Scotts Valley is a small city in Santa Cruz County, in the state of California, in the United States of America, about thirty miles south of downtown San Jose and six miles north of Monterey Bay, in the upland slope of the Santa Cruz Mountains. As of the 2010 census as reported by the United States Census Bureau, the city population ranked in at 11,580. Principal access to the city is supplied by State Route 17 that connects San Jose and Santa Cruz. The city was incorporated in 1966 and became a bedroom community hot spot for bigger towns nearby.

Scotts Valley is pretty well known and well recognized.  In fact from its early years as a stop on the stage route across the mountains, the Scotts Valley area has provided services to travelers and tourists alike. With the growing popularity of the automobile in the early 20th century, the area became commercialized and tourism developed as a local industry for them, making a good economy and a strong revenue flow.

For some history and points of interest, in the early 1920s, Edward Evers established Camp Evers at the junction of the State Highway and Mt. Hermon Road. Camp Evers consisted of a small store, gas pumps, dance hall and tents, becoming a resort and rest stop for travelers.  It is actually quite well known all across this section of the state.  The Beverly Gardens were established later on in the 1930s and featured a collection of exotic birds and animals, a restaurant, and cabins.

To make the area even more appealing, Axel Erlandson opened The Tree Circus in the year of 1947, featuring trees grafted and trained in strange and unusual shapes that were quite appealing and interesting. Bright “life size” painted dinosaurs overlooking Highway 17 were added to the Tree Circus in 1964 when it changed its name to The Lost World. Surviving trees have since been moved to Gilroy Gardens and are still on display there.  All in all, Scotts Valley is a quite well known city that still retains its small town feel.

Substance Abuse in Scotts Valley

Substance abuse has cropped up all across the state of California.  This is not a new problem.  In fact, all across the nation the last ten years has seen drug problems expanding outwards from major, metro areas and out into smaller, outlying towns and cities and rural areas.  These areas and these towns sadly were not at all prepared for crisis problems like these, but that’s exactly what they got.  California is now known for being one of the drug capitals of the world, especially when it comes to substance abuse and addiction in and around smaller cities and more rural towns and suburban areas.  These locales are hotspots for drugs now, and Scotts Valley is one of them.

Utilizing Rehab to Combat a Drug Problem

Scotts Valley is currently under the influence of a pretty disturbing substance abuse issue. This has been an ongoing thing since 2010, but the problem has been just getting progressively worse. If nothing is done about it, it will most certainly get far, far worse long before it gets any better too.

Addiction and all that it envelops and involves makes a big difference in the lives of those who are affected and afflicted. It hurts and it changes people and it affects and damages entire communities too.

More so than ever, substance abuse and addiction in general creates crisis-level crime and death problems in any city that it strikes, and Scotts Valley is no different. This city has suffered time
and time again over and over again with these issues to the tenth degree. A better plan has to be worked out because the issue is just not changing or getting any better any time soon.

The solution to the addiction problem in Scotts Valley lies in getting those who are addicted in this city into and through impatient rehab programs. With rehab, the substance abuse problem comes down and people get cleaned up and change their ways.

Though Scotts Valley is not a big city, it certainly has been affected in a big way thanks to addiction problems. This is why the city needs to rehabilitate those living there who are abusing substances. If this is done then actual, positive change can be made in this city and the entire area can benefit once and for all and for good.  This is not a city that has been suffering with addiction for very long, so if the right efforts are made it will be able to return to its sober state soon enough.  Drug and alcohol abuse has to end, and effective prevention and rehabilitation will indeed bring that end about if both are worked at.

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