South Lake Tahoe is easily the most populous city in El Dorado County, in the state of California, in the United States. As its name suggests, the city is quite pleasantly located on the southern shore of quite infamous Lake Tahoe.

The city of South Lake Tahoe had a population of 21,403 at the 2010 census as reported by the United States Census Bureau. The city itself extends about five miles west-southwest along U.S. Route 50, also known as Lake Tahoe Boulevard.  On the east end of the city, (on the California-Nevada state line right next to the town of Stateline, Nevada), the area has mainly geared towards tourism and visitors, with T-shirt shops, restaurants, hotels, and the Heavenly Mountain Resort with the infamous and ever interesting Nevada casinos just across the state line in the city of Stateline. The western end of town itself is mainly residential, and clusters around a major intersection of US 50, State Route 89, and the continuation of Lake Tahoe Boulevard after it loses its federal highway designation at that point.

As for its history, the city was initially incorporated in 1965 by combining the previously unincorporated communities of Al Tahoe, Bijou, Bijou Park, Stateline, Tahoe Valley, and Tallac Village all together.  A post office was shortly after that established in the year 1967, and the city began to grow and become more affluent at that point.

Today, South Lake Tahoe is definitely best known for being a major, major, nationally recognized tourist destination.  Summers there promise legendary, heart-pounding downhill single track and bike paths for social spins and community get-togethers.  People who got here can hike till they drop with how many trails and paths there are nearby.

That’s not all either.  There are beaches with restaurants, with marinas, and with water toys.  There are lots of other things to do here too.  To top it all off, it all comes with views of spectacular Lake Tahoe and the Sierra Nevada’s.  They even have zip lines in South Lake Tahoe so you can really enjoy the views.

Drug Abuse and Alcohol Abuse

Sadly, wherever a good time goes, so does follow drugs and alcohol.  That would seem to be the case in South Lake Tahoe, as each year sees more and more drug and alcohol abuse and incidents that are more and more concerning and worrisome than the last one.

South Lake Tahoe is not the only area to be affected though.  The truth is, other cities all across California, and all across the nation are struggling with their own brand of drug and alcohol abuse.  For some examples of this that pertain to South Lake Tahoe’s most common drug, prescription drugs:

• The non-medical use and abuse of pharmaceutical prescription drugs is a growing health problem in the United States in a big way. Annually, more people die from prescribed opioid pain relievers than all illegal drugs combined in fact, and this recurred year after year for some time.

• The very legal access to such drugs, combined with a culture of implicitly trusting a doctor’s opinion, have led to a sharp increase in emergency medicine visits attributable to prescription drugs of one kind or another.

• Prescription drug abuse may soon be the largest substance abuse problem in America if it foes the way it’s going, with ER visits due to prescription drug abuse approximately doubled in the 6 year period from 2004-2009.

• Overdoses on prescription drugs are also obviously the leading cause of drug overdose deaths in the United States by far. In 2012, there were 33,175 unintentional drug overdose deaths; 53% were linked to pharmaceutical use and abuse, (illicit and prescribed both).

• 72% of prescription drug deaths that are attributable to pharmaceuticals were related to opioids, indicating the tragic consequences of prescription, (and particularly opioid) misuse or abuse in this nation.


It is obvious that South Lake Tahoe residents are living on borrowed time, as a lot of them are addicted to drugs like the above mentioned.  The thing to do for them is to put them through inpatient, residential, drug and alcohol addiction and dependence rehab centers.  These are the only programs that can effectively intervene and deal with addictions that are as strong as the ones in South Lake Tahoe.

South Lake Tahoe is supposed to be great city full of fun activities and events.  This is very true, but that does not mean that they do not suffer with addiction like other cities do.  Now more than ever effective rehabilitation needs to be applied to them so they can know freedom and release from the addiction struggle and battle.  Rehabilitation can give them that.

The responsibility rests upon the shoulders of all the residents who live in or near South Lake Tahoe.  It’s time to make a change and really get this area cleaned up so there is no more threat of addiction in this area.

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