About the City of Union City: The City in Review and in Summary

Union City is a well-known and popular city in the San Francisco Bay Area in Alameda County, in the state of California, in the United States just approximately 30 miles from San Francisco and 20 miles north of the city of San Jose.  Incorporated as it was on January 13, 1959, combining the communities of Alvarado, New Haven, and Decoto, the city has over 74,000 residents today and very diverse population when all is said and done.  Alvarado is a California Historical Landmark too.

The city on Union City celebrated its 50th Anniversary in the year of 2009.  The Cities of Fremont, Newark, and Union City make up the Tri-City Area, and to travel to other parts of the city limits, one would have to enter from nearby cities.  The Tri-City Area hosts many local events, along with programs for the youth population of the area.

Facts and Statistics: Substance Abuse Makes a Big Impact on the Addiction Crisis

Sadly, even with all the protection offered by this city and all of the various programs and activities that the city has to offer, Union City has indeed recently one user a significant amount of drug and alcohol abuse and addiction, as has the rest of the nation in truth.  To gain some understanding on this, some facts and statistics on the issue have been listed below:

•    In a study conducted by the University of Michigan, Vicodin, a painkiller, was easily the top prescription drug abused by high school seniors.
•    The drug itself represented 8.1% of all drugs, (pharmaceutical and non-medical), used.  The common and ever popular stimulant Adderall followed at 6.5%.
•    Sadly, these two drugs combined are not only almost one fifth of the entire drug population of the U.S., they are also the ones that are most commonly abused by Americans.

Rehabilitation Sought as a Solution for Those Addicted and Afflicted

Sadly, drug and alcohol addiction has created a very strong and very negative effect in Union City. For those who live here, drug and alcohol addiction has become an everyday aspect of life. This is an area that never really used to struggle with drug and alcohol addiction up until the turn of the century. Now however, the addiction crisis there has become a very severe issue to say the least. It would seem as though this area has been targeted for some reason or another. Drug trafficking and dealing in this area has increased, and so has drug crime, drug abuse, drug-related injuries, drug-related theft, and drug and alcohol overdoses as well. The truth is, though, all across the nation addiction has become more and more of an issue for all Americans across all demographics, income levels, and age groups.

There are more prescription drugs in the nation than ever before that people are abusing, alcohol abuse is more of a problem than it ever was before, and drug trafficking of illegal narcotics into the United States from different countries has never been higher. Some areas have definitely suffered more so than others though, and Union City is one of them. It is feared that, if something is not done soon to prevent and remedy the situation, it will only be a matter of months before Union City becomes one of the biggest drug and alcohol abuse hotspots of the United States. Thankfully, in spite of all of the terrors and sadness that follows addiction there is a way to win the battle against addiction once and for all.

For those addicted in Union City, there are a variety of local drug rehabs. The only way to really successful win against addiction is to take a course through a full, complete, accredited, successful, reputable, long-term, inpatient, drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment center, detox facility, rehab program, and recovery organization. With this type of program, quite literally anyone can win the battle against addiction once and for all because it is these types of programs that offer the most extensive and involved services that can actually address and eradicate all of the cruel and extensive aspects of addiction.

Fighting addiction is no easy task, and no one should have to go at it alone. This is why inpatient rehabilitation exists. Inpatient rehabilitation centers are fully equipped with a powerful detoxification unit that can effectively eradicate chemical dependence to resolve first and foremost the physical aspect to drug and alcohol addiction. After that, one can go on to the rehab itself for an extensive and very involved process to address and eradicate all of the mental, personal, spiritual, and psychological aspects of addiction. This is accomplished through a wide plethora of counseling, group sessions, electives, life skills, coping strategies, relapse prevention, and after care preparation.

Once this is all completed, the newly recovered individual can finally go back out to the world in Union City and address life in Union City as a newly recovered individual, ready to take on the responsibilities and lifestyles of a sober adult. Beating addiction has never been easy thing to do. In fact it is very difficult, as many in Union City simply stay addicted and never show any sign of being capable of getting clean. However that does not mean that is not possible. In truth, tens of thousands of Americans go free from drugs and alcohol addiction every single year. For those addicted in Union City, all it will take to achieve this will be a course through an inpatient rehab program, and a large degree of resolve and courage. The benefits of these efforts are invaluable though, and all addicts in Union City are currently being advised to seek out rehabilitation as soon as possible.

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