Sebastopol is a small city in Sonoma County, in the state of California, in the United States of America.  The city rests approximately fifty-two miles north of the city of San Francisco. The population was 7,379 at the 2010 census as reported by the United States Census Bureau, but its businesses also serve surrounding rural portions of Sonoma County, a region known as West County, which has a population of up to 50,000 residents.  Essentially, this is a pretty major urban area for the surrounding rural communities.

Sebastopol is about a quick, 20-minute drive from the Pacific Ocean, between Santa Rosa and Bodega Bay, and is known for its liberal politics and small-town charm that attract thousands annually. It was once primarily a plum and apple growing region and had its foot in the door of California agriculture.  Wine grapes, however, are now predominant, and nearly all lands once used for orchards are now vineyards thanks to the growing demand for American-made wine. World-famous horticulturist Luther Burbank had gardens in this fertile region and the city still holds true to his standards. The city also hosts an annual Apple Blossom Festival and Gravenstein Apple Fair too.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Strikes in a Once Peaceful Town

Drug and alcohol abuse has been steadily sweeping across the United States of America, and it really has taken a heavy toll in the once totally peaceful city of Sebastopol.  Sebastopol now suffers quite a bit with drug and alcohol abuse and in a big way too.  This is a city that never really suffered from any kind of addiction problem before, but now that has all changed drastically.  For example:

Individuals in the United States are dying in much higher quantities than ever before because of drug abuse, and especially in small town California.  To shed some light on this on a national level, between the years of 2002 and 2013, the rate of heroin overdose deaths nearly quadrupled in the United States.  For the actual numbers on this, just between 2011 and 2013, heroin-related overdose deaths nearly doubled again. In the year of 2013 alone, more than 8,200 people died from heroin overdoses.

Underage drinking in an addictive or abusive fashion is a critical issue in the United States today and it has been for several years now.  To get the statistic on this, the American youth from the ages of 12 to 17, has an estimated 697,000 adolescents with a serious alcohol addiction crisis of one kind or another.  This number includes more women than men with an alarming 385,000 females, and 311,000 males just to put out a few numbers.

Alcohol abuse kills more Americans every year than all types of drugs abused combined, and alcohol abuse is especially devastating in California.  Nearly 88,000 people die from alcohol-related causes, accidents, injuries, damages, and overdoses every year.  In fact, only smoking and obesity beat alcohol abuse in the category of annual numbers of preventable deaths all in all.

To take a look at who exactly abuses drugs in the United States of America, it has been found that men have a much higher likelihood of abusing drugs than women do actually.  More men die from drugs than women do, but far more men abuse drugs than women when all the cards are on the table.  In fact, women have a higher statistical likelihood of dying from drug abuse than men do too.

Using Rehabilitation to Address the Problem

A problem has shown its face in Sebastopol and it would seem that this problem truly is one of the worst out there.   This is, of course, the problem of drug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse in general.  California has felt the blow of addiction coming down hard in this nation for the first time in decades, and Sebastopol too specifically felt the hurt and the harsh effect of addiction and substance abuse in general.

In times like these, difficult times, many try to figure out exactly how they will address the coming storm and the current crisis that is addiction and general substance abuse.  The fact of the matter is that both of these issues are very concerning and worrying, to say the least.  The key to addressing the addiction problem in Sebastopol is with rehabilitation.  More specifically, what is needed is inpatient, residential, drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment centers, detox facilities, rehab programs, and recovery organizations.  These are the absolute best choices when it comes to confronting addiction, and they are the best choices because they offer the best services and the most involved and helpful services too.

Drug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse, in general, is a major problem, to say the least.  It is a major problem because it not only adversely affects the lives of those who are immediately addicted, but it also affects the lives of their family members and loved ones too.  With rehabilitation properly applied though, this crisis problem can finally become something of the past for those who are addicted to drugs and alcohol in the city of Sebastopol.

Inpatient rehabilitation will address this city’s addiction problem from the perspective of detoxification first and then rehabilitation second.  With this done, the addiction crisis here can finally become a thing of the past.

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