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Sacramento is well known as the capital city of the U.S. state of California and the seat of government for all of Sacramento County.  It is at the confluence of the Sacramento River and the American River in the northern portion of California’s expansive and elegantly beautiful Central Valley.  The city had an estimated 2014 population of 485,199, which made it the sixth-largest city in all of California.  Sacramento is also the cultural and economic core of the entire Sacramento metropolitan area, which includes seven counties with a 2010 population of 2,414,783.  In the year 2002, the Civil Rights Project at Harvard University conducted for TIME magazine named Sacramento “America’s Most Diverse City”, earning it even more fame and renown.

As for the history of the vibrant city, Sacramento initially became a city through the efforts of the Swiss immigrant John Sutter, Sr., his son John Sutter, Jr., and James W. Marshall as well.  Sacramento grew quickly shortly after its inception thanks to the protection of Sutter’s Fort, which was established by Sutter himself in 1839.  During the California Gold Rush, Sacramento was a major distribution and staging point, a commercial and agricultural center, and a terminus for wagon trains, stagecoaches, riverboats, the telegraph, the Pony Express, and the First Transcontinental Railroad alike.

Sacramento is perhaps one of the greatest centers of higher learning and educational attainment West of the Mississippi.  California State University, Sacramento, more commonly known as Sacramento State or Sac State, is the largest university in the city and one of 23 campuses in the California State University system.  Drexel University Sacramento and the University of the Pacific McGeorge School of Law are in Sacramento.  In addition, the University of California, Davis, is in nearby Davis, 15 miles west of the capitol. The UC Davis Medical Center, a world-renowned research hospital, is located in the city of Sacramento as well.

Drug Addiction and Substance Abuse in the City of Sacramento

Drug addiction and substance abuse in general has begun to hit very hard in the city of Sacramento.  This is a city that has struggled with its fair share of drug addiction and substance abuse throughout the years, but now the issue is at a level unlike anything it has ever been at before.

The city has begun to experience serious drug addiction and drug abuse instances amongst its residents in the form of the abuse of not only illegal street drugs like heroin, cocaine, and meth, but also of supposedly safe and legal drugs like prescription opiates and benzodiazapines.  It is certain that if something isn’t done soon, this capital city will be on the verge of a full blown addiction and abuse epidemic.

Facts and Statistics on the Rising Crisis in Sacramento and All Across the State of California

To better understand the drug abuse crisis in Sacramento, the following facts and statistics have been included below that apply not only to Sacramento, but also to the greater state of California as a whole:

• Sacramento is home to a number of methadone treatment facilities owned by private organizations, whose owners take in millions “treating” the vices of society’s lower classes.

• Stimulants, including methamphetamine, are the most commonly cited drugs among primary drug treatment admissions in California and in Sacramento specifically.

• The amount of cocaine seized along the California portion of the Southwest Border has steadily increased over the period 2001 to 2010. While the amount of marijuana seized over time has declined, methamphetamine seizures continue to increase.  Unfortunately, meth is a far more serious and deadly drug than marijuana is.

• Prescription drug abuse is the fastest-growing drug problem in the Nation, and it is also the fastest growing problem in Sacramento as well.

• According to recent Fatal Accident Reporting System (FARS) data, one in three motor vehicle
fatalities (33 percent) in Sacramento with known drug test results tested positive for drugs in 2009.

Rehabilitation Sought as a Cure for Drug Addiction in Sacramento

Without a doubt, the best chance that Sacramento has in ridding the city of the extensive and serious drug addiction crisis that has enveloped it is in putting its addicted residents through inpatient, residential, drug addiction and dependence and reliance treatment centers, rehab programs, detox facilities, and aftercare stations.  Drug addiction is perhaps the most difficult human affliction for one to rid oneself of, and outpatient therapy, methadone treatment, suboxone treatment, group meeting and classes, even intensive outpatient counseling simply aren’t enough to end the constant staggering need to abuse drugs and alcohol.

Inpatient rehab is what is needed for addicted Sacramento residents.  This is by far the most important goal that anyone who is addicted to drugs and alcohol in Sacramento can aspire to go for.  Inpatient rehab centers have all of the necessary detox services that addicted Sacramento residents need to kick their drug habits.  Inpatient rehab centers also have the widest and most extensive plethora of counseling and behavioral therapy services necessary to free one from the mental effects of drug addiction and substance abuse.

Sacramento: A City of Possibilities for the Sober Individual

Sacramento can offer much to a sober resident.  Even for an individual and his or her family in Sacramento when the individual is trying to go through rehab, the city offers much to its visitors and its residents alike.  Addiction-Free life is far more fulfilling and rewarding than an addicted individual can possibly imagine.  With inpatient rehab, an addict in Sacramento can turn his or her life around and start anew.

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