About the City of San Ramon

San Ramon is a beautiful and popular city in Contra Costa County, in the state of California, in the United States. It is a lovely and appealing suburban city of the San Francisco Bay Area, and lies in the San Ramon Valley itself. San Ramon’s population was 72,148 as of the 2010 U.S. Census Bureau’s calculation, with an estimated population of 74,378 in the year of 2012, making it 4th largest city in Contra Costa County, behind Richmond, Concord and Antioch respectively.

San Ramon is now home to the headquarters of the Chevron Corporation, 24-Hour Fitness, the West Coast headquarters of AT&T Inc., The Global Software Center of GE, as well as the San Ramon Medical Center. Major annual events include the Art and Wind Festival on Memorial Day weekend and the Primo’s Run for Education in October. All in all, this is a very popular and basically famous city that has earned a lot of attention in recent years that it didn’t have before. The city has been growing steadily too as more and more people have begun to show interest in the city. Also, on April 24, 2001, San Ramon received the title “Tree City USA”, making it even more popular.

Drug Addiction and Substance Abuse on the Rise in San Ramon, California

Sadly, drug addiction and substance abuse has made a big headway in the city of San Ramon. This is a city that never really struggled with drug addiction and substance abuse prior to the turn of the century, but now that the issue has gotten very big and very real all across the nation, so has it become very big and very real in San Ramon too. This is a city that is very appealing to middle class and upper class Americans alike, so it is also very appealing to drug dealers and traffickers too. Because of this, if something is not done soon it is feared that addiction will basically overrun the city.

Facts and Statistics on the Addiction Crisis of the 21st Century

Addiction is a big issue now in every U.S. state. In truth, the issue has gotten very big and very real indeed. The issue is even worse than most people think it is as the issue had been greatly under reported and under addressed all across the nation. Listed below are some key issues that can thusly provide the reader with context as to just how real of an issue that it really is:

• Since the year 1999, the number of overall overdose deaths from pain medications has increased by an astounding three-hundred percent, which has paralleled the exact same three-hundred percent increase in the production, sale, and distribution of such drugs by American pharmaceutical companies. In 2008, opiate addiction statistics deaths resulting from prescription pain meds totaled 14,800. This number amounts to over and above the combined total for heroin and cocaine-related deaths.

• As of the year 2010, opiate addiction statistics show for all the nation to see that over 12 million Americans reported using prescription pain medications for non-medical purposes without having obtained an actual prescription for them, making this drug the second most commonly abused drug in the nation, second only to marijuana.

Rehab Sought as a Solution for Those Addicted in San Ramon

Sadly, since the turn of the century drug addiction, alcohol addiction and substance abuse in general has taken on a whole new order of attitude in United States. This has created a very grim, saddening, immensely discouraging situation for not only the addicts themselves and their families, but also for the entire nation as a whole as addition affects everyone. In truth, the issue is a lot worse than most people think, as it is usually downplayed in the media. Recently though, various governmental and nonprofit organizations have made a point to increase public awareness about addiction in San Ramon, and all across the nation for that matter. The result has been a widespread cry for help and the demand for a solution to the crisis and the epidemic that is sweeping the country.

Thankfully, a solution to addiction does exist. The solution has been there since the early 1900s, but it was never really needed in such intensive reality as it is now. This is of course the solution that comes in the form of inpatient, residential, drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment centers, detox facilities, rehab programs, and recovery organizations.There are several advantages of inpatient rehab that are going to save the United States from the addiction crisis.

In San Ramon, it is really necessary to go to an inpatient center if one is addicted. This is because the types of drugs that local residents are abusing San Ramon require intensive care in inpatient facility.

Inpatient facilities also offer the best services. At an inpatient rehab program one will have access to both detoxification and rehabilitation too. Detoxification is key because that is what allows individuals to finally go free from chemical dependence. And of course, rehabilitation is crucial because that is what addresses all of the mental and personal aspects of addiction. All in all, a course through an inpatient rehab center is the best route to success in recovery for those addicted in San Ramon.

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