Seaside, (formerly known as East Monterey), is a lovely and very pleasant city in Monterey County, in the state of California, in the United States.  The city currently has a population of 33,025 as of the 2010 census as reported by the United States Census Bureau. Seaside is located just a mere 2.25 miles east-northeast of Monterey, at an impressive elevation of 33 feet.

Seaside is now best known for being the home of the infamous California State University, Monterey Bay (CSUMB) and the Monterey College of Law, which are located on the site of the former military base Fort Ord.  It is the home of the Bayonet and Black Horse golf courses too, once also part of the Fort Ord military base, now open to the public, and host to PGA Tour events, including the 2012 PGA Professional National Championship.

There is no doubt about it, though Seaside is a small town by California definition, the city has earned major recognition all across the state for being an important and significant city to say the least.  The city has grown left and right and made big changes within its own city limits and outside of them too.  Though its population is relatively small, many residents of California know of Seaside, and the local population is often surged by tourists at many different times of the year.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse and Addiction: A Problem for Seaside, for California, and for the Nation

Sadly, the affluence and successes of the city of Seaside has caused the city and the surrounding areas to attract the attention of drug dealers, traffickers, pushers, cartels, and users state-wide.  This has created a real problem for the residents of Seaside, and if something is not done soon to handle or address it then the issue will only get much worse.

The real critical factor that makes drug and alcohol abuse and addiction so terrible Seaside is that this city has never really experienced substance abuse and addiction before.  Now it really has experienced it and in a big way too. The fact that the city was totally unprepared for the spread of substances into the area made for a devastating blow for the city.

Seaside is not the only place that suffers though.  Addiction has made a big impact all across the nation too.  For some information on it, some facts and statistics have been included about it below:

• U.S. alcohol abuse statistics reveal to us that approximately 50,000 cases of alcohol overdose are reported each and every year.  In 2009 for example, an estimated 30.2 million people 12 or older reported driving under the influence of alcohol at least once in the past year alone.  Roughly sixty to eighty thousand Americans die every year because of alcohol abuse, whether they were the ones abusing the alcohol or just a victim of an alcohol addict or an abuser.

• Clearly, increasing drug and alcohol abuse is a dangerous trend in the United States and even more clearly is the length of time that it really has been increasing for.  According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, nearly a full 2.1 million hospital Emergency Department visits in the year 2009 were the result of drug abuse.  Of these visits, a full 27.1 percent involved the non-medical use and abuse of pharmaceuticals, 21.2 percent involved illicit drugs, and 14.3 percent involved alcohol in combination with other drugs.  To make matters even worse in this areas, Emergency Department visits involving abuse of pharmaceuticals (either alone or in combination with another drug) increased 98.4 percent between the years of 2004 and 2009.

Rehabilitation: How One can Fight an Addiction Problem the Likes of What is Being Faced in and Around Seaside

There is no easy way to tackle and win against a drug addiction and abuse problem.  That is the truth of the matter.  There really is no way to do this successfully.  The truth of the matter is that addiction makes a big impact on areas in a big way.  Any geographic area that is hit with addiction is hit hard and hit in such a way that almost all residents are affected.

This is why rehabilitation needs to be utilized and applied in a big way and across many different levels and in many different ways too.  The simple fact of the matter is that substance abuse and addiction has taken on a whole new level of severity and problems that make such big problems in the areas that they land that something big must be done about this.

Rehabilitation has always been and always will be the answer here.  Addiction does not have to be a big deal but in a lot of ways it certainly is.  This is why it is necessary to really put a handle on this problem and eradicate it once and for all and for good.  Rehabilitation does this with detox and with rehab itself.

Detox handles the physical aspect of addiction.  Rehab addresses the mental aspect.  With these two methods in combination and confluence, addiction can actually be addressed properly and taken care of realistically once and for all.  Addiction does not have to be a life-long ordeal but it often is.  With detox and rehab, those addicted in Seaside can finally experience freedom and sobriety once and for all.  Now is the time more than ever for the addicted residents of this city to do the right thing and reach out for recovery on a permanent and lasting level.

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