About the City of Turlock

Turlock is a city in Stanislaus County, in the state of California, in the United States of America. Its estimated 2013 population of 70,365 made it the second-largest city in Stanislaus County after only Modesto.

As for its history, Turlock was founded on December 22, 1871. The construction of the Central Pacific Railroad at that time had reached a station named after Turlough in County Mayo, Ireland. Thus, the new railroad town was named Turlock. Since then, while the city has experienced its ups and downs, for the most part the city has done nothing but grow and become more and more popular and recognizable since then. Without a doubt, this is one of California’s up and coming towns as many of the residents of the state try to find ways to get out of the bigger cities.

Facts and Statistics on the Addiction Crisis in Turlock and the Nation as a Whole

To give the reader some context as to just how serious the addiction crisis is here and what could be done about it to provide a resolution to the issue, some facts and statistics have been included below to provide the reader with context as to the sheer reality of the situation:

• In a 2007 study and research project, the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud reported that prescription drug abuse costs were estimated to be well over $70 billion every single year. This came as being primarily due to the increased number of associated emergency room visits, rehabilitation costs, and assortment of related health issues. All in all, prescription fraud could increase premiums and cost insurers $15,000 per year, effectively tanking health insurance and making it unaffordable for tens of millions of Americans. On top of that, the Clinical Journal of Pain reported that there was an additional $42 billion in lost productivity and extra $8.2 billion in criminal prosecution thanks to prescription drug abuse.

• A more recent New York Times article reported that in Maine’s two largest hospitals there were several cases of neonatal abstinence syndrome which, altogether, “climbed to 276 in 2010 from about 70 in the year 2005.” Indeed this is a very, very troubling trend considering the fact that a single baby being treated for substance withdrawal could cost upwards of tens of thousands of dollars. Addiction has become so prevalent in society today that even pregnant mothers are now abusing drugs and alcohol.

Rehabilitation: How to Beat Addiction in Turlock Once and for All

For many of the residents of Turlock, substance abuse, drug addiction, and alcohol addiction are the keynotes of their day to day lives. For some time now, addiction has been a powerful force in Turlock. In truth, substance abuse and addiction in general has been becoming worse and worse all across the nation. However some areas have it worse than others, and Turlock is definitely one of the more worse-off areas. In Turlock, heroin abuse, prescription drug addiction, alcohol abuse, and cocaine abuse have all together grown much more popular since 2008. A combination of economic changes, different movements of drug traffickers and dealers, changes in the demographics, and changes in the locals’ concept on prescription drugs have all contributed to increased substance abuse in this area.

In times like these, it falls on every urban area like Turlock that suffers greatly with an addiction crisis to work together as a community to do something about that crisis. It would seem that things in Turlock have done nothing but worsen with each passing year, but it does not have to continue this way. No matter how badly the residents of Turlock may be addicted to drugs and alcohol, there may yet remain a way for them to go free from their addictions.

The way to beat an addiction once and for all in Turlock lives in taking a course through an inpatient, residential, drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment center, detox facility, rehabilitation program, and recovery organization. Long term drug rehabs are going to save lives in the Turlock. Beating addiction is no easy task even under the best of circumstances. It is the nature of addiction that makes it so difficult to eradicate fully. However, it is inpatient rehabilitation programs and only inpatient rehabilitation programs that are built and structured in such a way that this can be accomplished effectively. Inpatient rehabilitation programs are able to completely address all aspects of both the physical side of addiction, and the mental side of addiction too.

This is why they are so successful and this is why they will be able to help anyone and everyone who is addicted in a Turlock. In truth, with the help of inpatient rehabilitation anyone who is addicted to anything, no matter what they’re addicted to, no matter how often they take it, no matter how much they take when they take it, and no matter how long they been taking it for, quite literally anyone can triumph against addiction with the help of inpatient rehabilitation. Hundreds if not thousands of people in Turlock are heavily addicted to drugs and alcohol, but if the community gets together and insists that everyone there who is addicted get help then hope remains that this area can become totally clean and sober soon.

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