The city’s total estimated population, as of 2014, is 67,673 as estimated by the United States Census Bureau.  In recent years, Walnut Creek has boomed a lot and has become a major player in the economic area of the Bay Area.  The city is also an affluent bedroom community too.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse and Addiction

As the vast majority of the population of Walnut Creek are working class Americans, and as in recent years working class Americans are the ones that are getting affected the most by drug and alcohol abuse and addiction, it is true to say that the addiction crisis here has gotten much, much worse.  If something isn’t done soon to stop it then it is feared that drug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse in general in Walnut Creek will approach the level of a micro-epidemic.

Facts and Statistics on a Powerful Addiction Crisis in Walnut Creek and in the Nation as a Whole

To better understand the issue, some facts and statistics have been included below:

•    Cocaine is a very, very serious issue in Walnut Creek as well as in the United States.  It is factually the second most commonly abused drug in all of Walnut Creek.

•    Among the young people in the age range of 15 to 34 years old in fact, there was an estimated 7.5 million nationwide who have used cocaine at least once in their entire lifetimes, and a full 3.5 million have used the drug in some way in the last year and a massive two million have taken cocaine in just the past month alone.

•    Drug addiction, drug abuse, and drug crime in general is very, very costly to the United States and to its citizens.

•    This point is often overlooked by many but it should be granted importance as the costs and over all prices that need to be paid by the country from drug-related issues are really costs to the U.S. taxpayers one and all.

•    According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse,  (NIDA), drug abuse costs the United States over one-hundred and ninety-three billion dollars annually.  These various costs always appear in the form of good employment lost because of drug addiction, ER visits because of overdoses, ambulance rides because of drug-crime or overdoses, collateral damage from accidents, vehicle and bodily damage from drugged driving, and theft and damages within the families of drug addicts as well.

Rehabilitation: Winning the Battle Against Addiction Once and for All

Sadly, it is very obvious and true now that drug and alcohol addiction is making a very serious impact on the residents of Walnut Creek. This issue and crisis has grown to truly epic proportions and it has shown no signs of decreasing or slowing down at all. In Walnut Creek, multiple different factors have contributed to this overall increase, but the simple truth of the matter is that drug and alcohol addiction is now at a veritable all-time high. Different factors have contributed to this such as the area’s close proximity to and relative ease of access to drugs trafficked from Mexico, coupled with major increases in the use and abuse of prescription drugs amongst its residents, exacerbated by increases in alcohol abuse and increases in teen and adolescent drug abuse have all contributed to an overall more serious drug and alcohol addiction problem here. This is the simple truth of the matter, and it has seemed to show no sign of lessening.

Thankfully there does exist a way for those who are addicted in Walnut Creek to finally be able to find freedom and recovery from their addictions and for Walnut Creek in general to improve as a community. This is speaking of course of the route of addressing addiction through taking a course at an inpatient, residential, drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment center, detox facility, and recovery organization. This is the key to beating an addiction crisis once and for all. With inpatient rehabilitation, quite literally anyone can focus on, tackle, and get rid of every single aspect of drug and alcohol addiction as it is affecting him or her. Really only inpatient rehabilitation can do this for those who are addicted in Walnut Creek because only inpatient rehabilitation programs have the types of programs and services that are needed to address these various issues and difficulties.

Those who are addicted in Walnut Creek will need a full detoxification program to effectively address and eradicate the chemical and physical aspect of drug and alcohol addiction. Inpatient rehabilitation also is the only type of program where one can find all of the necessary counseling and therapy methods necessary and needed to effectively and safely address and eradicate all of the many and different intricate underlying mental issues they come about as a result of having an addiction crisis. Truly, a course through an inpatient rehab program is what is needed to eradicate addiction from those afflicted with it in Walnut Creek. Inpatient treatment will help those who are even the most sorely addicted to drugs and alcohol in Walnut Creek to finally be able to experience life from a totally sober and recovered viewpoint and perspective. With the help of inpatient rehabs, Walnut Creek can finally start to make some real changes.

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