The City of Pleasanton in Review and in Summary

Pleasanton is a well-known and popular city in Alameda County, in the state of California, incorporated in the year of 1894.  It is most commonly known as a major suburb in the San Francisco Bay Area located as it is just about 25 miles east of Oakland, and only a mere 6 miles west of the city of Livermore.  The population was 70,285 as of the 2010 census as reported by the United States Census Bureau.  In the years of 2005 and 2007, Pleasanton was ranked the wealthiest middle-sized city in the United States by the Census Bureau, making the area very popular and subsequently booming its population.

Pleasanton is home to the headquarters of Safeway, Inc. and Blackhawk Network too.  Pleasanton has been reported as being number four by “USA Today” in,” America’s 50 best cities to live in”, in 2014, number 63 in Money’s list of, “The Best Places to Live” in 2010, and was also named one of “Americans’ Top Hometown Spots” in the United States in 2009 by Forbes.  Pleasanton was also named the third wealthiest city in terms of earnings in the United States by NerdWallet in 2013.  All in all, this is an immensely popular, recognized, desired, and well off California suburbs.

Drug Addiction on the Rise in Pleasanton

Sadly, it may be the city’s wealth and prosperity that has caused so many to become so attracted to the city and to the area around it in general.  Sure enough, this is a city that has suffered greatly in recent years from drug addiction and substance abuse, and if something is not done soon to correct it it is feared that the addiction crisis in Pleasanton will only get much worse.

Facts and Statistics: The Truth of Addiction in the Nation

Sadly, addiction has become a major issue all across the nation.  Some facts and stats on it have been included below:

•    Prescription drug use and abuse has become more prevalent than ever before in the United States.  In the U.S. today, more than thirty-four percent of American adults take at least one prescription drug of some kind and more than twelve percent take three or more prescribed medications.  Compare this to 1999 when not even ten percent of Americans were taking any type of prescription drugs.  Without a doubt, Americans have become a lot more accepting of dangerous and addictive drugs that tend to create addictions almost as easily as just taking them once or twice.

•    It was reported in the year of 2009 that 16 million Americans, from ages 12 and up, had taken some type of prescriptive medication.  Essentially this is about one out of every twenty Americans.  In truth, roughly half of those who take prescription drugs regularly will end up staying on those drugs far longer than they are originally told they would have to be on them for.  Also, about one out of every three Americans who starts taking prescription drugs will eventually become addicted to them.

Rehabilitation: How to Beat Addiction in Pleasanton Once and for All

In all the sadness and misery that surrounds drug and alcohol addiction, those afflicted and their friends and family members still never cease to ask the question, “Can something be done about it?” The truth is, drug and alcohol addiction, substance abuse, and chemical dependence in general in Pleasanton may yet be one of the most difficult and traumatizing physiological and psychological issues that this area has ever faced. Drug and alcohol addiction is unique in that those who are affected by it are affected in both a physical aspect, and in a mental aspect too. When one abuses drugs or alcohol one becomes addicted not only to the actual substance itself and the effect that it has on his or her body, but one also becomes addicted to the habit and the lifestyle of abusing drugs and alcohol in general.

Most addicts say when surveyed that if they only had to deal with one addiction, (either the physical or the mental side), it wouldn’t be so bad. But the dual affect of addiction is what makes it so difficult to address properly. The truth is, for those addicted in Pleasanton, a lot of them never get off of drug or alcohol addiction. A lot of people who are addicted believe that they will be addicted for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, many of the addicts in Pleasanton have been addicted for over a decade and show no signs of ever beating in their habits. On the bright side though, there is a way to beat drug and alcohol addiction once and for all.

The key to making a successful, long-lasting, and permanent recovery from drug and alcohol addiction lies in taking a course through an inpatient, residential, drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment center, detox facility, rehabilitation program, and recovery organization. It is only with a program like this that one is capable of addressing the dual aspect of addiction as mentioned above. This is not all when it comes to addiction either. The dual aspect mentioned above also has multiple other aspects in each category that all add up to a wide plethora of addictive traits, behavioral manifestations, physical dependency issues, and other facets of addiction.

The problem with addiction is that unless every single aspect of addiction is totally addressed and eradicated through rehabilitation, a relapse is likely to occur. This is exactly why it is the inpatient rehab centers that are the most successful, because only the inpatient rehab centers have been capable of formulating programs that can address and eradicate any and all aspects of addiction and essentially leaving no stone unturned. Walking the path to recovery is not an easy one.

For those addicted in Pleasanton, it has never been more difficult than it is now. But inpatient rehabilitation can save those addicted in Pleasanton, by conquering addiction with a total life overhaul. It will take a lot of effort, it will take time, and it will take a sincere and intense amount of dedication and resolve on the behalf of the addict to accomplish this task, but it is doable, it is possible, and the end result of sobriety has been achieved by hundreds of thousands of American so far.

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