All About Placentia: The City and its Perks in Summary

Placentia is a pleasant city in northern Orange County, in the state of California.  The population of this city was 50,533 during the 2010 census as reported by the United States Census Bureau, up from 46,488 in the 2000 census.  This includes the community of Atwood too, which is included in the city of Placentia, and is located in its southernmost quadrant.  Primarily known as a bedroom community, Placentia is known for its quiet neighborhoods and strong public safety.

There is no doubt in anyone’s minds that Placentia is one of the most pleasant bedroom communities and local cities of the Orange County area.  This city has made a name for itself as a beautiful place to live, and this setup has contributed to the population growth there in a big way.

Facts and Statistics on a Drug Boom in Placentia and Across the Nation

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind either that there is a rising drug problem in Placentia.  There is a rising drug problem all across the nation for that matter.  It’s made a big impact on crime and itself is intricately connected with crime.  For example:

•    The first ever national survey of adults on probation, conducted in the year of 1995, reported that 14% of probationers were on drugs when they committed their offense that put them into legal trouble in the first place.  The number could be a lot higher than that too, as that is just the percentage of those who admit to this being true.

•    In the 2004 Survey of the Inmates in State and Federal Correctional Facilities, about thirty-two percent of state prisoners and roughly twenty-six percent of federal prisoners said that they had committed their current offense while under the influence of drugs of one kind or another.  Basically, prison is being used to try to punish and also cure Americans who committed crimes that were incised by drug and alcohol abuse in general.  It is true that criminals need to serve their time when they have committed crimes, but jail and prison do not rehabilitate individuals.

•    Among various state prisoners, drug offenders, (44%), and property offenders, (39%), reported the highest incidence of drug use at the time of the offense by far.  Among federal prisoners, drug offenders, (32%), and violent offenders, (24%), were the most likely to report drug use at the time of their crimes in one way or another.  Basically, many prisoners are in prison because of drugs.

Rehabilitation Sought as a Cure for Addiction in Placentia and Across the Nation

Drug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse in general has truly become a major and conflicting issue in Placentia. This is a city that, prior to the early 2000’s, had little to no drug abuse and alcohol abuse problems. This is a city that only recently accrued its own personal addiction nightmare.

Many have been rather confused as to why Placentia became such a hotspot for drug addiction and substance abuse in general. It is not a particularly large city and in fact there are other much bigger cities with a lot more traffic in general that are not too far away. So why on earth has Placentia attracted such a negative drug problem?

Some of the reasons for this are known and some are not. What is known however is that:

1.    Placentia has a very large population of middle-class and upper middle-class young adults. This is a demographic that has begun abusing drugs and alcohol at a rate unlike any that they ever have before. Part of the recent increases in substance-abuse in Placentia has simply been because there are a lot of adults here who are abusing drugs and alcohol now.

2.    Though Placentia is not a large city, it does lie on some major drug trafficking routes from Mexico and into the greater United States. In fact, this whole urban area lies on some key trafficking pathways, but Placentia is often used as a relay point for the delivery and movement of key illegal substances and items. This has made for there simply being more drugs in the city then there would be in other nearby cities.

3.    Placentia has experienced a recent rise in its economy. The change has not been too major, but it has been significant enough to attract the attention of many drug dealers and pushers. This has caused more drug business to go on in Placentia, which has equated to more illegal substances in the hands of new substance abusers and veteran addicts alike.

All of this equates to a much bigger drug problem in Placentia than the city has ever seen before.
This is why it is so important to make sure that those addicted there go through a full and complete inpatient, residential, drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment center, detox facility, and recovery organization. It is only with a program like this that those who are addicted will finally be able to achieve a lifetime of recovery and sobriety.

Now is the time for positive change to be made in m Placentia. This area has suffered long enough. It is time for all of the residents of Placentia to get together and push to make positive and lasting change in this area. Beating a drug crisis is no easy task by any means at all. In fact, it is a very hard thing to do on an individual level and it is extremely difficult to perform successfully on a city-wide level. It can be done though, and the success and the viability of Placentia depends upon it.

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