Sanger is a small city in Fresno County, in the state of California, in the United States of America. The population was 24,270 at the 2010 census as reported by the United States Census Bureau, which is up from 18,731 at the earlier 2000 census.  Sanger is located just thirteen miles east-southeast of Fresno, and it stands at an elevation of 371 feet.  The city stands on its own, but it does act as a supporting city and bedroom community to many residents who work in the nearby bigger city of Fresno.

Sanger has many historical landmarks and buildings of interest.  People live there because it’s a pretty town, it has a strong focus on history and preserving its heritage, it is more affordable than living in Fresno, it’s quieter, and it’s a short commute from the bigger city.

The city of Sanger has a lot of nice characteristics and features to it too.  In downtown Sanger there is a mural of German born actress Nastassja Kinski, daughter of actor Klaus Kinski. This was created in 1982 by Sanger native artist Jose Maro Alvarado who now resides in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Another location that a lot of locals and tourists visit as well is the Sanger Depot Museum. This building is actually the old Sanger Railroad Depot, once the hub of the town’s growth. Built in the year of 1887, the Sanger Railroad Depot sat beside the Southern Pacific Railroad that ran between Fresno and Porterville, California. Among the cargo that passed through this depot were grain, citrus, and lots of lumber brought down from the mountains by Sanger’s booming lumber operation at that time.  The city is now more of a residential center, but it still retains its history and that makes living there interesting and refreshing.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction and Substance Abuse Hits Hard in Cities Outside of Fresno

A big and almost pervasive trend for drug and alcohol abuse in the state of California of late has been to focus attention by drug dealers on to outlying towns and cities on the fringe of big urban areas.  This spread has been largely caused by the addicts and substance abusers of bigger cities falling on hard times as a result of the recent recession.  Dealers, traffickers, and drug pushers have had no choice but to expand their efforts into bedroom communities and suburbs like Sanger.  The results have been saddening indeed, and the city has suffered greatly as a result of it.

Drug and alcohol abuse has damaging effects wherever it goes.  For example:

• In the United States and in some other countries too, just under nine out of every ten poisoning-related deaths are caused by drugs, both legal prescription drugs and illegal street drugs.  Truthfully, this is the number one reason for calls to American poison control centers.  If drug abuse was not an issue in the United States, literally tens of thousands of lives would be saved every single year.

Rehabilitation Sought by Addicted Sanger Residents

Drug and alcohol addiction has for some time now played a large role in the general lives of the residents of Sanger.  Though this is not a big city, Sanger is not immune to the serious effects of intensive and expansive drug and alcohol abuse and addiction.  This is exactly what is going on in this small city.  Prior to the turn of the century, there was little to no drug and alcohol addiction in the small city of Sanger.  Now however, that has all changed, and the city has really shown it in just how much damage a lot of drug abuse has done to a little city.

Much of the youth population of Sanger has either tried drugs at one point in time, has abused them recreationally, or is full-on addicted to them.  The sad aspect to this is that substance abuse hurts young adults far more than older adults.  Statistically speaking, young adults tend to overdose more easily from drug and alcohol abuse, and young adults are also two to three more times more likely to be involved in an accident thanks to drug and alcohol abuse.  As if that wasn’t bad enough, young adults are also statistically speaking more likely to get other people to abuse drugs and alcohol.  Peer pressure ranks highest in this age range of all age ranges, and for this reason substance abuse has spread more rampantly through Sanger and through other cities in this state that have large young adult populations.

The key to beating addiction in and around Sanger most definitely lies in getting those who are addicted to drugs and alcohol into and through inpatient, residential, drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment centers, detox facilities, rehab programs, and recovery organizations.  These are by far the best tools that anyone who is addicted to anything has for beating their addiction habit once and for all.  Rehabilitation has the tools and the techniques necessary for really doing a number on addiction and eradicating it.  For those addicted in and around Sanger, this is most definitely the right decision to make, and it is up to the addicts themselves and their families to see to it that these individuals get into a rehab center as soon as is possible.

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