About the City of Rocklin, California

Rocklin is a well-known and popular city in Placer County, in the state of California located approximately 22 miles from Sacramento, California, and about 6.1 miles northeast of Roseville in the Sacramento metropolitan area.  Besides Roseville, it shares borders with Granite Bay, Loomis and Lincoln.  As of the 2010 census as reported by the United States Census Bureau, Rocklin’s population ranked in at 56,974.  This is a lovely city on the outskirts of Sacramento, and it acts as a bedroom community, a tourism hotspot, and a major economic center.

Granite mining, of which Rocklin was known best for decades, ended in the year of 2004 in Rocklin.  The economy now diversified; the Formica Company formerly operated a manufacturing plant in Rocklin.  Educational Media Foundation, which owns the K-LOVE and Air1 radio networks, is based in Rocklin too.  Two colleges opened as did other businesses including the Educational Media Foundation and the U.S.-based subsidiary of SMA Solar Technology AG, a manufacturer of solar inverters.  Today, Rocklin is now one of the more affluent and successful cities in Northern California.

Drug Addiction Statistics: Real Data on Substance Abuse in Rockling and in the Nation

To better understand the substance abuse crisis as it very specifically affects Rocklin but also as it affects the country, some facts and statistics have been included below:

•    Various different types of pain killers, tranquilizers, and stimulants too are the most commonly used and abused prescription drugs by far, and prescription drugs in general are easily the most damaging and dangerous drugs used and abused in the United States today.  Anabolic steroids are also misused and abused too, though these are not quite as common.  The real fact of the matter is that over 50% of all prescription medications for the non-medical use and abuse of them are actually obtained from a friend or from a relative.  Medications are sometimes taken via a different route (for example injecting the medication instead of taking it orally as indicated on the label) for the purpose of getting high too, making them all the more dangerous and potent, and a lot of these are the drugs of choice in Rocklin.

•    An estimated 15.4 percent of unemployed adults in Rocklin and in the nation were current illicit drug users in the year of 2000, compared with 6.3 percent of full-time employed adults and 7.8 percent of part-time employed adults.  Of the 11.8 million adult illicit drug users in 2000, 9.1 million, (77 percent), were employed either full time or part time.  Truthfully, drug and alcohol abusers and addicts are becoming more skilled at being able to hold a job while also being heavily addicted to drugs and alcohol.

•    Prescription drug abuse is also climbing in older Americans too, not just with young adults.  In certain areas of the United States, particularly in bigger cities and in smaller, more affluent suburban-type cities too, the issue has almost completely gotten out of hand.  These abuses among older American adults occur particularly with anti-anxiety drugs such as Xanax and painkillers such as OxyContin too.

Rehabilitation Called on to Cure Rocklin

For some time now there has been a growing concern regarding drug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse in general in Rocklin. This is now a crisis. It is actually bordering on that of an epidemic. Since the turn of the century the substance abuse issue in Rocklin has been growing worse and worse and now, in some areas, it has worsened at an exponential rate. For example, the demographics of those afflicted with a substance abuse disorder or some kind of addiction crisis is much different than what they were many years ago. Prior to the turn of the century, drug and alcohol abuse and addiction was something that, for the most part, was only a problem for the poverty class, the lower class, and some of the middle class residents of Rocklin. Now however, the issue is affecting the upper middle class, and the upper class, and the teens and the women of Rocklin much more than it ever used to.

Changes like these, and changes in the types of drugs that are being abused are what is causing the most concern in Rocklin. Whereas marijuana, meth, and cocaine used to be the most commonly abused drugs in Rocklin, now alcohol, heroin, and prescription drugs reign the strongest. This is particularly concerning as the top three killers of Americans in the substance category are prescription drugs, alcohol, and heroin in that order. Obviously, the death toll in and around Rocklin is much higher than it ever used to be. If something is not done soon, it is feared that the addiction crisis in Rocklin will simply get worse and worse and worse and worse until it goes completely out of control and past anything that local agencies and organizations can address affectively. This is why it is of the upmost importance that the issue gets addressed now before it gets to that point.

This is where the licensed, successful, accredited, drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment centers, detox facilities, rehabilitation programs, and recovery organizations come into play. With the help of such programs, it is a true statement that anyone who is addicted to anything, matter who they are and no matter what it is they’re abusing, and no matter how long they have been using it, truthfully anyone who is addicted in Rocklin can achieve full and complete sobriety and recovery from drug and alcohol addiction with the help of an inpatient rehabilitation program.

Not sure what to expect from inpatient rehab? One will be put through a fully medical and professional, up to date detoxification program to address and eradicate chemical dependence. Also a course through an inpatient rehab program will create access to all of the counseling, therapy, and group sessions needed to address all of the mental and psychological aspects of drug and alcohol addiction. With these techniques included, one will finally be able to be free from addiction once and for all.

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