Selma is a lovely and pleasant city in Fresno County, in the state of California, in the United States of America. The population was 23,219 as of the 2010 census as reported by the United States Census Bureau, up from 19,240 as of the prior 2000 census. Selma is located just 16 miles southeast of Fresno, at an elevation of 308 feet above sea level.  Selma is a rapidly growing community of over 23,000, located in the central San Joaquin Valley.  It is rapidly growing because for some time now the entire state of California has been experiencing a phenomena in which residents all across the state have begun to attempt to move out from the bigger cities and out into the smaller towns and general areas.

Selma is very widely known for its small town charm as well as its big city development too.  It has a great combination of both. Team Selma, an economic development partnership comprised of public and private entities, spreads the welcome mat for potential business owners and developers with phenomenal results too.  The city really has grown and improved a lot since the turn of the century.

Selma’s location, at the crossroads of State Routes 99 and 43, makes it a regional hub for southeast Fresno County as well as neighboring Tulare and Kings Counties which has brought a lot of business to the city for those reasons alone.  Furthermore, Selma has an industrial space available for most any type of business and industrial land available for development too, which has caught the eye of several developers over the last several years.

Both new and long-time residents are discovering and rediscovering the joys of living in this delightful little community that is now finally experiencing its boom. Selma provides an ideal location for shopping in its beautiful downtown and other shopping centers that are dotted all across the city.  Selma is also famous for being a city that has 90 percent of all U.S. raisins produced within eight miles of it, and as a result the city adopted the slogan “Raisin Capital of the World” in 1963. Area vineyards also produce table grapes too.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Hit Hard in Selma

Sadly, this is a city that has suffered quite a bit when it comes to drug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse in general.  This is a city that suffered time and time again with substance abuse problems time and time again.  Now, the issue is getting worse as the city’s growth spurt has attracted a lot of drug dealing and trafficking into the city.

Selma is not the only city that has thusly suffered though.  In fact, other cities all across the general area have suffered too.  In fact, drug abuse and alcohol abuse alike are all on the rise all across the nation.  For example:

• The organization that is responsible for studying the drug addiction problem and broken down and itemized problems in the United States, The National Survey on Drug Use and Health, (NSDUH), estimated that in the year 2008 there were just under two million current (having used the drug in the past-month) cocaine users, of which approximately 359,000 were current crack users in tandem.  This drug is still going strong and, contrary to popular belief, is actually getting more popular.

• Nothing is more sad or discouraging than the deaths that occur from drug and alcohol abuse.  True enough, tens of thousands of Americans, (roughly sixty to eighty thousand depending on the year), die annually as a sad but very, very realistic and true effect of drug and alcohol abuse and addiction.

• Drug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse in general affect far more people in this nation than many think.  Truthfully, both the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, (NSDUH), and the National Institute on Drug Abuse, (NIDA), have confirmed that there are no less than twenty-three million individuals in the United States who are sadly addicted to drugs and alcohol.  Sad as this may be, it certainly is the truth and it has been for some time now.  The terrible factor here is that there are more and more individuals in the nation every year who are addicted to drugs and alcohol.  In the year 2000, there were roughly fifteen million, now there are almost twenty-four million.  By the year 2030, if the current rate continues, then a full twenty percent of the entire nation’s population will be addicted to drugs and alcohol.

Rehabilitation Sought as a Solution in Selma

Drug and alcohol abuse certainly is a problem in Selma.  It never really has been as bad as it is now.  The solution here is to get everyone who is addicted to drugs and alcohol in this city into and through an inpatient, residential, drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment center, detox facility, rehab program, and recovery organization.  In this way, it actually becomes possible to really be able to fight against and win against addiction and substance abuse problems once and for all.

Drug and alcohol addiction is cruel to say the least, but it can be resolved.  With inpatient rehab, anyone who is addicted to anything can effectively and rather simply beat addiction on a real and permanent level.  Now more than ever is this very important for, if it is not done, it will end up and result in a loss of productivity and life the likes of which this small city has never seen before.  This is why now is the time for those addicted in Selma to stand up and make a concerted effort to beat their addictions once and for all.

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