San Fernando is a lovely and pleasant city located in the San Fernando Valley, in the northwestern region of Los Angeles County, in the state of California, in the United States of America. It is an enclave of the City of Los Angeles.  According to the 2010 United States Census Bureau, San Fernando had a median household income of $55,192, with 16.9% of the population living below the federal poverty line.  The city it an average bedroom community city, and the general area is relatively pleasant and peaceful.

The city has a strong sense of culture and loyalty to its residents and to its visitors alike.  The City of San Fernando is a community of attractive contrasts that all equate into a place that is steadily growing in interest and popularity. What was once a land of farms and ranches adjoining the Mission de San Fernando Rey is now a vibrant center of manufacturing and commerce that still to this day holds true to a lot of its old culture and agricultural backgrounds.

San Fernando enjoys a sweeping view of the panoramic San Gabriel foothills and a sense of privacy that is rare in this general area; yet it is only minutes away from downtown Los Angeles and only minutes away from other centers of commercial activity, thanks to a network of freeways and nearby airports that have this city perfectly situated.  The City combines modern metropolitan conveniences with a close-knit community of friendly, civic-minded residents all over the city. Moreover, San Fernando proudly offers responsive city services, good access to city government, a large labor pool, a lower business tax than Los Angeles, and no utility tax whatsoever.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse and Addiction Hits Hard in San Fernando

Sadly with everything good that is going for San Fernando, a lot of it is foreshadowed by the fact that drug and alcohol abuse and addiction is growing a lot more common and popular in and around this city.  In fact, addiction is a huge problem all across this area and across the state too.  For some general statistics on the matter:

• Contrary to popular belief, alcohol abuse and addiction is actually far more damaging to one’s health than the abuse of most drugs are.  Just the simple act of consuming alcohol excessively contributes to well over two-hundred different known diseases and overall injury-related health conditions in humans.  It’s really quite poisonous. To show a statistic on this that proves the point, in the year of 2012 over five percent of the entire, combined, world-wide burden of disease and injury all across the planet was attributable to simple alcohol consumption and alcohol abuse of varying degrees and severities.

• Deaths occurring in the United States from drug abuse are at unprecedented levels today, and then have been for a few years too.  To understand the exact and trying impact of drug abuse in general in the United States, approximately 120 people die each day in the United States of a drug overdose of one kind or another.

• Substance abuse has been having a marked effect on the United States and the people in it, in every single state too.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, (CDC), unearthed some impressive yet disturbing facts and statistics regarding alcohol abuse in the United States today, in particular.  These facts that were gathered in the year of 2009 from the CDC showed that the highest percentage in a decade in recorded history that was measured for adults who had consumed more than 5 drinks a day was the decade from the year 2000 to the year 2010.  This was a huge time period for alcohol abuse.  The percentage of such adults who consumed more than five drinks a day was at an all-time high of twenty-three percent, the highest percentage ever recorded for this statistic.

Rehabilitation Needed and Wanted in San Fernando

Substance abuse is a crisis. Addiction is a crisis. Any type of addiction is a huge problem, but drug and alcohol addiction are by far the worst ones that one can have. Unfortunately, this is very much the lot of life in San Fernando. For over a decade now San Fernando has struggled quite significantly with pretty serious drug and alcohol abuse problems. These issues have shown no sign of letting up anytime soon either, and in fact have only gotten worse as the years have gone by.

This is why San Fernando needs rehabilitation so badly. With the help of rehabilitation centers and programs, any addiction problem in any given area can finally be addressed properly and essentially gotten rid of. To this day inpatient rehabilitation centers still have the highest success rate of them all when it comes to effectively getting rid of addiction in any given area.

San Fernando has never had intensive rehabilitation efforts focused onto it. If this is done and if this is done soon then addiction will cease to be such a harmful issue in San Fernando. Now more than ever is the time for those addicted in San Fernando to rise up and take their lives back with the help of inpatient rehabilitation centers and programs.

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