Victorville is a mid-sized and pleasant city located in the Victor Valley of southwestern San Bernardino County, California, in the United States.  Its estimated population as of July 1, 2013 was 121,096 as reported by the United States Census Bureau.  Because Victorville is located in San Bernardino County, the city is very close to many different points of interest and excitement.  This makes tourism and population growth both major players in the future of Victorville, and have done so for many decades.

The median income in Victorville ranks in at $50,034 and the median home value is about $137,700.  The population in Victorville was recorded to be about 26% White, 17% Black, 4% Asian and 1% Native American or Native Hawaiian.  About four percent of the city’s population identify as another race or ethnicity, or two or more races.  Almost fifty percent of residents are of Hispanic or Latino origin.  The city has impressive schools, real estate, business and health care overall, and the city is quite desirable to new families.  Walkability can be a key driver of the overall livability of a community, and much can be found close to any one home or residential area.  Without a doubt, this is a pleasant, middle class, very livable and very well loved and desired city in sunny California.

Drug Abuse and Addiction: Cruel Fates for Those Afflicted in Victorville

Sadly, it is often the best and the nicest cities and neighborhoods that, in this day and age, get targeted for drug abuse, addiction, and trafficking.  This is exactly the case for Victorville, California.  With a steady expansion of drug trafficking and dealing in California outwards from the big cities and out into the surrounding mid-sized cities and suburbs, Victorville has been just one of many cities that has come under a major drug dealing front.

The biggest issue in Victorville surprisingly enough is with legal, easy to get, supposedly safe, and supposedly helpful prescription drugs.  This is the not only the greatest drug abuse problem that Victorville has, but it is also the greatest drug abuse problem that the entire nation has.  Without a doubt, this issue is a serious and major one, and if something isn’t done soon to correct it, the issue will only get much worse long before it gets any better.

Facts, Stats, and Truths: What is Really Happening with Drug Abuse and Addiction

To better understand the prescription drug crisis not only as it pertains to a localized area like Victorville, but also as it pertains to the state of California and the entire nation as a whole, various governmental organizations and affiliates have recently come together and worked together to try and figure out exactly what to do about the drug abuse and addiction issue as it currently stands in the nation.  The point of concentration has been the prescription drug abuse epidemic, and much information has been discovered on this.  Listed below are just a few of the findings:

• Sadly enough, in the United States 44 people die every day from prescription painkiller overdoses.  In the year 2012, more than 1,800 people died from opioids in the state of California alone, and 72 percent of these deaths involved prescription opioids.  Prescription drug abuse is often connected to heroin addiction too, with 45 percent of heroin users admitting to being addicted to prescription opioid painkillers as well.

• Though it comes as no real surprise to anyone, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, (CDC), has officially declared that prescription drug abuse in the United States is an actual epidemic.

• As of the year 2012, overdose deaths involving prescription opioid analgesics, (which are medications used to treat pain), have increased to almost 17,000 deaths a year in the United States, dwarfing all other deaths from all other drugs combined.

• In the year 2013, only 16 percent of Americans believed that the United States is making progress in its efforts to reduce prescription drug abuse.  Significantly more Americans, (37 percent), say the country is actually losing ground on the problem of prescription drug abuse.

• Experts say the increase in heroin use is most definitely linked to prescription opioid abuse. Young people often become addicted to pain pills and progress to heroin, (which provides the same euphoric high), when pills are hard to come by.  This is the key to the problem in California.

• Heroin use rose by an alarming 75 percent between 2007 and 2011, with an overall 80 percent increase in first-time use among 12 to 17-year-olds since 2002, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

• In the year 2009, there were nearly 4.6 million drug-related emergency department visits of which about one half, (49.8 percent, or 2.3 million), were attributed to adverse reactions to pharmaceuticals and almost one half (45.1 percent, or 2.1 million) were attributed to drug misuse or abuse.  Obviously, prescription drug abuse is the biggest player in the trauma that is substance abuse in the United States.

Rehabilitation for Addiction: Victorville is a Great Place to Live Clean and Sober

For those addicted in Victorville, be the addiction be to prescription drugs or something else, the answer to freedom lies in a course through an inpatient rehab program.  Thanks to inpatient rehabilitation, anyone who is addicted to anything can finally go free and find solace and sobriety without risking serious withdrawal symptoms of relapse.

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